Jay Z To Pay Up On Satterthwaite Paternity Lawsuit?

Jay Z Admits Secret Son

Jay Z is reportedly planning to pay an out of court settlement, to end the outstanding paternity suit, brought by his 21 year old alleged son, Rymir Satterthwaite.

Rymir Satterthwaite’s legal guardian, Lillie Collie, has provided a recent update on the proceedings.

Here’s what Lillie Collie revealed:

“We’ve been going through this since 2011 and it has gotten to the point where the family just wants it to be over.”


    • It’s Pretty Fudged Up that a Man, any Man especially of his stature would not claim kids. It’s apart of him. I don’t care if it was with whores, jumper’s etc. Things like that cause harm to the Seed which is cherised. PPL don’t get it.

    • I hope that the boy does understand that he will never have a relationship with his father or none of the perks of that relationship beside the money that is about to be awarded.

      • Which is pretty f^cked up if true.Being a father is more than sending a check.Its being there in the true sense of the word father! I have heard for yrs that he supposedly had kids before Blue Ivy..hmmmm

    • For now yes…Jay gonna pay up but he gonna get his money and more back in return … By sacrificing this kid …you can’t come in out nowhere and knock satan’s favorite hustler!

      • Who gives a dam about jay z next step. He brought a child I into the we world and walked away like the child meant nothing to him- sisters, sounds familiar?

        • Lots of ppl in any race can relate to this. Therefore Beyonce is horrible. This child was made before she was even in the picture. He needs to know his father. How horrible to just pay him to go away. That’s why Blue looks nothing like her. And I’m now assuming Blu Cantrell is dead, she has been nowhere!

          • Gluten I see Beyonce’s DNA in Blue Ivy’s face, I really do. I believe it was her egg used.

        • i knew that scary N word would pay up. everyone in the caribbean should file a lawsuit against him. that scary n8ggah will pay up when he’s scared.

      • Got me thinking the same thing too. Yeah Jay is so suspect til it makes no kind of sense!

  1. Here comes the ‘how much for this to all go away?’ money offer. Just like he did with his other son.
    Jayz will probably offer a settlement, and part of the deal will be a gag order.

    To things can happen: the boy accepts the settlement and will dissappear from the public eye. Or the boy wants the public acknowledgement that Jayz is his father and settles for less or no money at all.

    But the fact that there’s a settlement on the table, means there’s probably some truth to this story.

    • Amen. You would not go out of your way to quiet a “poser”. It’s his son. Jay would have filed a counter suite and put this “alleged guardian” on blast.

  2. This boy is now 21 and at the age of 16/17, he finds out that the man that her mother said was his father is not. What part of the blame does this mother get for being a slutbucket? Its disgusting for women to not know who the father of their child/children are.

    Men need to stop bussing up in these jumpoffs raw. When a child pops out of thin air and says that you are the father, guess what, if you slept with her, there is a possibility.

    • You are the pot calling the kettle black! You probably didn’t know your father. Or, have a sibling, niece, or nephew, who don’t know theirs. It happens, so stop with the name calling.

      • Fact, I know who my father is.

        Fact any woman who gets pregnant should know who they slept with at that time.

        Fact your taking this personal, perhaps you do not know who your father is or the fathers of your children are!

    • @Mystique I agree with and like your comment except I won’t call names because every situation is different and unique.I have seen many women come on the Maury show testing over six different men .I ask myself why have sex with so many men in the same time frame?I don’t know their story so I stopped judging because I too made foolish and risky wrong choices and suffered the consequences but I feel kids suffer when men walk away or the mothers can not determine which man fathered her child…..I wonder what’s the excuse when a man and woman PLAN a child together and he wants a child and afterwards walk away after a year? found out when you BUY people they still expect it even after their child is born they want the bling bling to continue regardless of the now expensive cost of a baby.

  3. 6:23, this is what gets me. Why on Earth these folks like Jay-Z , Chris Brown all wanna hide or payoff these outside kids? These are kids before these women now. Now it is stated that Kim is scared that Kanyé may or may not have an outside kid. Why are these women acting all of sudden getting scared and being worried that these are popping up everywhere. They know damn well these fools know they can’t hide no kid! Dummies!

    • we all knew jay was a whoremonger.

      beyonce knew too but you know money makes women tolerates certain things ask jada pinkett.

      • Yeah that’s true but something keeps telling me year after year that these marriages are arranged and not true love .So maybe it’s easier to tolerate certain things.Will and Jay Z treat their wives like arm candy and business IMO.

  4. It’s funny how money makes them “just want it to be over” after they were the ones who made it a problem. Jay-Z money is the real reason for their coming out. Jay-Z should be ashamed of himself for dissing his kids, simply because they were from another, struggling life of his.

