Dame Dash Shades Marc Ecko

Dame Dash vs Marc Ecko

Dame Dash took to his instagram to throw shade at designer/entrepreneur Marc Ecko. Know why? Because the former Roc-A-fella CEO, thinks Marc Ecko, is a culture vulture.

Here’s what Dame Dash said (in all his own poor grammar):

“This is Marc Ecko to me he is the fashion version of Lyor Cohen his Buisness model is make money of urban people… He did it in fashion but Ecko got corny fast now he thinks he’s gonna do it again with content…when @complex plays artist videos on there sights and all of the artist content on @complex and @vladtv how come they get paid and the artist don’t?….there are commercials…

I asked@vladtv and he said he was doing us a favor promoting our stuff while they got paid… Please don’t try to play the millennial generation I’m gonna at least give my culture the information so they don’t get robbed early and he doesn’t own@complex a hedge fund does he’s a nerd with a hedge fund who’s Business model is Rob our culture.

#culturevulture no disrespected to complex staff yall always been cool wit me but your man is out of line and he’s a lame and I’m not just gonna talk about it im going to make a move on you and your whole company watch..

I walk it like I talk it… This is a fight a lot won’t understand but trust me you will thank me later business is war everyday I’m just gonna let yall see it first hand.”


    • Dame is losing it and it’s clear the split with JayZ 12 years ago is really starting to Manifest itself all over again in the worst way.Dude clearly has psychological issues and really needs help.Its one thing to be enlightened but there’s also a thing called an enlightened fool which is Dame Dash.

      • He is not losing it, he is pissed and pissed people talk. Of course he never said anything when the Jhews were giving all of them money, but only when they find their one, willing nigga (Jay-Z) who will sell his people out and bend over backwards for the Jhew, do they not need other blacks. This is why when these idiot blacks get money, they need to buy land and property. Go overseas and start up businesses – legal or illegal.

        • Slaves can’t and do not own property so please don’t be dissuaded.How can one call themselves a home owner when they still are responsible for the taxes after tge mortgage is fullfilled?How can someone claim to be a homeowner when the feds can invade and take your home with your consent?If your black and a socalled Homeowner you’re nothing but a Renter in Disguise.Ask Bank Of America.

          • I agree and I always tell that to homeowners who think that the actually own a home while paying a mortgage. However, if you have millions of dollars, you have to do something with it besides buying a personal home and material things.

            The home ownership thing is the biggest scam the Jhews put on ALL people. They created the money and the economy and they keep us in debt so we can never catch up to them and dethrone them. We never own a thing in this nation and world under the Jhewish system, which is why so many called for toppling the system.

            • Tony Stark You are being disingenuous telling young folks here that there is no American Dream or that one cannot own property or even a home. My people own so much property in Louisiana, and those acquisitions began over 125 years ago, we could own a whole parish if it were all put together.

              No FEMA, Fed Gov’t or private citizen has ever taken a damn thing away from us.

              I get it that you’re pissed off, and you probably have reason to be. But to shoot down people’s plans and dreams based on some doomsday scenario is a shitty thing to do.

          • Absolute truth, We can’t own a home in America. And if hell breaks loose and martial law is enacted, your home will be property of FEMA, along with everything else under the sun.

            • Truth spoken! When I read for myself that NOT even the american government could override FEMA, I knew then that “we as a people,” were up shit creek. Asleep sheep continue to believe in this so called “American Dream” pie in the sky bullshit, & it’s tragic at best. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Dame Dash is and has lost it mentally! HE is ranting about ECHO being a “CULTURE VULTURE”! Now he is no longer relevant in the industry, he is now slandering other professionals. He loves white and exotic women! So what can you tell me about culture? I know, you not committed to your culture! Never heard you make any attempts to educate a culture,class or race of people until YOU BECAME IRRELEVANT!!!!! SO SHUT THE HELL UP AND HAVE A SEAT! BETTER YET GO GET SOME PSYCHOLOGICAL HELP! YO GAME IS WACK NEGRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I dont care what no ones opinion is of this man. He’s telling it straight all these white ppl are making monies off black talent then treatm like they doin favors. Ppl say Dame is cutthroat or stole monies well how come noone sued him. I think ppl like Beans Jay Jim Jones etc helped the culture vultures to ruin his name n rep. When u stand for sumn that others dont they fall for anything n make no mistake bout Jay cuz he said it right out his own mouth “when my situation aint improving im tryna murder anything moving”. He helped sign artist just to putm on a shelf or not properly promote them. But he gets honor n praise why we look at Dame like a bitter man. Dame Irv n others was tryna get the man out n they team up have black owned record company that they can hav n own to look out for culture of rap. They knew that they was tryna make rap bubble gum music n deteriorate the true form of hip hop n make it white thing which their doing now. Jay ran n told taking him from a field nigga to a house nigga leaving Dame Irv n others to be whooped and made an example of by massa. Nothings changed Dame still fighting Jay still selling out. Ppl use his arrogance to discredit him but after watchin his interview on sway he said it so clear that it didnt need to be explained. If i did all these bad deals n stole money how come no-one came to me but ran to magazines n the internet a real man aint gon let me owe or take their money.

