Nelly Arrested for Rape

nelly arrested rape

Nelly was arrested Saturday morning for an alleged sexual assault that happened during a tour stop in Washington state.

The Auburn Police Department said a woman called 911 at 3:48 a.m. Saturday and said she was raped by Nelly. After a police investigation, the rapper was taken into custody.

Nelly has since been released from custody and he has not been charged yet. His lawyer called the allegations, “completely fabricated” and “scurrilous.”


  1. Why did he pick her up in Seattle? I saw the concert video where he has the Becky on stage playing with her hair. What is wrong with him! Black men have been murdered for less!

  2. Celebrity status does not exempt you from poor judgment Nelly. People forget that these entertainers are human being capable of stupid shit. and bad decisions.
    If a chick is drunk, or on a tour bus, in a club, at the movies in a grocery store, office, walking home….. that is not a green light to assault her.
    Women and Dudes especially need to make better decisions, if you’re out and about and a situation looks sketchy, take a minute to think, ’cause things can go left Real fucking quick.
    Do women lie about being assaulted? Yes, some do for profit or something else; but not All women lie about being raped.
    If this truly happened, I hope there is justice. If it’s a scam, I hope there is justice and a lesson learned.

  3. All Pussy aint good pussy. These niggas need to learn.
    Be more selective. Tour Bus pussy probably aint a good idea.

  4. Nelly, we dont know how to have sympathy for you. This is dumb. You been in the game this long and still aint figured out hoes need to be paid or they crying rape.

    • Agreed. He should’ve done the Jeter move with the ‘Luxury Gift Bag’ thousand dollar purse filled with goodies and be done with it.

      Business is business- a ho expects to be paid no matter how much ‘celeb’ you have.

  5. why rape when he get free pussy…shit aint adding up…..who did he done pissed of?

    • He pissed off the white bitch who “couldn’t get none”… Modus Operandi: He’s not paying me any attention so let me create a rape story for some… Sound familiar?

    • You all act like every woman wants to fuck a celeb, NOT TRUE!

      There are men and YES EVEN CELEBS who think they can overpower anyone and TAKE what they want… BS.

      If a woman tells you NO that is what the fuck she means.

      Since every detail of this story is not out, I’ll wait to hear it, before ASSuming anything.

  6. nelly dont need to be raping when there groupies are willing to give up free pussie….people commenting without knowing what that happen

    • exactly the same thing that you are doing…. here posting comments without really being there either. LOL

  7. Looks like Nelly is going to suffer the dame fate as Mystikal. I don’t feel sorry for him; No means no!

  8. Rumor has it he is a coke head and a gambler. Addicted to both. When you high ass giraffe pussy your subject to fuck up.

  9. Nelly been doing drugs guess since he ain’t selling records no more and he completely fucked over his artists last time anybiody on his label.had a album

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