Terry Crews Files Police Report for Sexual Assault Allegation

Terry Crews sexual assault

Terry Crews isn’t playing with his accuser, Adam Venit. The actor has just filed a police report with the LAPD for his sexual assault allegations.

A month after talking about his experience about getting groped at a Hollywood function, the incident is still within the statute of limitations, and police could launch a criminal investigation.


  1. All of this is just a smoke screen to take the attention away from the real (more powerful) pedophiles. And sex trafficking of young children.

    • Absolutely. Smoke and mirrors. What else can we expect from Hollywood?


      OK Slimeon????

    • All this is about money grabbing. While I agree you shouldn’t grab anyone’s junk, there is money to be paid out by many well to do rich sexual harassers and Terry is just throwing his hat in the ring. It seems many of these people have a case and the money is not coming in, so what else are they going to do. Also, they are not afraid of Hollywood no more, so it’s a good thing this is all coming to light.

    • The real pedophiles may be Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton. Looks like the Pizzagate scandal is true.

    • Yes, these are all stories released by gatekeepers who give us the impression of progress, but the real dirt (Clintons trafficking kids from Haiti, George HW Bush, United Nations sex trafficking rings) are kept quiet.

  2. Well good for him, this is a good start. Im glad hes doing something that others havent which is exposing them

  3. My advice to Terry Crews, get out of the devil’s playground. God/Yahweh will provide for you and your family. Matter of fact, all black people get out of hollywood!

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