  5. Jay aint nothing but a fraud ass nigga. He’s so selfish n cutthroat. He talk shit bout this that but always getting sued for copyrights plagiarism child support. He killed the last chic pregnant wit his kid yet n still ppl act like he truly is God. Im tired of all phony one minded ppl. Its time to stop idolizing celebs n hold their dumb asses accountable for selling sex to our kids idolizing money making hoes housewives f*ckin the same sex is cool all this bullshit. All these stupid as degrading shows that keep blacks at the same levels hoes bein gay or drug users. Its so predictable n never-ending n im tired of it all. I dont watch it nor support it.

    • Hell what so embarrassing about having outside kids before he married Beyoncé? Now watch Jay will probably and I hope and pray not,going to end up needing a body part, a blood transfusion, or somebody to take care of his ass. Better yet all three. U can’t mistreat those U going to need now and the near future. Its bad enough he and Beyoncé needs a sacrifice as it is. Jay needs to get all his kids together and make sure they know each other before things happen like go with each other.

      • DA. That boy better stay out of the way. If I were him I would take my money, run, and leave no forwarding address. Jay might be looking at him with a view to sacrificing him.

  6. selling sex is the name of the game add r&B singers to that liost because that’s all they do make records talking about sex and making love yes how many singers past and present done it they all sold sex through their music.

    even the temptations decide on naming their group just that because Otis and the crew admitted they was selling sex or was gonna sell sex on their records whih explains all their classic timeless ballads.

  7. everytime you buy a record and the artist talks about sex you bought sex.

    sex is everywhere videos, maGAZINES EVEN FOOD ADS,.



  8. Omg so this is really his son. The mother should have filed sooner. Its been said Jay has another son in Trinidad. I have no respect for him because everyone knows boys need their fathers.

  9. Jay and Beyonce are both evil people. Jay for doing his own blood like that and Beyonce too for letting her brother Nixon go homeless. Karma is going to bite both of them in the you know what.

    • I feel you Anon 9:34

      But you know what I think is horrible? Matthew Knowles. AKA The Dust Dried Up Jack Ass, whoring around at 264 years old and making children. Beyonce can’t keep up with her pappy and all his whore-hopping. Should she be liable for every baby her whore hopping father makes? I say no way.

      • Damn 10:24! The dust dried up jack ass! Lmao! Y’all got me up here rolling! Y’all made my day! I am ctfu! Lmao!

      • yes they are and the jews are done with them and throwing them back they have made enough $ money off these 2 and anyone that thinks these 2 uneducated people sit in business meeting and get the kind of $ reported is dumb them jews have been trained for business you the an uneducated call girl and a dope boy get over on them they laugh all the way to the bank PLEASE wake up

    • Wait a minute, why should it be Beyoncé’s responsibility to take care of a sibling her father produced while he was married to her mother. That karma is all for Matty Knowles.

      • evil people always have an excuse to do evil deeds. beyonce doesn’t want children out of wedlock taken care of because she obviously believes in killing/aborting babies. a baby killer is no person i would support

      • Its not her responsibility, but she is wealthy and he is struggling. Yes his mother is a dumb slut, that hurt miss tina, I get that. But Nelson isn’t at fault their asshole daddy is. Why not get to know him, and then when he is older they will have a brother / sister bond. No one expects her to buy him a mansion filled with toys, but sending a gift card to get food and clothes wouldn’t kill her stingy ass. Shes loathsome.




  10. Is it possible this settlement was done without a test? That way they can be done or he will agree to a test later and to sue for extortion once he is found not to be the father. There is probably a clause where he can’t inherit from his estate.

  11. The way these celebrities get down with their wickedness if I found out I was related to or had a child with them I would hide underground and change my identity.God knows my heart aint money hungry no thanks keep that filth.I don’t need 3 or 4 cars I only got 1 azz .Don’t need a mansion I would not trust security at the gate and would check under the bed and closet in all 98 rooms in my mansion lol.Don’t need lots of designer clothes or shoes as long as my clothes clean and in good order.People just don’t get it all the riches and gold won’t save our souls .These days it makes people more angry ,anxious and dangerous to have lots of money no happiness gtfooh…….now watch what happens.

    • I totally agree, I don’t need the extra worry. His mom and CB’s new baby’s mother don’t know what they have opened their children s lives up to.

      More money, more problems….

    • 12:48

      I am dead to to the floor!! LOL LOL LOL LOL
      Chile you said check under the beds!! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL .

      When y’all ain’t up in here arguing it’s gets downright funny up in here!

      • Check all the closets and not one but all the closets! Lmao! Damn! Lmao! Oh shit! Lmao!

        • Dead @change your identity and go underground!! But you ain’t neva lied!!

          LOL LOL LOL

          • Hell yeah all this talk about celebrities blood sacrificing their family and loved ones.Keep yah rich asses at a distance don’t come visit me or invite me out to dinner.Don’t send for me a limousine and try enticing me with gifts.Stay yah evil asses away far away .

            • 17:50

              Let me add this part on to your comment..
              If I had a child that jumped into the entertainment industry and was trying to get famous, I would divorce my child and get out of Dodge. I would not even give them a chance think about me like that.

