Michael Rapaport Challenges ‘Shit Stain’ Spike To Pay What He Weighs

Michael Rapaport vs Spike Lee

“Yo, you do Air Jordan commercials and all of that…put that into your film.”

Not only is Michael Rapaport not buying the love Spike Lee professes for the poor people of NYC, he’s calling out the ‘Do The Right Thing’ director for possibly using his gentrification talks to his own film budget benefit. Rapaport says he’s already proven where his heart lies… explaining that he didn’t make any money off of his Tribe Called Quest documentary, even though he put his own money into the film.” Now, he’s checking Spike to do the same.

Spike likes to pop sh*t… Put your money where your mouth is, Yo.”

You’ll recall… Spike Lee’s gentrification speeches sparked Rapaport to slam the director as a hypocrite. Know why? He says Spike shouldn’t be talking about poor people in Brooklyn because he lives on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, adding that it’s good that once-abandoned neighborhoods have gotten better. Spike fired back calling Rapaport “stupid”… adding the actor “doesn’t know what he’s f*cking talking about”… and discounted Rapaport’s talents as a director.

Here’s the latest:

“The other thing about that little shit stain Spike is he’s getting personal calling me stupid and all that shit…He thinks I’m a bad director? When’s the last Spike Lee film you saw?,” Rapaport asked host Marc Lamont Hill.

After Hill hesitated, Rapaport responded, “Exactly. That’s my point. Nobody goes to see them shits. And that’s why he was on Kickstarter. If Spike really cared about his movies. If he really wanted to get that movie made and it was a million dollar budget, put it up yourself. If you really believe in it, don’t give away buttons and T-shirts from Girl 6. No one wants that shit, put the money up yourself. Take out a mortgage on your house. 

Spike likes to pop shit, but he doesn’t like anybody saying anything back to him. And you know all that, ‘You’re stupid and the movie sucks,’ I’m going to see him sooner or later. I want to see him say, ‘You’re stupid and your movie sucks’ right to my face.”



    • I agree…Spike Lee thinks he has a right to say what he likes about black affairs just because he’s black (I Think he’s black anyway). I’m glad somebody took his a$$ to task.

  2. Hush rappaport spike maynlive in manhattan but his parents keep it trill and live in a gentrified fort green. He could afford to keep up with the proerty tax

    • Yes but Spike himself is on the Upper East side, bae…in a 10,000 square foot castle thing that was originally built for a Vanderbilt. Not exactly gentrification since he’s black ,but he’s still a damn hypocrite. I’m glad someone told him off

      • This is the most moronic statement. Bcz he lives in Manhattan he cant speak on Brooklyn’s poor? Dude made it, why the f*ck should he be living in the projects? And yall fools lettin rapport get off on someone who has done plenty for Brooklyn(movies bring jobs and money to the places they are filmed) and black ppl in general. What was the last rapport movie yall went to see?

    • But lets keep it trill the block spike family lives on in the Fort was never a live block they not from myrtle side

      • So it is a badge of honor to be a ghetto hood ni&&er?

        Like street ni**ers ever did anything for the hood. If anything ghetto street low life on the corner ni**ers only tore the hood down so that gentrification could displace the black folk with white and make the joos rich.

        Hood ni**ers, you’ve been peeped, and we all unimpressed.

  3. spike is a coon in african attire with those rose colored glasses painted, he can’t talk about tyler, he aint shyt neither, spike has not had a decent movie since malcolm x, let it go, he has money all that damn money nike has given him, where are the schloarships of those he has helped, no one, he is an arrogant,coon, fool who time has passed and can not make a good movie even if he tried, the last movies he made have been remakes, who does that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • SBM I don’t think this is about black vs. white. It’s about one shitty nerdy
        director who thinks he has monopoly on anything black and yet he keeps
        making one shitty movie after another. When was the last time you
        enjoyed a spike lee movie? I don’t even watch his shit anymore. The only
        reason no one wants to call spike for what he is – a crappy director- is
        because he always uses the race card. If you’re shitty, you’re shitty. We ain’t calling you shitty coz your black. It’s just that you’re smelling the part
        spike shitty lee.

  4. Oh sheeeeeiiiiid……those sound like fighting words but does he expect Spike to still be living in the hood?…..I live in Park Slope. I’m not trying to live in the hood either and I still care about poor people.

