Chris Brown Finds Home Intruder Naked In His Bed

Chris Brown Intruder

Police were called to Chris Brown’s home in Agoura Hills, CA last night after Chris returned from Las Vegas and found a naked woman in his bed.

After calling the police Chris took to Instagram and described what happened.



    • Actually felt sorry for her. She is pretty with thick natural hair. Did he really have to post her pic? Can’t help feeling it demeans black women somehow, or maybe I’m reading too much into it. As someone said in another site, he probably would have hit it if she was his “type”.

      • Chris is black!!

        He’s type is weak light skinned toasties with no class!, Black Women are getting pushed aside like trash all because these
        color struck motherf*cker are having non-Black Women in Their shitty music video

        Kendrick Lamar is a fake, now He’s parading around with some weak light skinned toastie, thought He was down for the Sistsa?? guess not!

        • Being light doesn’t make a person less Black, none of us were allowed to sit at the counter back in the day. I hope you aren’t calling ALL light complexioned women weak. People are ridiculous with this complexion bullshit.

          • Well said Cheese.
            CB/Woman who cares/Lovable Fruits has a serious issue with skin tone. I actually feel sad for her, because I am certain that she has suffered through a lot of pain behind her comments. But it’s just so divisive to continue to harp on the subject.

        • all these black guys say the same THING THEY DOWN FOR THEIR SISTERS AND PEOPLE YEAH RIGHT UNTIL MONEY COMES IN and then women of different races throw p*ssy at them.

          a lot of these black guys never dated outside their race until they got money and fame.

          Terrell owens admitted this.

      • You’d be surprised exactly what “type” he likes if you really believe he would not be have sex with dark women .Most have a image to maintain so their “people” arrange for them to be with a certain “type” .Behind closed doors no telling what their actually “type” is .

  1. Who is surprised by this? Chris hates dark skinned black women but yet they all love him. I don’t support him and never will.

      • Yes you are right, it was a huge generalisation. I myself am dark skinned and do not love him in the least.

    • I thought it was Tyrese who famously dissed darker, richer tone women? I haven’t heard or read any negative comments from CB in this area. Any black man with a recording career who disrespects darker women HAS to be missing some brain cells. They must know that their audience is composed of the full range of shades.

  2. HUH!! Are yáll not seeing the fact that this crazy woman BROKE INTO his home….whether he likes black women or not, she lucky she din’t get her azz beat, cuz if it were me….she’d be a hurt, in jail BYTCH!!! ijs

    • Thank you!!! *applause*

      I thought it was just me… people are so ready to blame CB for everything gatdamn thing under the sun, that they don’t even care to recognize the fact that this bitch is BATSHIT CRAZY!!! She had to be f*ckin’ nuts to be chillin’ at his house (where she doesn’t live and was uninvited) and was STILL THERE when he got back… she’s lucky that she didn’t get shot!!

      What tha f*ck does him liking light skin vs. dark skin have to do with that??!

    • I agree she is sick and crazy. I did wonder for a second if she was his type if he would have slept with her. But with the break in and vandalism I think he was scared out of his mind. But some how he managed to take a pic and post it. Why didn’t he have an alarm set on his home?

      • That’s what um saying, his neighbor calls the police on him every chance they get but someone breaks the doors off the hinges and spray paint your cars and don’t nobody call the police?!?

        And how did he take a pic with her all calm in shit, this is not adding up…..

  3. Am I the only wondering how he was able to take a photo of her, on the staircase. While she looks so calm…… I agree with everyone’s comments except @Huh!!!!

    • She’s so calm because she’s BATSHIT CRAZY!!!

      Look at her eyes… the lights are on, but no one is at home!!! *smh*

  4. She was dumb for breaking into the man’s house anyway and she is looking like so MK Ultra victims.

    • Remember Chris is also a MK Ultra victim as well so no telling what went down with this situation and what he actually remembers.One thing for sure these celebrities,their handlers/spokesperson and the media will spin a story and tell half truths.Ever wonder why all these stalkers have access to these rich folks home with so called good security? Wheres the security ? I believe this chick knew Chris and there’s more to the story.

