Is Ciara Just Another Black Single Mom Statistic?

Ciara Wedding Off

Bandz Over Bride?

Have Future and Ciara secretly called off their wedding? I don’t know… but a recent ‘cryptic message’ posted to Ciara’s IG has apparently added fuel the rumor surrounding the pair. “Ciara hasn’t been spotted with Future once since the birth of their baby (May 19, 2014), said a source. An event Future could not be bothered to be present at. “She also hasn’t been wearing her engagement ring.”

“For weeks there have been whispers that Ciara and Future might not make it down the aisle.

This drop comes shortly after Ciara was announced as the cover girl for Brides magazine’s August/September issue. My everyday style is what I call ‘tomboy chic,’ but for my wedding, I’m going to do elegance with a little edge,” the 28-year-old revealed to Brides.

Peep Ciara’s recent IG post:




      • Cher:

        Your comment is so real. She may know it, but it just may be that she wants Future to be there for her son, as he should be. These men are out here thinking women want them when the women just want the men to be active fathers in their children’s lives.

        I wish CiCi and baby Future all the best.

      • Only a silly babymama would think its a blessing to have a b@$tard kid before the wedding. Being a active father what about being a husband. Your husband not someone elses. Look at our communities destroyed by b@$tard kids and their poor mama.POOR as in broke, living in government housing,sucking down government food. Please

        • Granted she should not have gotten pregnant before marrying Future but Ciara is actually better off not marrying him. Because if she ever says I do of his bills will become her bills. That means all those child support bills he has coming in the mail in his name will now be taking money out of her bank account as well.
          I still remember how Whitney was stuck paying Bobby’s bills. When will women learn.

          • SHe is better off not being married! Consolidation is the key word once she becomes Future’s wife. I just wished she would have been a bit smarter than to become pregnant by Future. TOO MANY BABY MAMAS and if she does fall into that statistical category I wouldn’t be surprised. Afterall, Future loves them and literally leaves! Translation he doesn’t marry his baby mamas! I hope Ciara’s different.

          • Ohhh hell NO.

            SHE would have been better off not fooling with him at all.
            Now she has to chase after him for 18 years for child support.
            And battle with him over visitation.

            She should have known, when he did not show up at the birth of his Son.
            Better yet, she should have closed her legs…
            He is a bum

      • I agree w/ Cher & I am going to tell you why. If she is how she acts…she seems kind of desperate to find love. Yes we live in a different world these days so aspiring to get married prior to conceiving is sad, yet unrealistic in these days & ages. I think it is a blessing that she may not be aware of considering she wanted love and to love so she has been blessed w/ a child, that will love her..unconditionally.

  1. Righteous Blackmen In Babylon…Where They At??? Just because the other dudes marry their women, does not mean our flock will follow the flotillas. As expected, the homeboys and record labels are against black rappers being married…It’s Bulls**t! Instead, they want to continue keeping us enslaved to Uncle Sam.

  2. Oh Ci Ci you fell for that okey doke. Somehow you thought you had that golden coochie that would get him down the aisle unlike his other babymamas. The brotha couldn’t be bothered toshow up for the child’s birth……that was a big azz red flag waving in your pretty face.

  3. Well, if the marriage isn’t going to happen, she should just move on. But sometimes how you earn your man is how you get burned by him…he wasn’t exactly single and alone when she got with him so she was on notice about his doggish ways. I hate to say it but now that she has a source of child support she probably won’t need to look for another sponsor, so maybe bow she can focus on finding a real relationship.

  4. Being on the cover of Brides is like the kiss of death. All on the Dover in a pretty dress that you will never actually get to wear. Same thing happened to Kelly Roland and her previous engagement. Sad.

  5. How is this a surprise?
    What did she really expect?
    Same advice I give on the streets. . Don’t do it again. Don’t get pregnant by him again. Don’t get pregnant by anyone again. Don’t have BDs all over town.

  6. I don’t feel sorry for Ci Ci dumb ass.Didn’t she know that Future got like 5 or 6 baby mommas that he don’t take care of.She thought Future was gonna blow so she trapped him with a baby.Jokes on you silly bitch cause I don’t think he sold shit.Opportunist bitches looking for a easy life I don’t feel sorry for.

    • If anything this was a come up for Future being that I heard of Ciara way b4 this Future guy
      But dont worry Ciara, u still have talent and are still young and pretty,
      U can still make it sugar! 🙂

  7. Why would you say record labels and so called hanger-ons, are against Black rappers from marrying?

  8. I’m not 5:07/Tyrone, but he is right. It’s the same thing with athletes. Their managers encourage keep a fleet of hos…its supposed to.project a verile image. So you have them guys either encourages to wear dresses and skirts or the other extreme. Then too a lot of guys rumored to be bi like to spread their seed far and wide…like lil Wayne, Puffy, etc

    • ….a fleet of hos…..bwahahahahaha!… me Jeysus!…..I can’t be laughing this hard before I have my morning coffee.