    • I f*cking LOVE Park Slope….Christies! Two boots! Prospect park. My college boyfriend! Lol

      • I know that’s right. Park Slope is a wonderful neighborhood but that F train sucks……lol.

        • Im so Brooklyn that I remember when park slope was the hood a lot of f*cking drugs sold over there

          • Girl that’s on some back in the day shiz forreal, right. Fort Greene was rougher then too. Talk about gentrification!!!Now we can barely afford to buy in what used to be our part of Brooklyn. Me, I’ma bed stuy baby. But even there is more upscale now. My cousin just got a falling down brownstone w busted windows and its a bargain because it was about 700k.

            • I heard Bed-stuy will be the next Park Slope..pretty soon there will be no more hoods in NYC.

            • I’m from L.A. and its kinda nice to read some of these comments from you guys recalling the fond memories of growing up in “your” hood.. I feel the same about mine. With all the mess we witnessed, it still felt like love and it was home and it was NORMAL living for us regardless.

          • That’s what I heard about Park Slope back in the day now it’s stroller moms and yuppies and $2000 one bedroom apartments…if you’re lucky.

            • Man for us that were here and old enough to remember all of NYC was the f*cking ghetto from Harlem to Chinatown from Coney Island to East NY was all crime and drug infested gentrification didn’t start in Harlem or in the Stuy its been going on since the late 80’s crack era ppl seem to forget how much of a shit hole Hell’s Kitchen was ppl also forget how bad it was over on the upper west side blacks should have been paying attention and seen this coming and tried to hold down our neighborhood a lil better I’m not mad at these areas for cleaning up but I don’t like that the rent is outrageous but that just means I gotta hustle harder to maintain and I don’t like these snobby ass yuppies that think they control something that’s why when I encounter them I give them that real Brooklyn attitude just to shake them up some

            • Yes. Remember what a hole the kitchen and times square were. I wasn’t even supposed to walk through there, especially not Port Authority , haha. My parents thought Sweet Daddy Williams was gonna get me, lol

  5. I love Spike Lee’s film, but man I also love the truth that Michael R. is speaking also, but it’s Hollyweird fault for not allowing Spike Lee to direct a Jackie Robinson film which he was supposed to do after Malcolm X and the James Brown Bio Pic which he was going to do as early as 2009, but the producer lost the option to do the film with Lee attached to direct it

  6. The toughest part of being a celebrity is motherf*ckers with no skin in the game get to pass judgment on what you do to eat. Some celebs only get paid between once and six times a year but here come somebody with something to say. It’s easy for mike to pop shit now he just finished three seasons on justified on fx. Spike does talk outta both sides of his mouth but I wouldn’t finance no movie outta my pocket either. Tell Remy Busta and Omar is lookin fo his ass.

  7. I mean would you walk up to a big cockstrong garbage man and start clownin the man cus he gotta work around trash all day? Tell him that he stink? Hell naw u wouldn’t. Celebs gotta listen to that stupid shit. We all contradict ourselves from time to time. We grow. We learn. We get more information. This is a non issue for that reason.

    • Spike Pee is actually a pee stain! Anyway, Spike was and still is an overrated director. About 95 percent of his movies are snooze fests! I think a lot of people were on Ecstasy when they gave Spike’s movies positive reviews!

      • I actually love School Daze , Crooklyn, She’s gotta have it and Miracle at St. Annas but Spike has lost his edge. Too busy hatin on other directors. He needs to get his mind right.

        • …….She played the hell out of Uniqua!

          G Money: I knew I shoulda treated you like a high-priced ho.

  8. DAMN! That white boy called him OUT what he gonna say now?? Hes gotta say something!

  9. Thank you, Tony. Michael Rappaport is a piece of shit who runs with other white pieces of shit from Brooklyn who constantly engage in the appropriation of the Black culture. They use the n-word and think they’re “down” with Black people when all they’re really doing is profiting from their exploitation of our race. Fuck Michael Rappaport and any of his sympathizers.

    • Aren’t you that asshole that was on here defending Lyndon B. Johnson a couple of weeks ago? The same Lyndon B. Johnson that said “I’ll have them niggers voting Democratic for the next two hundred years?” Yeah, Rappaport’s the exploiter. Fuck you, f*ck every one of your silly posts, and f*ck YOUR sympathzers.

