Diddy’s Former Bodyguard Claims the Rap Mogul “Set Up” Biggie!


    diddy bodyguard setup biggie

    Diddy’s former bodyguard just dropped a bombshell in a documentary produced by MreckTV.

    The man says Diddy did nothing to save The Notorious B.I.G. the night he was killed. He also said he told Diddy that he had intel that someone was out to kill them, but Diddy ignored him.

    He also put Diddy on blast with a bunch of the shady dealings the Hip Hop mogul has been involved with, including Diddy throwing Shyne under the bus for that nightclub shooting.

    Peep the video:


    1. Old news…the people around biggy AND pac knew what was going to happen to them and did nothing. Hit me when "conformation" comes of who really set all that shit up comes out.

      • you a lie. when that n8ggah smallbigAZZ attempted to murder the great tupac he sealed his own fate. jealousy is a jamican n8ggah out to kill anyone better than them.

        • Bitch you are as ignorant as the day is long. Fuck you and the hole you crawled out from…because you do not know shit about what I know.

        • Biggie didn't want Tupac dead! Puffy did! Puffy and the powers that be, orchestrated the Tupac and Biggie beef for record sales. They also knew that dumb negroes, would off themselves by chosing sides, and playing into it.. It's all theater darling! You see, they killed several birds with one stone. Tupac and Biggie both did interviews telling what the record execs did! Puffy and higher ups ordered those hits… Tupac and Biggie were just pawns baby…..Once PAC opened his mouth, it was over for him and Bigg..They broke therir oath! The masses are not to be made aware of their oppression, you lose slaves thast way. Our job is to consume, and do what we're told!

          • you stupid. when that bigbastard had tupac shot up in his manhood, and had lies told on him about a rape, that didn't have sh8t to do with no record sales.

            that was about a big fat jealous bastard tryn 2 kill off the competition. he was NO competition to the beauty and talent of the great Tupac.

        • LOL. Big was not jealous of Pac. Big was an artist who understood entertainment and business. He would have went on to be in Puffy's position. Who would you rather be Puff or a rapper/actor?

          Pac relied on fake thuggery, stunts, and trends. That was already fading by the time that stuff happened. He would've ended up in acting where he should be because he's a good actor. Big made good records. He also knew how to groom artists. He also had game.

          • HA Ha so we're really supposed 2 believe that women who watch videos would rather watch an elephant than a black sleek sexy panther. Go back to your cave.

            And rapping sounding like you got a bag of sh8t in your mouth with a lisp, was the low life bigAZZ elephant.

            • Nelly's the greatest rapper alive, huh dingbat? GTFOH

              He had more talent in his pinky than Pac, and he understood entertainment. He could have been Puff while Pac would have ended up f*cking gays for movie roles.

    2. We can speculate all we want but until somebody gets arrested there will be theories on who did what if suge was a suspect in any homicides I t would have come out by now I mean suge is at his weakest right now and in bad health so if they gonna set him up with a murder case they would have by now as for puff I Ind of weird he never worried about being shot back then big was paranoid getting death threats and in the biggie film puff was giving hints like Ike when he told big in gonna be the las TR man standing and then when big was in the phone with faith and his baby mama they acted like they knew how was gonna get killed in cali

      Another wtf mment was big riding in the car listening to the makaveli album when he had a car wreck which resulted in Charlotte Baltimore having a miscarriage

      • what's up chris bruh look dude there will be on arrest because the LA PD & FBI were also invoved with the shooting notice when biggie died how puff blew up

      • Eh I remember seein on some places that dj quik had something to do with Big's death? Or that he had him killed b some pirus or something

    3. DIDDY’S FORMER BODYGUARD CLAIMS THE RAP MOGUL “SET UP” BIGGIE….and how does this affect me in 2016?? How does this make me money??

    4. Bullsh*t. This bodyguard needs a check.

      Why would Puff murk his cash cow? That's Suge Knight stuff because Suge isn't a businessman.

      And why attack Puff for dirt when every other label head is 10x worse?

        • B CAUSE:





          5) 2 + 2 = 4.

    5. Diddy don't even look out for biggie kids, while his sons to king biggie smalls jersey's. His kids are good so big kids should be good, he used big legacy, milked it , still milking it for all its wort . Smh. He didn't even invite big daughter to BIG concert. Ain't that a bitch when his wannabe sons rock biggie shit.

    6. There's so much disinfo being spread out there by TPTB regarding biggie and tupacs "supposed" demise. I don't think we'll ever know for sure what went down regarding both, but if there's one thing I know for sure is that tupac IS alive. There were several people who were set up as potential "fall guys" in the death of biggie. Biggies death was real, and I personally believe that puffy set him up (of course with the help of suge) as a blood sacrifice to move up and secure his position in the bad boy empire, as well a his fraternal alliance with the homosexual industry jews, clive davis, jimmy iovine ect. The whole east coast/west coast bullshit was set up as a marketing ploy, and both tupac and biggie(or at least tupac) knew to an extent.