    • Future will regret jumping ship, but, he can’t see it right now. Child Support kicking his ass, the game done changed, money not falling from trees like it once did. My best guess, is that, Future is not wired in that way…Monogamy! Doesn’t mean he a bad dude, just won’t be faithful to one woman. Juxtapose this with Lamar Odom. His Boricua Mami blessed him with 2 children…afraid to marry her. Yet, wifey up Khloe after one month of knowing her…Crazy Ish! Lamar wanted the attention and fame, now he azz out…Negros!

    • I think she would have been better off with Rocko (Monicas ex) Future’s brother

  9. I been debating this very issue with two ladies here for a week. Stop laying down and REPRODUCING with losers expecting them to become winners. It’s just a piece of ass to him and thirteen years later you’re trying to get the kid out of eighth grade successfully. As much as you want to make it equal it aint. He can walk away and never look back while you’re stuck parenting alone. Celebrities aint immune to making poor decisions.

    • Stop laying down and REPRODUCING with losers expecting them to become winners….. that is the perfect way to say this!!! Sometimes in life you have to work your way up from nothing, that is the person who will be a winner. Know the diff ppl, let the losers hate and talk smack and be on your way! In 2014 if you dont know the diff same on you!

      • This is very true. I think it has to do with self-esteem. I know that I’m working on my low selfesteem issues. So that I can begin looking up, and to keep my head to the sky. And therefore, I will only surround myself with excellent people, because I myself will have developed a foundation/spirit of excellence within me.

    • I loved your comment!!!! @smarter then u think
      Im going to also try to follow that advice 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind words. This situation is a microcosm of our neighborhoods. It’s not about year one or year three. It’s about the twenty five years that shape a young man or a young woman. If a man doesn’t specifically say the words I want to have a family with you and will be here with you assume he doesn’t. You can be mad, sic the child support folks on him and sully his name but in the end you have a child with no dad that did not have to be born into that situation. Ussy makes the world go round. Most cats at any age aint gon turn it down. Clearly they aint got a plan for the future while they bangin away. But do they really need one when they bouncin soon anyway? Yall the one need a plan cus you are the one that will have a little person to shape, mold, clothe, feed and shelter for the next quarter century. I really don’t get why people don’t see that. All the shootin and killin is a result of young people bangin free and raw with no plan for what comes next. It aint about whose fault. It’s about who has the power to stop it. If yall waitin on them horny dick little boys to lead this effort yall aint as wise as you think you are. This is a job for the mother of creation and civilization. Aint nobody coming to save us. No offense but your great great grandma was waitin on Jesus too. Get yo minds right. The race depends on it.

      • Thank you for telling us that it something we need to hear. I am young I am only 28 years old and I don’t have children think God because iam not ready yet and when I do be ready I hope it’s with a good clean man a not a little not trying to be a man.

      • Smarter than u think I so agree with you. It’s the same as when folks say the end is coming very soon when things are out of control in the world.
        People have been saying that forever and through wars, slavery, diseases and all other sorts of human tragedy the world keeps on turning.
        You must plan and live as though there is no savior to rescue here in THIS life. Fine if you believe that you will be rewarded and blessed after this life, but the most holy and wonderful people I know(not hyper religious hypocrites but the real deal)are beset by the worst imaginable tragedies. If the Savior isn’t reaching a hand out to them, what chance is there that a well meaning sinner like most of us are going to be “rescued” in this life? Make choices as if they count for the next 50 years because God willing, they do.

  10. I am kind of sorry for her only because she haves a child, in other hand I am not she was trying to keep up with Kim and lala that she made her self look dumb. Stop getting with just any man thinking he’s the one and you can fix him.

  11. Wow Im speechless like one of her songs she had a few years back. Why did Ciara waste her time with this fool? He never claimed her to begin with and has several children by different baby mothers. A typical haitian! I hope she got money saved up. Lol.

  12. Black women (Yes other women do this but I’m not speaking to them) must stop spreading their legs to get love. Character should be No. #1 but its usually the last thing. We have serious self-esteem issues. If Ci had any self esteem she would have not talked to guy like him. I dated a broke, multiple baby mama type & NEVER, NEVER, again. I know Future isn’t broke but I’ve dated his type. Girls & women have to stop being so weak & not settle and this Black single mama mess would atop

  13. Everytime I hear that terrible song with future and kanye called trophy I turn the station. You know theyre not talking about black women.

  14. That song trophy is all about kim. Kanye mentions her family in the song. Not once do you hear future mention Ciara. Smh.

    • No one Stans harder than his beard than Ye. When he referred to Kim as a dinosaur in a recent GQ interview I just cackled.