      • I don’t need to defend LBJ, fag. I know the relationship LBJ had with my Black family. My grandparents stayed at his ranch. My grandfather conversed with him while my grandmother conversed with Lady Bird. They were kind to my family. LBJ was also working on helping another one of my relatives who worked for him so the brotha could be in business for himself. Not a single [you know] is given about what you think about me or my feelings about people who have been a blessing to my family. My account doesn’t come from a history book, but rather my 90-year-old grandmother. Be glad there are people who are still alive who can share momentous occasions relating to historical figures.

        • Far from it. Maybe you’re mad because your family history is nonexistent, but I come from a wonderful family. My grandfather was such a brilliant man. I wish he could’ve been cloned before he passed away because there will never be another like him.

    • He’s a fake joo, a lowlife, are you surprised?

      I wish he would call me that. I would become Hitler incarnate on his lowlife fake joo azz!

  10. Still waiting for the spike lee educational scholarship for black mamas returning to school. Just a thought.

  11. Mike Rapport!! thinks that he can makes a damn film about a very popular Neo soul -group!! somehow he’s qualified to talk about one of our greatest black filmmakers!! Fuck him &that dirty filthy infested boat that his ancestor came in on!! Ask him if his documentary is a National Registry of Greatest Films EVER MADE!!(MALCOLM X)at the Library of congress!!! tell Mike to go sit his wanted be a BLACK MAN ASS DOWN!! So when you see spike want the f*ck do you plan on doing? Another white man who feels entitled to throw threats at a black man to a black man!! Without any fear of repercussions!!BTW nobody was checking for his ASS!! Until he tried to act in BAMBOOZLED!! ! A SPIKE LEE JOINT!!

    • I loved it too. It wasn’t your typical urban flick at the time it came out and the interracial element with a white boy and black girl was edgy.

  12. I will say this once & I will say this again. We are mostly responsible for Gentrification in Back neighborhoods. The grandparents work hard to buy their house but the kids & grandkids don’t take care of it. Don’t cut the yard, paint, pay the property taxes, start to sell drugs out of the house. Then we want to get mad When White/Hispanic people see these gorgeous homes and high property values and fix the homes up and actually care about the neighborhoods. PAY YOUR PROPERTY TAXES. Can’t be mad because people had sense & smarts & we don’t. We don’t care about our neighborhoods. We wait on the White people to do it for us

    • Where did I see this comment, verbatim? Was it on Sandra Rose’s website or was it here?

      • That comment was brilliantly posted here in the Chicago thread last week by the same contributor.

    • I’m going to have to disagree with your comment. You have no idea how many Black people were wealthy and owned land and property during the early 1900’s. My grandfather had thousands of acres of land stolen from him by white relatives of his father and his Black mother. My grandmother also had a lot of land, cattle, horses, etc. Her land was stolen from her as well. Thankfully, she still has land that she leases her mineral rights out for.

      Theft is the reason why a lot of us don’t have our rightful entitlements. If it isn’t loan officers or banks, it is relatives or unscrupulous businesspeople.

      • This country was owned by GOLD CAPITAL-RICH Blacks and Red Indians. Red Indians are the AMALGAMATED offspring of AfRAkans and Chinese. Therefore, the Red Indian is not the original inhabitant. In the meantime, the criminals from Europe came over, waged war and continue land grabs up to this day.

        My family owned acres of land in the South and were defrauded and looted from ownership. Some family members get a check for ‘mineral rights’ on land they were able to hold onto.

        • You are a complete f*cking dummy who should shut the hell up.Chinese people are Moab of the bible who come from incest of The Prophet Lott having sex with his daughter.So,how the hell could Indians come from Chinese people when they themselves come from black people whom were Israelites BTW,not no stinking Africans.Whoever believes a word of what you write is foolish just like you are.Go and FCK yourself and stop spreading lies!FOH!

          • Native American Indians are Israelites that come from the Tribe of Simeon and The Tribe Of Gad.Learn some real history before you spread lies like saying Indians come from Chinese and stink Africans.How the FCK can one group come from two desperate groups of people?Does that make common sense to you @Stupid Dooks?!With a name like DaisyDooks all that says to me is that you carry a Yeast Infection..Sit your 5Dollar Ass Down!