  2. While Dash is correct, the Jhews have proven that all they have to do is appeal to the greed of people with their funny money and people (like Jay-Z) will bend over backwards to be the white (Jhew) man’s bitch. Dash should have been thinking forward and independent of the Jhews ahead of time, even though they are thinking way ahead before they hand you a dollar.

    They run things and they make sure that they cross out certain blacks while using others to destroy other blacks. Their goal is to control and pimp you and to never let you own or control anything. They MUST be in control of everything, or they feel that they are not controlling anything.

    Vlad (a Russian Jhew) is right – he is promoting has-beens and wannabes, all while he get’s paid. Worldstar (don’t be fooled, that is Jhew owned too, but with a black front man, as usual) does the same thing, but they make sure that they put forth the Jhew agenda for the world on there.

    The BEST thing that blacks can do is to take their talents AWAY from the Jhew and stay away from the Jhew! He cannot exploit you when he is not near you! He cannot use you is you do not let him. If you resist his money, he has no power! I know it is hard because he designed this system to make you use his money and turn to him, but if you stick with each other (without announcing everything) and deal with each other, then you can cross out these bastards.

    Donald Tokowitz (code name: Sterling) said that they hate you because of their culture, so they will NEVER let up on us! You need to leave them alone and recognize who is a Jhew so that you won’t get cuaght up in the ‘white’ game of just saying white people, when the specific whites who are the cause of your (and everyone else’s) problem are the so-called Jhews.

    • man f*ck dame he wasn’t complaing when roc a fella was on top and degrading our black and latino women dame did nothing postive. dame dash, jay z, michael jordan, nike, help put blacks in prison did you know that? these black celebs invest in the prison system to keep blacks down our own people. believe it or not dame still works for the “jews” he used aaliyah has a blood sacrifce him and rachel roy. what he forgets is hardworking people when buying roc a wear to help him become “rich”. what i have trying to tell black people is this these black celebs and athletes don’t care about us stop supporting someone because of their color. why isn’t he calling out diddy, master p, la reid, their not culture vulutres.

      • Man, f*ck that ‘latino’ woman shit. You sound like a Jew, including everyone in the black mix.

      • @ Tony

        From what I understand there is verbiage inserted into black pro athletes contracts stating they are not to use their money to help their fellow black people.
        I am open to correction, but this is what I understand it to be.

        • I cannot imagine that would be in a contract. I am more certain that Jhew handlers (agents, team owners, attorneys, accountants, business mangers, etc.) persuade the players to not help blacks, in a smooth way. They also keep them distracted with lawsuits, endorsements, white women and investment opportunities. You do realize that we are surrounded by Jhews and they all work together, right?

          • I was checking out a lecture by Dr. Johnson and if I am not mistaken he broke the contract verbiage down. I think the video is called why rich black athletes don’t help their community? Or something like that.

            • Umar Johnson knows nothing. How does a guy who jumps out of nowhere, claims to be a Frederick Douglas relative, but is a muslim, knows all? I always get suspicious when guys like that come out of nowhere.

            • Tony I totally feel your wariness. But I am the type of person who listens to lectures and speeches over and over again. A lot of the information he drops is legit. But I set boundaries for myself on him because some of the things he says can be highly inflammatory and can set it off around the wrong people. But he is not the first that has disclosed black athletes and entertainers are forbidden from helping blacks in North America.