      “Kim is this girl who f—king turns me on. I love her. This is who I want to be next to and be around,” says Kanye. “You mean to tell me that this girl with this f—king body and this face is also into style, and she’s a nice person, and she has her own money and is family-oriented? That’s just as cool as a f—king fighter jet or dinosaur! And just as rarely seen.”

      family oriented was the last attribute needed for a mother or wife I guess. No mention of integrity. These coloured boys. Some women are opting for single motherhood I used to judge but now understand, especially if the woman has a family network and her own coins. Who wants to raise a baby and an adult simultaneously.

      • That is a very interesting anecdote. I think that the biggest attraction for Kanye is the fact that she was rich before they met. In his mind that makes her an equal, and obviously less likely to be an opportunist. I also believe, contrary to majority opinion here, that they have a solid prenup which basically has them leaving with everything they each had going in. Sure, they’ll split the assets acquired during the marriage 50-50, but the way things are going for Kim9her new app for example) she may add more to the family pot than he does in this year and the next. I predict baby #2 will make its appearance in 2015. Divorce 2 years later.

        • The app is very addicting. I’ve avoided the KK brand up until now. Interesting that it allows same sex dates. Thought she was just vapid but she is a marketing genius and a developers dream. Actually teaches me how to flirt in real life and whose worth my time and money. I give them 4 years and two babies before the split.

          Like Charlemagne said Kanye was smart to get Kim pregnant and noted there are no high profile crossover celebrity females besides Beyonce who is taken and Rihanna. Chris needs to get her knocked up as well to secure a future.

          • You are so right. That app is going to make her damn near a billionaire. People forget that her father was a brilliant cut throat lawyer. Contrary to appearances she must’ve inherited some of his brains.

            • NI,The fact that she knows her niche, social climbing, and in the game you can sort of date/sleep/ shop your way to the top is a brilliant ploy. No one could say she has no credible about that. But what gets me is you like myself and many others never spent a dime on her brand.. until now. That’s why she has one of the top selling apps in history. How did she do it????

  15. I saw future in Jamaica earlier this week at a party hugged alllllllll the way up w some young light skinned island girl & surrounded by even more naked groupies. He’s a good got damn mess & Ciara is a damn fool!!!

  16. another messed up celeb couple.

    future is hot right now why does he wanna marry period.

    if future was gonna marry Ciara she would be a trophy wife.

    most rappers always wanna marry a r&b girl.

    • She’s stupid find a fool bump its head. WHEN BLACK WOMEN STOP ALLOWING THEMSELVES TO BECOME BABYMAMA INSTEAD OF WIVES WE CAN RISE AS A PEOPLE. There are plenty of black women with morals that wont accept being a babymama

  17. Is Called Karma She Used Bow Wow For Fame And Money When She 1st Came Out Now Future Used Her For Fame And Money. Last Year It Was
    Reported Ciara Messed Up Future’s Club Appearance In Las Vegas

    Ciara Is Just Another One Of Future’s Baby Mama’s. She Should Of Smelled The Coffee He Wasn’t There For His Son’s Birth

  18. The total shame in this is, when all those kids grow up they will hate there mom’s for having them. They will go,”Mom, why did you hav a kid with a guy you knew wasn’t going to be around, it really sucked growing up without a dad” Mayb not the 1st BM but all others, definitely yes!

    • Exactly! and it happens, kids do blame their mothers for not making a better choice in the man she chose to father them.

      I heard of one teenager who was mad at his mom because he turned out unattractive and asked his mom of all the men why she had to choose his ugly father.

      I always wonder how a woman who has never had a child makes one with a man who has been down that road so many times before, especially a young woman. I just cannot think that such a man will ever be able to come up with the same amount of joy and interest that you will as a first time parent. Childless women should at the very least look for childless men to make a life with, especially when they are young.

  19. Ciara looks sexxy as f*ck with dreads.

    I guess the molly has worn off and now he
    Treats her like any other baby mommA

  20. Of course she is. And Future is just another stereotypical sperm donating, sex fiend with kids strewn from pillar to post. Cheers.

  21. I don’t agree with this excuse that these men dog women and keep a “stable of hoes” or only date white women because of the advice of their managers/coaches/handlers.

    A real man doesn’t need guidepost for his dick. If they do, they ain’t a real man.

    • You don’t have to agree with it. It’s just a fact that it happens. The entertainment industry draws shallow, egotistical folks w highly suggestible personalities. It is what it is.

  22. Just saw a meme on some page: Once you go Black you’re a single mother.

    73% of Black kids are born bastards.

