Diddy’s Former Bodyguard Details His Alleged Woman Beating Past

puff daddy bodyguard misa hylton abuse

Diddy’s former bodyguard is back again, and this time, he’s spilling tea about the hip-hop mogul’s alleged woman beating past history.

In the video, Gene Deal says Diddy is a “recovered” woman beater who allegedly assaulted his baby mama, Misa Hylton, because he thought she was cheating on him with someone from EPMD. Gene also says Diddy allegedly tried to beat Kim Porter, too, but Kim “took that s**t” and cut Diddy’s wrist, which ultimately landed him in the hospital.

He starts spilling at 8:07:

This latest allegation comes three years after Gene blamed Diddy for ignoring the rumors that goons were out to kill Biggie Smalls.


  1. Rumors that he broke Kim’s nose years ago he was jealous because she was dating a well known music executive

    • The executive was suge knight. 2pac had faith and Suge knoght had kim (his babys mother).

    • Men raised by abusive mothers grow up to abuse women. Ugh! How many times I’ve seen blacks mothers beat and degrade their kids in public calling them black, nappy head, dumb, nighas, you just like yo daddy, too dark, stupid, etc.
      I get tired of covering up black women’s b.s. and I’m black so of course I get offended when black men bash black women but this self hatred is brought on by non nurturing women in our community abusing both mentally and physically. Then when they go to school the only niceness they experience from an adult woman in their life is their white FEMALE school teacher. Then we wonder why they grow up chasing white girls and hating black women.

      It’s a cycle..

      • You’re a typical self loathing ..white woman loving black woman hating idiot..Black men blaming black women for everything and being accountable for nothing is getting old… Truthfully black women are the only ones who’ve had your backs throughout history..

    • And he flew a surgeon to the yacht they were on when it happened…..so she wouldn’t have to go to the ER….. Fabulous should’ve called Diddy he could’ve flown out a dentist for Emily???

  2. He definitely beat Kim on that yacht that one time he had to fly in a plastic surgeon. I never believed she slipped on a rug.

  3. That is a excuse DL F%$&&ts = DL F%$&&ts who are gay by choice or sellout for fame or money.

  4. Lol……Kim Said……”Nigga U Gon’ Learn 2Day”…….Sent Brother Love’s Trifling Ass 2 The Emergency Room.

  5. Same with casey he beats her ass too…they say she had to shave the side of her head because of whatever he did…prob chopped that shit off.

    He also beat her ass the last time they broke up and proposed to get her back.

  6. misa said even though she married another dude she still take orders from diddy or whatever he calls himself now

    112 filed a restraining order against him when they left badboy im like damn only battered women file restraining orders

    and sems like q from day 26 once he started dating dawn he started acting crazy guess it was because he was ashamed of puffy bustin g his ass open

  7. Stop fukking putting ur hands on these females damn! I know they can be real vindictive and shit, but that shit can break a woman psychologically. Look at cassie, head down always. And this aint really spilling the real tea like not only do he beat cassie ass, but he make them run trains on her also. Cant imagine what would happen to her if she say no.
    I never wish ill on anybody kids but the shit gon come back on diddy kids. This even before we talk about diddy raping these men. Day 26, andre harell, bentley, donnie, i guess he have goons so its how he can get away with the deplorable behaviour, but the niggas time is almost up.

    Diddy is in debt to russian billionaires so i hope they send they goons and pistol whip that hoe and rape his ass…but je would prolly like that shit anyway..homo bitch.

  8. Downlow men are angry and they hate themselves. And they take all they anger out on the women in their lives. He also supposedly pulled out Cassie’s hair on one side and she turned it into a hairstyle.

  9. Also didn’t Diddy beat up mario winans and his mom, gospel singing great vicki winans went all over the internet and churches talking/preaching about it?

  10. Puffy beating on women allegedly isn’t new. That tea was poured years ago. He’s also rumored for years to be on the DL .down low.. Bisexual…Many of them types are abusive to women anyway. A better question is why do some of these women like Cassie and others tolerate it? They’re addicted to the lavish lifestyle provided by these cheating, beating industry men. Look at Emily B and Fan..The list goes on and on. There are many questionable industry dudes with domestic violence history and manufactured images.

  11. Didn’t Diddy take Cassie’s phone at one point and Cassie’s mom called the cops. Diddy is definetly abusing her.

  12. Why is it Everytime a man place his hands on a woman it’s how the blk female raised him are they daddy beat women save that bullshit some men have both parents who are married and still go out and mess up please quit blaming blk women for these men short comings they have no respect then they just don’t I always tell my son don’t ever disrespect a woman are put your hands on one if she put u in jail are six feet under its nothing I can do about it keep your hands to yourself when some blk women and blk men gonna learn that they was conditioned to think that blk people are messed up when it’s not true at all look to yourselves and not worry about how other people raise their kids if u worry about that the world will be a better place.

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