Did Tyler Perry Really Call Mo’Nonique to Squash Beef? ?

SKIP TO 5:30 mark to hear Mo’Nique speak on Tyler calling her



  1. Tyler Perry was nice to call her, why cant she just say she just say she appreciate it? Tyler has a solid career. Moniques is questionable right now. So whatever Tyler did, he did from the heart.

  2. I would totally be on Monique’s side. But the fact that her and her husband are trying to act being swingers is normal, made me loose all respect for her.

    That man does not love her and Monique has obviously never had a man love her because if she did, she would know a man will kill you for sleeping with another man. They ain’t even got to be your current boyfriend. I’m still scared of my ex. Shyt why you think Karrachue scared to post a pic of any new boyfriend.

    • Her husband is into men dummy, that is why he doe not care who she sleeps with.

      And stop talking about your crazy ex, you are starting to sound crazier than him.

  3. She’s said exactly what he wanted to say about the situation.. They all three Gay and narcissistic, think they are the answer to all….. I hope she STFU, because she will end up dead.. Oprah is the worse of all, she turned her back on her father. He’s the one that raised her and let her know she can be anything. He told her knowledge is power as did my father.. I could never let nothing come between me and my family.. Oh I know how greedy and entitled family can be, but I wouldn’t let be without housing and the necessary living expenses…She’s worth around he billion $$$$ and have no children or husband..so who’s going to get her estate.. I hope Monique know she just killed what was left of her career.. in their open marriage are they both allowed to cheat???

    • Oprah will have the same situation as Prince with people coming out of nowhere claiming they were cousins, etc. At least no one can claim to be her child. She should leave her money to children’s charities and places that take care of children with cancer for no charge.

  4. Not all men get mad if they wife sleeps with another man or woman hollywood is not the place for monagamy

    All these swinging parties and rapes and child fucking

  5. If these people are blocking her career, she has a legit beef. She is very talented and that should sink or swim based on that. Lesser talented people are given the green light. Hollywood is out of ideas and Tyler has the power to help prop her up for new projects.

  6. Monique has more talent than Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey and Lee Daniels combined. Unfortunately in demonic hollywood, talent doesn’t equal success. Promoting gay shit, doing the homo casting couch and selling your soul to the devil guarantees success. That’s why Oprah, Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels made it.

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