Tami Roman Revokes Kanye’s Black Card, Snoop Dogg Chimes In

tami roman

Basketball Wives Tami Roman uploaded a new video on her Bonnet Chronicles Instagram feed and officially revoked Kanye West’s black card. Watch the video to find out why!


Looks like Uncle Snoop agrees:

snoop dogg tami roman kanye west


  1. Who cares about Yeezy and an sleezy wife
    This woman need leave the narcotics alone. Snoop is double agent clown point blank. ??

  2. Snoop was the man back in the Death Row days, but Calvin Brodus is definitely an agent for sure and a Bruce Jenner lover.

  3. He got his scarf on! LOL! Bonnet chronicles are funny. It’s just one BW’s opinion. Truth be told – most of don’t want to see ANY more KKlan photos under any circumstances. Inflated asses and tanned photo shopping and a husband wheeled out on a gurney and another one ranting about nonsensical shyt on stage. We don’t want this mess in our psyches anymore!

  4. omg, I love this woman. Kanye please mail her your blackmancard. Sister calling Kim and Ye out, yasssss!!!!!

  5. Great Tammy great advice, now take your own and stop acting ghetto cause you too old for that.

  6. But she’s got a lot of good points. Seems a lot of these celebs love their significant others to pose in certain ways, demeaning sometimes.

  7. Tami Roman, a failed groupie who is just as ugly as Wendy Williams! Her opinion is worthless!

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