    • People trot out those stats but I don’t believe them. First of all I would want to know the empirical method used to compile the data. Then I would want to know ages, socio economic brackets, ethnicity, educational levels, etc. I say that because just the other day I read an article that stated that when it comes to college educated black Americans , we marry at a rate higher than certain Hispanic groups. Did you know poorer Latinos often say they are married when they legally are not. So, no I don’t believe that only 8 out of 100 black newborn babies have married parents.

      • Unfortunately I do believe it. Babies born are listed in the Sunday paper, and when you read the names, the “black named” babies are always born to a mother with one last name and a father with a different one. Of course, that could be socioeconomic. If the child is named Elizabeth, Jordan, Megan, Sydney etc she could easily be black and just born to a less ghetto minded mother who chose a more employable name. But there is no question that in my city of 1 million, if the child is named anything starting with a Q or ending with an isha or etta, the parents are never married. Sad.

        • Folks make more assumptions without knowing the facts. Every woman who marries a man doesn’t assume his last name. White women get married all the time and maintain their names for various reasons. Let’s stop assuming the worst of Black people. Smh

          • You people are just ignorant. Who the heck cares about an employable name. You still have to show up Dumas. Keep yo dumb minds in socio box.

            • I guess you missed that piece on 20/20 where they showed HR people throwing out the applications of people with unfortunate names.
              Why not give your child the best shot at life that you can when it doesn’t cost you a cent?
              I’m not saying you have to give them a WASPY stuck up name, but you might want to rethink the Symphonique idea.

            • It’s the same scenario when, guess whose coming to the interview shows up. And hr is full of crap from the gate with the number one sign off question, ethnicity and gender. In this day in time, it is by the grace of God to get a job, especially if you don’t know somebody that knows somebody. By the way, our presidents name is Barack, which is an African name that means “blessed.” And that we are;)

            • The moral of what I’m trying to say is be the best at being yourself . If you are not hired because of some superficial fool, move on, It’s just a problem waiting to happen.

              Laquitashay shay

            • Love ya Laquitashay shay

              But if we are keeping it 100, Pres. Obama was known to all as Barry until his political aspirations kicked into gear.
              I do see your point, I really do. But in today’s job market, why hinder your kid even a little bit when you don’t need to? If the exotic name means something special to you okay. But naming your little girl Alize is a mistake I don’t care who you are or what you like to drink. lol

            • Gross:

              I don’t know why you replied to me, but my comment had nothing to do with employable names. I replied to their unwed parents comment. Miss me with the “you people” shit, because you appear just as ignorant as the people you’re upset with.

            • My reply was to Anon 22:32, which happens to be my waist and length. Lol…Anywho, I’m not hear to argue. I meant what I said. I’m so sick of the people saying what’s too black. Bump that. God is way more powerful. Be you. Cause I’m doing me.

            • I am happy I come from a generation where everyone is trying to be different. It’s going to be hard to beat out names like,Rocket Man, Apple, Blue Ivy, North West, Rebel
              and Harley.

              Then your poor child walk in the door with a name like “Dick.” Lol

    • The bible says we’re to be fruitful and multiply so,what’s wrong with having kids male or female?Stop falling for Esau’s Divide and Conquer Tactics.What business is it of there’s what we do as a group?FCK them.

  23. Blame herself! She was a childless woman who chose a man with three baby mommas to procreate with. There are over 3 billion men on the planet and this is the one she chose. She is an accomplished woman in her field; rich, beautiful, and healthy and she could not find a decent engineer, pharmacist, doctor, architect, not one decent professional man to make a life with. She willingly posed up in a picture with his babymothers, and thought she would be treated differently. She should take her place in the line with the other sister ‘wives’. An ounce of wisdom is greater than anything else in this universe.

    • I’m in the corner with a church fan screaming “Preach”! Ciara played herself by settling for a man who is a satistic: bastardizing multiple children with various women. She thought she was special but instead made herself another Damn statistic: Yet ANOTHER black woman bringing children into the world out of wedlock!

  24. She’s spoiled goods now he don’t wanna wife that!
    It’s onto a young virgin for him lol

    • Honest Truth!!! Future came, he saw and he conquered so now he will start hunting again. Future knocked up his “dream girl” and she will forever be tied to him through their child. Men can be very fickle that way at times. I doubt he was ready for this baby so soon anyways.

  25. He BLATANTLY practices polygamy right in her face and she accepted that bullshit now wants to marry him? GIRL BYE!!!!!!

  26. Why are chicks always taken by surprise only AFTER bastard breeding? Once them babies come the relationship is done! How many times must this be repeated for Black women especially to get a clue?!

  27. I struggle to feel pity for Ciara, though she seems a bit lost. Of course she got along with Future’s harem; that was when she thought she was victorious and somehow different from them. Also she has been spending time with Kim K. I really do hope that she realises that there are different rules for Black Women?? Her single motherhood is not going to be quite as well regarded as Kim’s eventual single motherhood.

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