              I try to check out everybody, even those I don’t like. I don’t know everything, but you can learn from any and everybody. Even the wino on the corner can teach you a few things. I just listen with a filter, and a mental cross checker.

            • You are very gullible if you believe that anyone would put in writing that a black man cannot marry or pass his wealth to a black woman or his own community. The Jhews didn’t get where they are by being stupid and that would be beyond stupid.
              Like the NBA and NFL don’t have enough scandals to deal with already.
              A lot of the YouTube gurus get and hold their audience by making outrageous claims that will appeal to the people they are trying to build a revenue stream from. Be a bit more skeptical.
              I don’t always agree with Tony Stark, but in this case he is 100% correct.

            • 18:46

              Come on now with the judgements. You don’t know me like that. Did you miss the part where I said I do a mental cross check and listen with a filter?
              Because you don’t know me let me tell you this..

              I am not Gullible Gertrude up in this mug. If I am leaning towards something I hear I am not basing it on a one time statement. That would be foolish. I compare it to;

              1). WHAT I ALREADY KNOW



              4) THE SOURCE

              5) WHO BENEFITS

              Don’t try and work me like I’m Betsy Blockhead. You don’t know me like that.

            • I am sorry that I offended you. I should have made my argument less personal and more objective.

            • @Anon 18:46 You are correct the Joos didn’t get to where they are by being stupid they got to where they are by financing the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and stealing our Land and our ancestors from Africa after we fled there from Jerusalem back in 70AD.If one would champion a group of people who by far are responsible for no only your current condition which is at the bottom of this American Society but for also perpetrating the fraud of all and thats by claiming to be Gods Chosen when they don’t fit prophesy.They’re socalled Holocaust Pales in comparison to ours.Believe That!!

            • 19:09

              No harm, no foul. We all just chillin’ and enjoying knowledge and comedy tonight on THE HSK threads.

    • @Tony Rev 2:9 I know thy works and Tribulations and Poverty by thou art Rich and I know the Blasphemy of them which say they are Joo’s and are not but are the Synagogue of Satan. (THE WHITEMAN CAN NEVER BE A JOO AND THIS SCRIPTURE PROVEN IT)

    • @ Tony

      We run our mouths and tell all of our business entirely too motherplucking much!

      • @10:28 , I mentioned this Tony yesterday on the Bow Bow post about Empire. That’s one of our problems right there. We talked too damn much. We can do this but folks need to shut the hell up. If we can get along and move silently, like how Indianapolis did when they move the Colts outta Baltimore. But was leaving Baltimore quietly and quickly, but got caught. They said, “Fuck it! Let’s roll out!” We can do some things that are so explainable.

        • That is what I am saying DaRadiant 1. Black people talk too got… Much!! We tell all of our business and some of the next person’s.
          We need to tear a page out of white people’s book. There are things about them no one to this day knows. Why is that? Because they don’t run their mouth like water, and put their business in the street. We need to start doing that in the next five minutes, and do it forever!

          • 11:49 take a page? Hell, we need the entire book for us to make a move. I totally agree with U.

            • @ DaRafiant

              See that comment right there is why you are my girl! LOL LOL LOL. Girl. You made me laugh out loud. You are so right. We need go ask to borrow that book.

            • Shiiiittt! We ain’t got a problem, WE GOT A SITUATION! OUR ASSES NEED THE ENTIRE BOOK! LMAO! We done graduated from black people problems, we got a whole damn situation! Lmao!

        • Of course Daradient1, but you do not need all to shut up, only many. Death greetings for those who cannot shut up helped Free Masonry/illuminait.

    • @Tony : Thank you for saying this! I started working in media/entertainment biz during the 90s.. the Khazari’s are all up in our radio stations literally demanding ignorance from the talent. I can’t tell y’all how many times I’ve had a Khazari I needed to sound more “street or black” when I recorded VO’s and commercials.

      And yes, it’s the Khazaris not non-Jewish whites. I’m over here in Europe and whites are saying the same thing about them.

  3. hmmm? why won’t dame call out people like clive davis he’s been making money off blacks for years whitney houston, tlc, arthea franklin. you know he won’t call out people like clive davis because his ass will get got. clive runs black hollywood and guess what dame is still a part of ” the game”. those jews same are the ones who took his money he is still a -2million. so white people are culture vulture right? but master p, diddy, tyler perry, lee daniels are not they rob our people as well. dame even used aaliyah to get tot he top so he can with them “jews”. if you believe this shit coming out of dame mouth you deserve to be shot in head this nigga is fool .

