Chyna Plans to Expose Rob Kardashian Secrets On October 27…

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are still into it behind the scenes. The reality trash are now spilling tea on one another in
court. Rob Kardashian filed a civil complaint against Chyna, accusing her of using drugs, being a bad parent and being abusive. Rob claims Chyna “strangled” him soon after she gave birth. Rob’s sister Kylie Jenner went on record in the complaint, claiming Chyna trashed her home.

Chyna supposedly will file a counter spilling Rob’s tea. The counter complaint will be filled with a lot of secrets that
the public doesn’t know about along with some information that may be disturbing according to reports. When it comes to
Kardashians and Blac Chyna it’s no telling what might come out. The suit will be filed by October 27, one month
after Kardashian slapped her with his own lawsuit. At least according to

“Chyna is gathering all of her evidence, making sure her story is solid and better than the one that Rob told,” the source continued. “She’s going to wait until the end of the deadline to file her suit. She has about three more weeks.”

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    • Go too many trust issues with women who just wanna baby mama check??And this site just keep on confirming ??‍♂️

    • Earlier days when they were shopping for black sycophants to follow Kim around and BC was perfect. Then they set their eyes on her loser BF not knowing he was broke. BC was probably mad and got her revenge.

  1. I have been done with Rob and China every since he posted on Instagram about when you are having oral sex and your girl tells you it’s that time of the month and you don”t care o_O!

    Smh I wouldn’t be surprised at anything that comes out about him behind that mess.

  2. That “time of the month” post was to deflect the fact that he’s a homo. Yes, he’s a homosexual.

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