            • Hehehehe. BA, you black Israelites sure believe in some super ignant shit. Hahahahahahahahahahah. LMFAO. What next? Black and Indian aliens? GTFOH!

      • B. Land has been stolen and stolen again from us, but millions of Blacks have owned & kept property. My grandparents bought their house in 1950 & the four kids (my dad included) still have it. My dad lives in the house. Now the houses down the street all raggedy, boarded up. Those homes were owned by black people. They were neglected, taxes unpaid and that is nobody’s fault but those property owners. I’m only talking about Black people that owned homes & property that neglected them and that is nobody’s fault but them & their heirs. We have to keep up with our business & be knowledgeable & Stop using being black as an excuse for not being knowledgeable. Can’t nobody do it but us

        • I feel you, and I completely understand, but I also feel Daisy Dooks’ “pain,” because so many of our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents have been defrauded of our land and property. I have heard of situations where people lost real estate that went back several generations because of financial mismanagement, and the amount they lost the property over was minor.

          • Yes my family lost land about four generations ago. My aunt sold my great-great grandmother’s house for nothing. (Grandmother was mad bout tat) We’ve been swindled. I’m not talking about black people that lost property. I’m talking about the ones whom have/had property. But what is the excuse for black people that owned their property outright and didn’t take care of it? What was their reason for chipped paint boarded up, house old cars on the lawn, un-mowed grass? Let me put it to you this way. he you defecate the White man doesn’t wipe behind you. The White man will not take care if you own property. That is for you to do, taxes & all. We find the money for everything else you can find money to keep up your property. Cities won’t put money in black neighborhood because we don’t care. We have to start caring.

  13. Still wanting on AMERICA to pay those blacks slaves descendants & victims of Tulsa Oklahoma 1921 or Rosewood 1928 back for all the free labor & the destruction of black wealth

  14. I don’t care for spike at all but I do agree with the things he said about gentrification but at the same time spike was in position to buy buildings and houses in neighborhoods throughout Brooklyn when they was dirty cheap in the 90’s but he didn’t

    • Everyone doesn’t view RE as a sound investment, nor does everyone want the responsibilities that come with RE ownership. Spike has what he wants, so who is Michael Rapaport to tell Spike how to spend Spike’s money? There was a Kickstarter campaign to fund a Veronica Mars movie. Why can’t Spike use Kickstarter to fund his next project?

      • Yeah I totally understand that ppl don’t wanna deal with being a landlord but then don’t complain about the new owners and I feel where Rapaport is coming from when he say if its a million spike need to make his movie then make it stop begging and complaining there’s nothing wrong with investing in urself if spike wanna use kickstarter that’s his business I don’t give a f*ck cause I’m not really a fan of spike or his work

        • The discussion isn’t about landlords, but about certain races or ethnicities of people systematically being moved from their neighborhoods to make way for white people. Look at the gentrification in Harlem. As long as Harlem was predominately Black, there was no concern for preserving the area. Once the State of NY realizes that white people can’t all afford to live in Manhattan, they clean up Harlem, have Bill Clinton relocate his office and the white folks come flocking. That’s why Bush allowed those levies to break in NOLA. I knew white people would come in and buy those distressed properties for pennies on the dollar. Black folks stay asleep.

          • The Gentrification happened in NC and SC along the coast after Hurricane Hugo, like on Cape Fear. Its a resort community now.

          • So true, lived that shit.

            But the police, politicians (esp. black) allowed things to get so dangerous by criminal black thugs that the good folks had to throw in the towel.

            Now combine that with the fake joos who paid ni**ers to burn buildings down and used the mafia to use ni**ers to sell the dope, and any kind of money (Harlem Empowerment Zone) that was supposed to help small business went to Charlie Rangel’s cronies, then Harlem was ripe for being conquered.

            Our enemies are right next door, just on the fake joo payroll.

        • The same gentrification is taking place in Inglewood, CA. The Forum is open again. The people who own Madison Square Garden bought it dirt cheap from a Black church that paid 4-5x more and couldn’t make the payments. Century Blvd. has a lot of restaurants and stores that eluded the area for decades, to appeal to the white Hollywood Park patrons. Now that the racetrack is gone, we may have a football arena in Inglewood. I think some billionaire purchased the racetrack and is planning on building a new stadium. Next, white people will move back into the area since the homes are nice and much less expensive than West LA and Beverly Hills. Give it maybe 5 years.