      • now that's a very interesting theory…
        honestly, since early hip hop was bankrolled by NYC jooz, I've always suspected that the homo joo mafia running hollyweird was expecting a sacrifice from suge and diddy…

        • yes true lets not forget that who is the most powerful man in hollywood he controls white and black hollywood CLIVE DAVIS after biggie was killed puff made a lot of money not only him clive did too clive davis and puff had a sexual relationship clive davis label arista distribute bad boy albums. no artist today signed to bad boy has never out shined biggie biggie as really the on;y success off that label.

          • puffy don't pay his artist shit puffy loves to turn out his artist l puff approached quite few of the guys on his label for sexual favors that's why alot of them left bad boy sex parties and all that shit. mase is one of diddy's lovers (we already know that). mase is bisexual this dude loves him some transs

          • Stephen, that will come as a big surprise to someone I know WELL who got to spend a few minutes with Pac in the hospital AFTER he died.

            But I know too well that nothing, not even a exhumation of the casket and a personal viewing of his body would convince you. You would say that he was cloned and his clone was killed and that was the body my friend got to spend some time with. You have your bases covered man.

          • Clive has had sexual relationships with a lot of his male artist under him that, or artist he's helped out. Everything has strings attached to it in hollywood, and favors aren't handed out simply because you have the gift of "talent."

          • I would argue that faith evans was rather "successful." Also janelle monae who's on the come up.

            • I would suggest you ask Ms Reg Says!!! about Janelle Monae so she can tell you about the success you think you're witnessing.

        • It makes a lot of sense that puffy sacrificed Biggie to move and to gain wild success and fortune beyond his wildest dreams. If Suge had sacrificed tupac, wouldn't he have done the same and not gone to jail like he did? Suge lost deathrow and immediate fell of. He is an FBI informant and a freemason himself, yet did not reap the benefits of success that would normally come with a sacrifice.

    7. Reg, Remember on a back post on this site I think a year ago when U and Al B. Sure! had that certain talk? Check your email. I am going to send U something.

    8. Puff was already rich when big was alive also he has one hit wonders bad boy had good artists but puff was bit gonna let anybody get above him he became the star I f bad boy after big died puff was always up front doing commercials, movies, TV shows while his artists struggle the only time a bad boy artist had a hit was when puff was dancing in the video doing those stupid ass ad-libs as we proceed to give you what you need and bad boy told tall we don't stop

    9. Suge and puff both serve the devil p puff seems to be where trouble follows that guy got killed at his party, pac get getting shot on the elevator he was there then he was in the car behind big when big was killed then the shootout with jlo

    10. And lets not forget, that show he promoted in 91, at queens college in NYC, where several people .were trampled to death…Puffy promoted a concert with, Jodeci, Doug E. Fresh, Heavy D, and a few others that were relevant at time…Puffy didn't pay to have any security…Well, gun shots rang out, and people panicked, there was only one exit, which was also the entrance door, and people were knocked down, and trampled to death…Puffy, Jodeci, and countless others left the scene…Doug E., and Heavy stayed with the people. Supposedly, the dead were robbed of their belongings by thugs that attended the show…Now that I think about it, that was one of the first hip hops first psy-ops and Puffy's first sacrifice. Urban warfare and crowd control..That's why clubs always get shot up… It's by design…The gunmen was never caught! Now they use scapegoats or Patsy's! Look at Orlando! ??

    11. Now that all of us know the facts about the demon Puff Daddy, it's time for some hard core gangsters to teach Puff Daddy a lesson. Sean Combs needs to fall the same way Suge Knight has fallen. We loved Bigg, we loved Pac. Two of the greatest rappers of all time dead, while Puff Adder, I mean Puff Daddy is one of the richest men in hip hop. That's bullshit!

    12. Any black man who commits treason against the black community needs to get their asses kicked. Puff Daddy, Chris Stokes, Eddie Long, Creflo Dollar and Afrika Bambaataa have done major damage to the black race; especially to black children! Where are the bloods at? Where are the crips, vice lords and gangster disciples at? You guys should find out where those black men live and teach them a lesson. We need to let these men know that we the black community will not tolerate anybody who abuses black children!

    13. Y'all weird lol Everybody on this site calls eachother bitches and hoes and turn around and laugh and get along? Tf kinda shit is this?????

      • I've been on here for years and never cuss unless someone cusses me first and only call males bitches and never call women hoes. Next.

    14. But some of Deal s vitriol was aimed directly at Diddy himself and his family. The bodyguard goes on to talk about how Diddy s dad died because he was snitch and that Diddy will some day meet the same fate. Reps for Diddy had no comment on the Deal s allegations. You can watch a teaser trailer of the film below.


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