  12. I hope this kid comes out and does an interview with some magazine or website. I still want to know why he posed for that photo looking like he was taking a dump in his living room.

    • Probably just being a kid thinking he got his swag on lol. I pray God puts a hedge of protection around him and he has better morals than his father if it’s Jay Z.His mother should lay low after everything is legally settled and not run her mouth after this .If Mr.Carter is sincere they should work this out privately father and son .Something tells me the media is putting a spin on this story like they do all stories.I think Jay Z knew about this son a long time ago even in private.Like I said the last time this is all a stage with a twist .it was intentionally put out there for us to know this was his son.It’s the new Jay Z part2 and his so got swift strong lyrical skills .TPTB allows certain information to be hidden or released they been orchestrating for the Carters since the beginning.All the shananigans they been involved in.Sit back and watch there’s no large pay out to this kid as we’re being led to believe. Sure a few dollars here and there in the settlement but this young man is about to work for this payout .They about to groom him if they haven’t already and he will be on that stage hustling more than the Carters had to lol .His “fame ” is about to begin 5..4..3..2..1.. and yes let’s start with the interviews first then magazines .Sit back and watch people we don’t need to be psychics or prophets to know the predictable industry.

  13. Bey is not Mathew Knowles blood child..She is not related to Nixon..real talk..no bloodline not REALATED!!!

  14. If this is true, Jay Z should be ashamed of himself. Imagine turning your back on your own blood – karma will be a bitch and believe me Blue will be his heartache! Watch as the years go by, then!

  15. How does a 21 yr old man have a legal guardian? Secondly, it’s seems Jay have strong genes and that man doesn’t look like him

  16. What he will pay off the mother what constitutes as back child support not paid up to age 18. The other is what the state requires up to age 21 such as if the person is going to college. After that, he owes him nothing. This legal embarrassment also means he is effectively removed from Jay’s will. He will not get a red cent. Too bad they could not connect amicably as father son especially since he was conceived long before Beyonce.

  17. @Blue Sky, U made a very good point. In fact, these women should banned together and file a paternity suit against Jay-Z. If those women can come together how they did Bill Cosby for alleged rape, then those baby mamas need to do just that.

    • Dont yal forget about the white who was coming forward about her an jay z then she got killed

  18. I was wondering about him having a legal guardian at 21 too, they also stated that he had to pay back medical bills and legal fees. Maybe this young man has some sort of disability.

    If that is the case then Jay Z should put up some type of trust fund for him to be taken care of the rest of his life. But I digress, that seems to much like right for someone like him to phantom.

    The whole situation seems kind of sad the more you look into it.

  19. *OT

    Jerod Brown done messed around and got himself arrested, smh.

    Boy when it rains it pours.

    • Girl I had to look up who you were talking about.
      Now I am going to whisper this to you. Come close so no one can hear.
      Do you think they are setting him up to be the fall guy?

      • IDK, but it seems like they should just be quiet and quit drawing attention to themselves.

        All for the sake of a few dollars and less than 5 minutes of fame. Now he’s down to tha jailhouse in Atlanta tryn to get some bail money up, SAD.

        • Jerod seemed to be doing the right thing speaking bout Pat Houston and others doing Bobbi Kristina harm.He seemed to be sincere but people on his Face Book page were angry because he’s turned into a celebrity posing with a handful of famous people even with Nancy Grace.I feel something isn’t right.

          • He dug his own grave when he released that video Pray for BK. Many people felt that was just an attempt to be seen and discovered. It looked thirsty.

          • Woa Nellie 17:58,

            Your comment told me everything I need to know. I will not be surprised if he gets suicided, or comes up missing, or suddenly come up crazy.

            You couldn’t pay me to associate with people in the industry because just like smoking cigarettes, the industry is hazardous to your health.

            • 21:22 you are on point and we seen this happen time and time again .People in the industry do not impress me never had never will I don’t blame you for not wanting to associate with them.They are human but something goes wrong with their morality when they accrue money and fame.

  20. and Jay Z’s “father left him at the age of 9, the most damaging thing in his life”, he said. Why is it okay for you to disown your child(ren)? WAITING

    • Yeah and I think he said the same thing about his dad when he was being interviewed by Oprah on her show Master Class.The most damaging is when a man leaves his son and then the son turns around and repeat that same shit to his own child is much worse.I say that because Fay Z knew that caused him pain ,he knew how that felt and now he wanna inflict the same on his son ….wow kind of not surprised.

  21. Jay Z has always been a loser to me from the early 90’s…I dont listen to his music ar support anything he does…thats what everyone should do and send him a strong messege

  22. He don’t look like Jay!!

    so basically Jay is wasting His money!!

    give it to charity instead

  23. This Miss Baylis is so foolish…she should keep her idiotic opinions to herself.

    • Well I for one am glad she is no longer using her moniker of “Intelligent Black Woman.”

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