    • But Stephen he makes a couple of good points. Now love him or hate him he makes a few good points. Lee Daniels and everyone else are black. They are not robbing a people they are a part of. ( and I can’t stand Lee Daniels)

      • No he does not because those coon gay blacks work for the Jhews. Culture vultures are those from outside of the culture, bot from within, even though Daniels is a of the gay culture, not black.

        • Yeah, I see your point. But my point is at least somebody black is making money off black people. That is all I am saying.

          • HELLOO!!! What about Berry Gordy literally robbing all the Motown artists blind? You know damn well that black folks are equally responsible for bad treatment of black entertainers as white or Jhews are.

            • The artist in essence gets robbed by the Nature of the Game not particularly the CEO even though they’re no different.The CEO is just a Pawn following orders When it’s all said and done.

            • Thew Jhews created the game and Gordy was backed by Jhews. They controlled him. I looked it up because I always wondered how a black man could own a label alone, with all of those high-powered artists on it, and the Jhew stay away from him and let him have that money and influence. Then when I dug deeper, of course, the damned Jhew WAS indeed there. Unless you are ready to kill THEM (as opposed to us), they will never leave us alone.

            • berry set all his girl groups out in sets of 3 or 4 like pitting them all against each other to see who make him the most money.

              guess who became queen bee.

  4. If this site is black owned where is the story on Margaret Sanger going on the twenty dollar bill

    • She is the woman who wanted to severely limit or stop black people from having children all together. She was really into eugenics but that turned people off. So they repackaged the movement, and calked it…planned Parent Hood. It’s the same eugenics movement, but in a different wig, lipstick, dress, and heels. But it is still the lying whore it always was…eugenics.

    • She was an associate of Adolph Hitlerand the creater of Planned Parenthood AKA Abortion Which is used today as Population Control manly aimed at American Blackwomen whom as of today abort their kids at a higher rate than any other ethnic group which is by design.

      • BA. don’t let the smooth taste fool you. That abortion propaganda is a ruse to hide the real truth. No shade, but white women get the most abortions. That is why the Republicans are always trying to find ways to stop it altogether. People say Republicans are anti women. I don’t know what are they are. But they are aware their population is dropping and they want to put a stop to it.

        Think about this…if black women were the only ones getting abortions do you think anyone would care? Would Republicans even care if black women were the only ones getting abortions? You know they would not. Heck somebody would probably write a law saying you must provide transportation to the abortion clinic, if only black women had them. Heck they would even have emergency funding if only black women had them.

        But this is not about political parties. It is about how to see through the lie that black women are having abortions left and right.

        • Yes,this makes plenty of sense but of course I don’t buy into Politics or political parties because it’s all Smoke N Mirrors and both are controlled by the Jesuits.And to expound on my statement if you are unaware when blacks were being lynched at record numbers back in the 1960’s those responsible were all Democrats of the South.Shalom.

          • BlackAnastasia: No Jesuits – JOOSUITS! Jesuits is to throw people off from the real evil – the Jhews.

            • Stephen and Tony Stark you got your shit together be kicking that knowledge .Now what happened to that Sophia trumpet blower chick she got a different style but still people paying attention and learning something.

            • Pls these ppl you mentioned look into Hsk archives an stealing ppl shit gtfoh I learned nothing from these vultures , nothing I didn’t read on here from true knowledge kickers !

        • @Tony Stark The Fake Joos like Donald Sterling and others like him hate black Americans because they’re stealing our land Jerusalem and also our Identity and if we ever wake up to this fact they’re days in Power are numbered and they know this very well.So,to keep us obviously to this truth they continue to Rob and spoil us thru Divide and Conquer tactics with crime and negative imagery like The Real Hoes of Atlanta, BET and Love and HipHop.Ever wondered why you’ve never seen none of the Israelites standing on the corners daily that’s preaching the truth on any of these major news outlets? Fox News or MSNBC will never give them a platform that big because they know whom the real Joos are.

        • Anon: I agree with that. I always say, I know of no black woman who got an abortion, they all make sure that they keep the child to collect child support and welfare!

