Singer Mat McHugh: ‘Will I Am is not a musical genius… Just a corporate mouthpiece.”

Could’s corporate deal be coming close to its expiration date? I don’t know, but The Voice token seems to quickly be turning transparent. Just ask singer Mat McHugh, who has called out as a machine-made fraud!

The Aussie music man’s drop doesn’t come to us as a surprise. Know why? Back in February 2010, HSK was the first to report as a ripoff artist. Don’t believe me… Just ask Phoenix Phenom.

Peep what Mat McHugh just put out there:

“Will I Am (sic) is not a musical genius… Just a corporate mouthpiece. Ronald Reagan probably invented him in a lab in the 80s while eating a Big Mac.”


  1. He telling the truth. That’s what these black koons get for casting pearls before swine.

  2. Lol how is some clown from Australia telling the truth? Will I am was making. That real hip hop on his first album no one bought it. So he dumbed his music down. That’s not selling out.that’s a I got eat . Whites do it all the time.

    • In agreement

      Black Eyed Peas were always seen as too european for people here in the US to support then. So he took it to Europe and became popular.

      He never got the US black vote in the first place. So it amazes me when people talk about the dude ‘selling out’.

    • Thank you, Anon. I’ve known about Will since he was Will One X. He tried to come out as a conscious rapper during the onset of gangster rap. If I recall correctly, he was signed to Ruthless Records. He had to change his style in order to be accepted in the industry, which he did. Not only is he a kind person, he is extremely community oriented. Will hails from East L.A. He has never stopped reaching back and giving to the Black and brown children in his old community. To hell with what haters say.

  3. Yes, Tony! The Neptunes were referred to as The Korgs because Pharrell was notorious for using already made beats on Korg keyboards, tweaking them and selling them. Pharrell has also stolen several unknown producers’ beats and been sued on several occasions for such. People love him, but I question his professional integrity.

  4. Australia Is A Racist Place Black People Do’t Waste Your Hard Earned Money…………

    As For Sellout Coon Will.I.Am He’s In Love With A Racist!!!!!!!

    White People Are Getting Brazen They Think They Can Talk About The Black Community!!!

    • This Aussie Is Ungrateful Will.I.Am Mostly Work With White People…….He Should Of Just Shut The Phuck Up And Bitten His Lips
      But Instead He Blabbed!!!!

      Some Black Producer Are Sellout They Will Help White People To Be Success Not Their Own Kind!!!!

  5. Don’t cosign with people when they are disrespecting and talking negatively about our own race. Don’t help them with their agenda against our own people – damn!!!

    • I hate the Blacks who kill Black people in Chicago, and Blacks who sell drug in their community. Does that mean you don’t cosign that statement?

  6. “I liking it to being an great CEO who can’t do shit for himself,but has a impeccable eye for recruiting the best and the brightest.” That’s a true statement anonymous 14:27,these people are all in the industry. Jay Z is a perfect example of that statement.

    • Anyone can run a Fortune 500. It’s decided at Bohemia Grove or Bildeberg. It is not like a real job. If you fail, you just go to the next Fortune 500, with your 8 figure share option as a thank you.

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