Corey Feldman Files Police Report on Hollywood’s ‘Pedophilia Ring’

corey feldman pedophilia ring

Corey Feldman recently outed Jon Grissom as the the man who molested him in the ’80s. And now, Feldman has taken his claims about Hollywood’s “Pedophilia Ring” to the LAPD.

The 46-year-old actor had a sit-down interview to give the police all the info he has. Will someone finally get arrested?


  1. I doubt anyone will get arrested. Sadly many of us know at least two well-known paedophiles still active in the industry today who have not had so much as their collar felt. Simply because they are earning money for the disgusting zionist joos who worship nothing else.

    When are they coming for Bryan and Dan? Until they do it is all a farce – in my opinion.

  2. Im glad these actors and actresses are takingba stance! This is more important than them getting arrested. Revealing them is more important, that will ruin there rep whether or not they are arrested.

  3. Nothing will happen to Kevin. He will just slither back into his mansion until his days end. Then his legacy will be about child rape and not a wonderful film career. The same for the others. Also, the statue of limitations don’t run out on child rape so I don’t know. I think Corey is making it difficult wanting to get money out of this and the other Corey ally took his secret with him. The only thing one can do is not see their movie and make them any richer than the already are while you struggle to make rent. No more.

    • @Kem, a friend of Corey Haim, claims that Corey told him that Charlie Sheen was the person who raped him.

    • Me too! Much peace and healing to Corey. It takes a lot to name names and I hope he is able to speak his truth.

  4. The longtime conspiracy is now true. Charlie Sheen raped Corey Haim. This is sad news. My heart goes out to Corey Haim and every single child that has been molested and raped by a hollywood mogul. May Corey Haim rest in Heaven and may Charlie Sheen burn in hell!

  5. I believe this story is true!!! Charlie sheen has been in movies since the 70s, the same thing probably happend to Charlie on movie sets. That’s how it works, perpetrator is only doing to victim what’s been done to them.

    • …And his daddy knew the whole time! I said this year’s ago. I wondered why his daddy always condoned his bad behavior. I believe his name is next on the list. I think it’s pretty convenient all this revelation comes after the Equifax hacking…

  6. Someone should file a police report on his voice because he sounds like hot dog shit

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