Brandy’s Pregnant?!

brandy pregnant

Is Brandy really pregnant? It sure looks like it judging by this recent picture she posted on her Instagram.

The singer recently went public with her new boo, Sir William James The Baptist, and Countess Vaughn spilled the beans about Brandy already being knocked up!

This will be Brandy’s second child.



  1. what kind of pastor knocks up a woman before marriage? did you know that 74% of black women have children out of wedlock! sad and embarrassing…do the honorable thing and get married now since your playing house already. brandy get an iron clad prenup and be cautious of someone calling themselves the baptist!

    • He is not a real man of god if you google him you will see him taking pictures with half naked nuns and wierd shit and not to mention looks like he’s already moving along they are now saying he’s dating Michelle Williams

      • you would’ve think she learned from the first pregnancy and marriage. desperate is an understatement. now selfish is what they are!

  2. This guy is fucking wierd first off he’s not attractive, he looks gay, and judging by his pictures and album cover he’s a blasphemous. Brandy is beyond desperate and dumb for this one. This heretic ain’t slick hes knocked her up , will get his checks ,and be gone before a year

  3. So Brandy at 38 wanna start all over again w/a new baby. She already has a teenager. Oh well, better her than me.

  4. You know I dont always agree with B ROCKAS attitude ..but ya’ll need to stop Aint nobody here perfect and where in the hell do you get those stupid ass figures of 74% of black women have children out of wedlock WTF?! Even when I know studies show teen pregnancies are down in general soooooo….. WTF…SOME OF YOU WILL SAY ANY KIND OF ISHT HOPIN PEOPLE WILL SEE YOU ARSES …. DISAPPEAR WITH ALL THAT NONSENSE ALREADY .

  5. Why Countess congratulating Brandy on a baby her daughter says doesn’t exist?
    Why Brandy called out HSK for something she is proving them to be right about?
    Why the lil bird chest dude never hug or touch Brandy back in the photos he takes with her?
    Why Brandy keep dating dudes she gotta sponsor?

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