          • Tony here is a tiny tidbit for you, and you’ll not hear this on FOX,
            Black people are not the largest group of people on welfare.
            You want to know who is? Look it up.

            And the biggest welfare queens wear business suits and repackage their welfare benefits under the name of tax breaks, and bail outs.
            Those are the real welfare queens with an unlimited EBT balance.

            • Mu comment was not about who are the largest welfare recipients, but why black women won’t abort children.

            • But Tony that is not true for everybody. A lot of women don’t want to kill their unborn child. They have blinded with it. To imply all black women refuse to abort their unborn for money reasons is not fair. Oh and I am child free by choice, before you ask.

          • I worked in a womans clinic for a year. It was all middle class and higher white women getting pregnancy terminations. I saw no Hispanic women and 2 black women in a whole year come in for abortions.
            Whoever it was above^^^ who stated that the Repukes are so anti-abortion because of the white population going down is correct.
            If things were reversed, and white women kept all their babies, but Blacks and Hispanics routinely sought abortions, you better believe that Santorum, Cruz, Perry, Falwell and all those other creeps would be FUNDING womens clinics—not closing them down.

            • @Tony that’s easy! Black women see $$$$ when it comes to children. Section 8, Child Support, SSI depends if they have a child that is disable. And most importantly Food Stamps! Yes Food Stamps. The more kids U have, the more stamps they get. The single parent spend what they need and sell the rest.

            • 13:47

              And a lot of Caucasian men are 38 hot about that thang! Go read some of those women bashing blogs and see some of the rage that they are spewing about white women not having children. I mean they get loose with it, complete with name calling. It was so bad it even made me mad. So I commented on one and said child rearing is expensive, and a woman is closest to death during childbirth. Chile they blasted me out of the water! I got off that blog so quick. There is a LOT of anger floating around the cosmos because white women don’t want to give birth to million children.

            • 18:10

              Let me see if I can get this right..

              The uterus is highly vascular and certain complications during childbirth could cause a woman. To bleed to death.

            • 13:17

              And they would probably make it a felony to picket abortion clinics if black and Hispanic women only, had abortions.

            • You are absolutely right about childbirth being a potentially death causing event for women. I have known 2 women who died in minutes from bleeding to death during childbirth. It happens so fast, that even in a hospital it’s dangerous.

          • I can’t believe you said that Tony Stark I really can’t. A wise person once told me that when a person shows you who they really are believe them. Hmmmmmph, I guess you showed me….

            I always looked at my being able to get pregnant as a blessing from God. Never did I once think, oh yeah, um bout to get an extra hundred dollars worth of stamps or some child support for having this baby. WHAT?!?! Anyone who believes that having a baby is a way to come up of welfare is a damn fool and fools come and every color. For you to make such a big wet blanket ass statement like that is one of the biggest the problems facing our community. You should be ashamed of yourself but I bet you are not. You probably think that you said some real gangster shit huh?

            It is a known fact that the blonde haired blue eyed race is fast becoming extinct and it’s making certain people nervous. Statistics state that white women get more abortions than any other race, don’t believe me? Ask the KKK, they want it to stop. You didn’t see me walk up in this piece making stereotypical generalizations as to the reasons why they have more abortion did you? Facts are facts and ALL Black women don’t have babies for profit so why such a broad statement?

            Try harder, dig deeper within yourself to do better young man. Making generalized statements about Black Women on this site will definitely get cho ass popped.

            Commonsense, pass it on….

            • Idk but that Tony Stark character is sound more and more like that troll bitch in here saying some of the most outrageous and stupid shit!

            • Naw. I know who he is and he’s been here for even longer than me. He just changed up his handle.

            • Black Enga: I never wrote all, I was simply explaining why black women DO NOT go and abort children, which is contrary to the BS being spread around that black women abort children more than any group when we know it’s whites who do.

            • @ Tony Stark

              “they (all) make sure that they keep the child to collect child support and welfare!”

              SMDH um done, your world…..

            • @ 2 1:37,It s either that willie jones or its another sb/brains/glok creation. Whatever it calls itself, im not buying what its selling. Stays on here with that rhetoric about black women using their wombs as weapons when in fact hes a deadbeat. Whatever. Im with B E on this one. Never once have I combined fertility with entrapment. And how are people on here claiming its blavk women who make babies to claim . Ever noticed the high percentage of blond WAGs on tge arms of black athletes, smdh.

