Rihanna’s Father Goes Full Pervert

    Rihanna Dad Ronald Fenty Pervert

    Rihanna’s father, Ronald Fenty,  jumped on social media to post his photo with Tyga, and to reveal that he likes underage girls too; just like the rapper.

    Here’s what RiRi’s father said:

    “Hanging out with my boy Tyga cause I only date girls younger than me too.”

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      • Not really. I know for a fact I am not played out and date a more distinguished bm. He is older than me and its definitely not the money. We younger be seek out attention from older bm because they done been there and done that stage. As far as the sex? Incredible! No supplements to enhanced, simply all natural.

        • You a bumbitch and a lie cause U spend 2much time on here frontin to have allodat.

          • @ Callthem, Unlike your dumbass, I can do that! Better yet, get on my level, U know retired at the age 26 from the work force, raised my son, getting ready for my 39th birthday , retired from the military and having my handsome gentleman right beside me! That’s right I can afford the time to be on a blog. Now according to your post, your dumbass is up here as well. Don’t get so salty because I speak the truth. What’s wrong? Did somebody pissed into your mouth and force U to swallow because deep down inside we all know your are nothing than a pathetic person with some embarrassing low self esteem.

            • The math don’t add up on your lil mini bio AND you a filthy minded bumbitch on top of errrthing else.

      • Played out huh!! Awwww,boo its gonna be ok….maybe becky or conchita can take u on and help u build your self esteem since no sista gave u a second to give you time. Sounds like a bitter, scorn, broke down geek typing on his computer from his mamas basement.

        • LOL ALL DAY LONG FOOL! The ladies got you together quick, fast, and in a hurry.
          Now run along and take your self to the curb with the rest if the trash..you silly jackass, Jack leg bastard.

    1. He said younger than him not underage smfh you all stretching. Wtf happened to this site?.. As for the person saying black women are played out you sir are a idiot to the tenth power. I hope you don’t have a played out black mama. People like the above poster is why I am pro abortion.

    2. this shyt leads back to slavery, were white men would rape little black girls!

      black women always get attacked sometime it isn’t “our” fault society is rubbing black women out, and replacing them with wrinkly white women.

      like i always say black men is your fault for choosing the most ghettoiest sluttiest white women

      black women keep strong!!

      • Miss Baylis,

        Have you seen some of these brothers on youtube getting highly upset about black women dating other races? Emotions are running high in a negative sort of way.
        I am not going to clown them though. But I am just flabbergasted at their response, because lord knows they date anybody they chose. Just wow at the double standard.

        • @Anonymous

          believe me i’m not emotional!!!, just stating the oblivious

          sadly you can’t understand it, because your to up your own ass to hear the truth!!

      • I’m really not connecting the dots on this comment it’s kind of all over the place and I think you looking for a place to lay the blame when it’s not one groups fault. You started out on slavery and evil white men raping young back girls, then to society trying to get rid of black women and replacing them with ugly ass white women and it all ends with it being black mans fault!?!?! The quest to get rid of he black woman is due to the power shift. With success of the “strong independent black woman” movement, which was a concept pushed by big business and other power structures. The black woman and gays have been placed at the top of the African American structure. But keep in mind that just because the world has made this shift God did design it this way. But being at the top has it pitfalls, the head is always the target. Hey, when you at the top the head is the one that is targeted, just like when the black man was the head, they came for us. Truth of the matter is, that as soon as everybody admits their role in the downfall we can fix, until the we will remain here, stagnant!! And we need to stop refering to eachother as BW and BM, we are the only race of people who do that, that just further divides us, We are one

        • Eddie,

          Quite off topic but you know my take on black men.
          I was debating about the double-dealings of the NFL with some guys who work for AEG & while in the same breathe that I was talking about the greatness of my brothers did I get this link texted

          • Eddie, (sorry…hit send too quickl)

            Quite off topic but you know my take on black men.
            I was debating about the double-dealings of the NFL with some colleagues of mine & while in the same breathe that I was talking about the greatness of my brothers did I get this link texted to me with a smart ass comment degrading ALL black men…smh.


            I was really shocked by this one but like clockwork we can set our watches to the NFL turning their backs & wiping Darren Sharper’s very existence off the map.

            • You know Ms Reg there are two sets of rules and standards, black an white. People especially white men take comfort in kowing that and they have a great time with it. They might have sent you that article but they put it out of their mind that for every Darren Sharper there is a Ben Rothlisberger. For every mike Tyson rape case, there was a Kennedy rape case, for every R Kelly there is 10 Woody Allen’s. They shout black crimes from the mountain top while they use th broom To push theirs under the carpet. We have our issues but we have help broadcasting negative so much until those of us with our eyes closed begin to see eachother as enemies and start to judge our own. No matter what I love black people and black women are the best thing walking.

            • OK, but Sharper isn’t Mike Tyson. The man s a serial rapist and he didn’t even plead not guilty. He would be the last man I would stand up for.
              Wrong is wrong, and he is 10 kinds of wrong.

        • @. ELTH,

          What an insightful comment . I have to say it…. I love the way you think. You seem to be such a deep, well balanced man. Stay that way. Men that think and speak like you are rarer than pink diamonds, and black pearls, and very precious indeed.

          • Thanks, I can’t change, they tried to change me already, it didnt work. Yall stuck with this. I’m forever strong in the struggle and forever in love with us, no matter what they try to ake us to be. You know something about us, we fall for a lot of tricks but I always try to figure out what’s being pushed down out throats. We are still Kings and Queens and if a man or woman of color doubts that about the other then they have serious self worth issues.

            • @EddieLong’sTragicHairPiece

              Black women are getting attacked left,right and centre by Black man and also White man

              You Black men don’t stand up for Black women!! You nicca’s would rather protect a White women than a Black women

          • Eddie is one of the ladies of course that bitch know what sounds good and don’t make him sound gay …bitchboy advise is priceless… Plus he cosigns with a troll bitch like Ms regularly…so he not a genius just a kiss ass!

            • @22:20 I agree with 19:09 Eddie makes a lot of sense in his comments and doesn’t care who likes it or not.Got to respect a brother who does not give in to internet hate or thug trollin lol

        • @Eddie keep doing you, your comments add much value here.It’s no challenge or of interest when some only know how to curse a person out.It gets old no one is moved or shocked by it ,just another angry poster of the day .We welcome refreshing intellect and it boils some people’s blood that it might distract from negativity even for a moment .

    3. It’s no surprise this man likes younger women probably the cause of his divorce to Rihanna’s mother.Wonder how “young” he likes them since he said he likes young girls not young women.Isn’t he also kind of old to be hanging out with Tyga?

    4. Why does her father look like a California raisin in this photo. Hopefully the lighting is off.



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