Nicki Minaj’s Brother Found Guilty of Child Rape

nicki minaj brother guilty child rape

Nicki Minaj’s brother, 38-year-old Jelani Maraj, was convicted of predatory sexual assault after repeatedly raping his 11-year-old victim.

The charges carry a penalty of 25 years to life in prison. Maraj’s lawyer says they will appeal.

The victim, who is now 14, and her brother gave disturbing testimony about the assaults that happened at Maraj’s home. DNA evidence supported the child’s allegations.

Throw away the key!


    • Don’t need to do that at all.. In prison pedo and child killers gets what coming to them.
      They will have to sew his butt back together, this will let him know and feel what that child felt and still will feel in years to come.. I hope her mother get her intensive counseling ASAP..
      It’s going to take a lot of counseling to help this young teenager that’s been abused for years by this monster.. Big Joe and stinky Bob is waiting until they locked those doors on him..
      They going to stuff something in his mouth and use him lol Kelly a rag doll.. Couldn’t happen to a better person…

      • that was just a play on what she tweeted (the exact same thing she tweeted, in fact) about meek mill going to jail… get it?

  1. Sounds like they believed the child. What a horrible horrible mess. I would not have been in that courtroom if I was related to or knew the perp.

  2. I couldn’t read the testimonials so I couldn’t imagine what the jurors went through having to hear … my prayers go out to the little girl and her brother.

  3. Another black woman letting a predator around her children. Bet the baby Daddy aint isht either!

  4. He married that woman to have access to fuck her daughter. That is so sad! I hope that sick bastard rots in jail and I hope the child is getting good therapy along with her little brother because he caught them in the act and that sick bastered threatened her brother not to tell. So sad! I wonder if this will ruin his sister Sicki Garbaj career.

  5. YES YES YES! So glad he was found guilty. Lock this sick fuck away. As for Nicky, yeah her career is over. There’s nothing that can really carry her anymore, and her old gimmicks and antics are played out.

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