            • “They” are those who do it – the ones who make sure that they keep the children. The “all” are the they, not not all black women.

  5. Any blackman that has made money off of Hiphop Culture has blood on his hands AKA Blood Money.

  6. BA in here stealing knowledge we all know he a one trick pony when it comes to wisdom … Stick to the Hamites you programmed close minded bastard!

    • But why keep responding to someone with limited knowledge or why respond at all?!Remember,You Are What You Eat!Dumb Bitch!!

      • Look don’t argue with a so – called black Hebrew who honors and names himself after an Italian homosexual gangster! Don’t even makes sense!

      • Dear am sure you know the wise lay up knowledge and whomever walks with the wise becomes wise.At some point we all start with limited knowledge and we pay attention do our research and learn .So you are here teaching and giving information for us to know.So maybe your understanding for us that have limited knowledge will mirror what you once had before you escalated to the next level in your wisdom.

    • Stealing “knowledge” is just like plagarism. Anyhow hope that’s not the case because It may explain the angry post on here people going in hard as if we are getting paid for comments.

  7. In that case, would you encourage building one’s house as oppose to getting a mortgage?

  8. i love this site and everyone on it regardless different of opinions. but listen these wealthy blacks are puppets for the elites. we can’t blame the “jews” for everything regarding our culture you know why because niggas sold out out our culture for wealth. that’s right eazy e , tupac, biggie, even public enemy. and our black leaders who are boule spike lee, MLK, jesse jackass, mya angelou, nelson mandela (by the way nelson never ran africa the british and french control why you think nelson was hanging out with queen elizabeth and fidel castro.) these black people are put in “positions” to dumbfound us they never told us truth. naacp are nothing but boule members working KKK who are now skull n bones and freemason brothers. these niggas allow these “jews” to infiltrate our culture. dame dash, jay z , master p, diddy, qunicy jones, etc. benefited greatly from dumbfounding us. you black people are also to blame because you support them and defend them. kids are killing over jordans but michael and nike won’t address it. “TIN HAT” signing off

    • @ Stephen:

      The wealthy blacks who put up the fronts are the most reprhensible.
      Here I am back in saddle with you and agreeing with you on calling out the phoney upper strata of blacks.

      The thing is, they are in for a huge unsavory surprise when it all goes down. And their wealth and connections will not save them.

  9. Dame Dash is a black devil. I can see the 10% in his face. You were once the bloodsucker of the poor. You can never be trusted again. You are also a RAT. TELLING THE GAME YOU ONCE SOLD.

    • Wonder if he’s been high and drinking when he decides to honor us with his information every other month.Does he flip through his shady files and decide’s who to tell on based on symbolism or numerology or does he throw dice ?I wanna know what’s his motive , his intent,his plan,his state of mind,his end result,his outcome ,his income,his output his ,his input.Dude will need a straight jacket if he don’t leave it alone why wasn’t he schooling us on what’s UP when he was DOWN with his money making crew ?

        • Everyone here talks a lot of shit about sacrifices and evil acts. I don’t usually buy into that, but if there is anyone who might be in line for a big surprise when opening their front door some night it would be Dash.
          He runs his mouth about the wrong people too damn much.

  10. dame doesn’t matter.

    he did dirt he wanna talk about the state of hip hop and bacxk when he was rolling in money he was making the same type of so called mafiamusic so phukk him.

    reminds me whenmaster p saud 50 cent is a bad influence.

  11. We had / me had so much fun on these boards last night. It reminded me of the good old days on HSK.

    • Me too 16:48! Y’all had me hard down laughing! I had to get my asthma pump cause couldn’t catch my breath from laughing so much!

      • Oh girl we don’t want to that! Your son needs and HSK needs to help lighten up these threads when it gets to harsh. But yeah girl, we did have fun.

        • Typo correction…your son and HSK NEED YOU.

          LORD CHILE I’m bout to get on out of here with these typos.

        • Of coarse! My son is very protective of me. He has come a loooooooong way! Now he knows how to use my debit cards. Can’t tell him nothing. All he know is”Mom, can we go to the store?” And of coarse we go. I am soooo proud of him.

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