  16. First we need to stop taking the white man’s side when speaking against our Black people – we need to stop this shit!!! We should never cosign another race for disrespecting our own race! We should always show a united front! Spike is right about gentrification. But what people don’t know is that they won’t sell the property to our people for dirt cheap because then we would become financially stable and well off. The white man does not want this. I have know my Black people trying to buy distressed properties to bring back life in our neighborhoods for us, and the city refuses to sell, or if they do allow the sell they jack the price up so high, and change the rules, which is bs. Its like Bill Cosby with buying NBC they change the rules constantly. Then they turn around and sell the properties to the white folks for nothing.

    In order to stop this gentrification we have to come together so that the properties in our neighborhoods are not lost for pennies. We need our own lawyers, our own communities to come together and help our seniors and families keep their homes fixed up so the city does not site them for unkept property making them have to pay heavy fines with money they don’t have. This is how the process of gentrification begins – low income people don’t have the money to make repairs on the home – the city fines them huge fees, late fees, penalties etc. then they seize their property.

    As long as you continue to side with the white man and go against your own, the white man’s agenda is done – divide and they will conquer. Whether you agree or not don’t cosign with the white man and go against your own, it is a disgrace!!

      • Ok so you feel like phuck him – still don’t side with the white man, and I hope you feel the same way about the white folks as you do Spike cause you know they would never stand up and take up 4 you or your family either!!!

    • We cannot do that when the black man is the murderer, rapist, mugger, crack head and when he get a few coins he run to the YT woman (or YT man) to wife up.

      Or the joo man pays him to call his women bitches and hoes. He take care of his mulatto kids and leave his black kids in the ghetto.

      Unity? Seriously, unity?

    • 15:14:

      Preach! Not only do Black people, especially Black families, need to own land, we need other investments. People always speak of stocks, bonds and mutual funds, but they conveniently fail to mention art. Lichtenstein, Basquiat, Dali, Warhol, Haring all have pieces that do not require millions of dollars to purchase. If people would research art, they could become wealthy literally overnight by investing in the right pieces by the right artists.

      • Spike Lee had the opportunity to purchase homes in Brookyln for dirt cheap during the early to mid nineties. Why he never took advantage of the opportunity is beyond me! Instead of splurging or stupid material items he should of thought about his precious BK first! What a whiny douche!

        • Ed:

          How do you know what Spike was spending his money on? In the early 90’s, I remember Spike opening stores called Spike’z Joint. My mom took me to the store opening on Melrose Ave. in L.A. I met Spike there and he autographed one of his store’s baseball caps for me, which I still have. He was entrepreneurial, trying to do something that no other director has ever done. People really need to research the man rather than criticize him because they would’ve spent his money differently than he did.

    • You are wasting your time with these broke down Nyggas that log onto this site and that is the real …their mentality cannot hold anything intelligent …they rise everyday to BASH that is their FIX …a bunch of hating dummy bears

    • And he stays tearing us down, how can he say he doesn’t believe in reparations for slavery but then give them to the Japanese Americans for America putting them in concentration camps?

  17. Speak truth to power Spike. LOL @ all these coons in here riding with this racist ass cracker.

  18. LMAO..I am betting most of them are black ..the knee grow has become the most pathetic stain within his OWN community all he does is BASH others that look like him and will ride the white mans coat tail for years while pulling the crabs trying to rise back into the barrel ..It is sad that as far as we have come we have actually gotten NOWHERE …extreme backwards because now we turn and talk about each other …

  19. I don’t think this is about black vs. white. It’s about one shitty nerdy director who thinks he has monopoly on anything black and yet he keeps making one shitty movie after another. When was the last time you enjoyed a spike lee movie? I don’t even watch his shit anymore. The only reason no one wants to call spike for what he is – a crappy director- is because he always uses the race card. If you’re shitty, you’re shitty. We ain’t calling you shitty coz your black. It’s just that you’re smelling the part spike shitty lee.

  20. Unh unh. Hell no. Who the f*ck said that spike is a great director? Great disappointment maybe. I’d rather watch Tyler Perry’s coonery and buffoonery than spike’s shitty movies anytime.

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