Kenya Moore Found a Sponsor On Millionaire Matchmaker


Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member, Kenya Moore, appeared on the television dating show Millionaire Matchmaker, only to find herself a new sponsor.

Kenya Moore is now, thanking the shows host Patti Stanger, for finding her the perfect man.

Here’s what Kenya Moore said:

“This man 6’3, gorgeous, kind, romantic. What else can a woman be looking for? Cause if he’s not it, I give up.

Sometimes you can spend your whole life looking for a Prince Charming when a King arrives.”


  1. Oh Lord…Help Us!!!…This woman is so Delusional… Fake boyfriend…Fake lover…Fake ‘posing’ for the photograph.. Fake Sponsorship…This woman is so ‘thirsty’…she could drink the Niagara Falls dry in just one Swallow!!!….Where is Nene???….She needs to ‘twirl’ this woman into ‘Oblivion’….

    • Coming from a bitch who aint shit! Foh! Gone Kenya and im so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!! He nice looking too! Twirl on them hoes Kenya lol

      • I don’t post In here much but I swear everytime there’s a Kenya Moore story you’re on it which leads me to believe you’re her…. Just say it’s u Kenya and if u looking for some good long dick hit 4thward slim up; he can pay you and I’ll lay you cause I’m broke with a job but the wood a-1

  2. Where is “Walter”???….he will “cut her down” to size.. Like a magician’s Selbet Sawing ‘illusion’ ……

  3. Its hard to find a decent man who is attractive. There are alot of ugly men in this world. Physically ugly men.

  4. Kenya Moore is beautiful, witty, educated, and full of life. I’m so happy she found a handsome match. I hope she can get over her abandonment and trust issues because this guy is a keeper. I’m rooting for you Kenya!!!

  5. I agree Kenya is a smart and attractive woman and that’s why people hate. I truly believe this is the man for her and hope and pray there’s marriage and babies in the future and a spinoff show.

    • No on hates on Kenya. People just think she needs some psychological help because of her abandonment. It seems like her goal is to punish or hurt women to get back at her mother.

      We wish you well Kenya and if you get pregnant treat your baby the way you wanted to be treated.

  6. They look great together and I wish them nothing but the best.He’s fine as hell! Hope he has the rest of his stuff together also.

  7. get that dick girl!!

    at least She’s not a sellout, unlike Chilli and other Black women who’s dipping their toe’s in the swirl pool!
    We need to keep “Black Love” alive!!

    • HYPOCRITE. The FEW BM who are married 25 percent are swirl married. BM don’t give two f*cks about Black love you ignorant slut.

      BM SWIRL ALMOST 3X MORE THAN BW so get that through your 2 faced head you ghetto bum.

      BM love giving their legacy money to the slavemasters great granddaughter so check yourself with the f*cking facts instead of doing your boring sister solider act.

      • Most BM are in relationships with BW. We do love our women. SWIRL is only the minority.

        • not from what ive seen, most black men like white women and exotic mexican or aisian types or biracial, my next door neighbor is a so called black panther and his girl is mixed but she looks more white then black and i just saw him at the liquor store the other day tryna get the attention of some white girls

      • @Anonymous

        slut really??

        Black Men are mind f*cked into interracial relationship’s, because sellout rappers are promoting interracial love in their crappy music video’s

        White Women age like gone off milk yuck, Black Women age like fine wine

  8. Go Kenya!!!! I hope this lasts. You deserve it after all the frogs you’ve kissed.

  9. Hope Kenya the best. But hope this move is not just a come up for the New Man in her life. Only Time
    will tell. Eitherway, she gets the Enjoy the Ride,
    Figuratively and literally.

  10. For someone who claims to be all that…why does this woman always act so thirsty

  11. Black Women should be wined and dined it’s funny how You Black Men lavish White Women, not Your own kind!!

    Kenya deserves to find a nice nicca with a job

  12. I saw that episode and she was too giggly and excited…acting like a school girl. She needs to calm down and take it slow. She’s smitten already, blushing and thinking everything he had to say was so humorous and witty. News Flash – you don’t know the real him yet Kenya. You got cameras following you and he’s playing to both. She’s in the phase where if she’s not careful she’ll ignore or overlook the red flags and warning signs. Give it a couple of months, slow down and pay attention. Keep your wits about you girl. You’re old enough to know better.

    • Very well said now if only many adults and youngsters in the beginning phase of knowing someone would heed your advice and pay attention.

  13. I too saw the episode and I didnt like the dude. Now, I did like the first guy they talked to, even though I think he was lying about his height and I didn’t like the guy Taylor got with either. The whole show made me realize that the problem isn’t that people aren’t meeting each other, it’s that folks are picking the wrong mates and them making sexual attraction such a priority is the main factor in the problem.

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