Mary J. Blige Dropped Her Closest Friends For Kendu

If so, it says way more about her character than his!

Years ago Lil Kim and Mark J. Blige fell out over Mary J. Blige relationship with her now ex-husband Kendu Isaacs. Mary J. Blige claims Lil Kim and friends kept warning her bout Kendu Isaacs so she ended her relationship with those people.

Check it out below:

Mary J. Blige and Kendu Isaacs are now in the process of a divorce and he wants over 100k per month!




  1. I think Mary was very generous to Kim in this interview. She didn’t throw her under the bus for anything that may have happened between the two. Mary was in love and it’s your spouse over your friends as it should be but you must live with that decision. She was in love and people in love grow scales on their eyes. Live and learn.

  2. Some men will do anything to keep friends and family from around you.. They want you to be totally dependent on them.. My ex tried that shit with me and three of my girlfriends, but I just told him, go in your office and close the door.. My brothers was a threat to him, but we just ignored his selfish ass..

    • That’s the first step to control…isolation. Only thing is, they try to make it seem as if it’s for your benefit. Any man ever tell me they don’t like my FRIENDS…I’m talking about folks that I KNOW have been there and back for me…is automatically suspect. Because no one can truly say who your real friends are but YOU. Family ain’t even up for discussion.

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