  5. Oh, the one time he decides NOT to smack a b!*ch. all jokes aside, we need to pray for CHRIS as well and hope the “devil” didn’t send her and all that voo doo…

  6. this story is fake. The wording of the twitter post don;t sound right. He sounds forgiving yet, wont get her help? how can a mad person seek help by themselves. He sat her on the staircase to pose for the pic? Here put on this bedsheet let me snap a pic of you.

    So lets see pictures of the baby clothes she supposedly threw out, lets see pics of the ruined walls and cars to show how crazy she is if what you say is true.

    You live a wild lifestyle, roll with gangsters yet , your home is so secure that a female can lift the doors off the hinges and be in your home cooking several meals. No alarm, no house sitter.

    This story cries publicity stunt all over. Her eyes/ facial expression remind of the kid that shot up the batman theatre screening, the kid that shot up his mum’s school and the youngest of the boston marathon bombers

    • this makes a lot of sense. my only problem is why he had to cast a dark skin black woman as the unwanted crazy stalker lusting after him just so that he can put her down. afer all, there are loads of girls that look like his exes that he could have chosen…and after the stunt, they could actually hook up for real.

      • I agree this story sound like a PR plan concocted to garner Chris Brown positive attention through sympathy, but what you stated is the main point I have an issue with as well. It sounds like the publicist said, “In order for this to look believable we have to cast the deranged, VIOLENT, rapist/stalker as a DARK skinned black woman so that it feels and looks authentic.” This whole thing is very Charles Stuart-ish.

        • Her being a dark skinned black woman and the alleged “voodoo” angle isn’t lost on me either.

          • I don’t disagree with you Booski, but let s not forget that the women who are called out the most for being priestesses of Hoodoo and Voodoo are in actuality light(see Tina Knowles.)

          • Yes, I hadn’t thought of that. She is black and dark skinned?? Then she must be a voodoo high priestess trying to hex him!! Lol, Chris stereotyping his own race.

        • Had to look up Charles Stuart. Wondered at first what dead, ancient, English kings had to do with Chris Brown..and then I found the right Charles stuart 🙂

    • the daily mail says she is an aspiring singer..might be the reason she agreed to go along with it, thinking it will give her some exposure, after all, any publicity is good publicity.

      • That explains it, great observation anon. She’s a pretty girl so it’s sad she had to resort to something like this.

    • Smartest comment on here @23:59 you figured it out and I agree with you.Also glad you observed all the vacant soulless empty eyes of most of these mind controlled patsies.

    • I didn’t believe this story from the onset…not for one minute.
      No way that young lady broke into that house. She hasn’t bit more taken a door off the hinges in that place than any of us here on HSK. I bet this girl was a guest of one of Chris’ people who was there using the house while Chris was in Las Vegas. I’m sure there came a point where it was time for her to leave & it was thought that she had left the property when in fact she didn’t & hid out in a closet. This is a common occurrence in certain celebrity homes of that size. She also could have simply been told to let herself out. It’s mighty strange the alarm was never mentioned at all which means it was most likely was not set in the first place. I don’t believe this lady trashed his home either. Conveniently enough…we didn’t hear he posted any shots of the alleged “vandalism.” I can’t say for certain if this was a PR ploy or not but there is definitely more to this story than what’s been told thus far.

  7. That nigga better go find another voodoo priestess to break that spell she cast.

  8. And of course, that was the only pic they could find to use of her… And it doesn’t help that Chrissy has repeatedly made it clear in the past that he doesn’t like dark-skinned women… has – been.

    • definitely a has been, trying to let us know that no matter how much his star wanes, he ain’t desperate enough to start fancying dark skinned women.

      • Most women don’t want him anymore anyway, black women included. Running around with Fruity Pebble-colored hair. Sad. :/

      • ehhhh trey songz is the has been…..Chris has how many songs on the radio? and continually gains new young fans.. Does he dislike black women…yes he called Oprah and Gayle black bitches not just bitches lol

  9. sorry if a woman regardless of skintone breaks in my house you call the police.

    then cb said sahe wrote crazy voodoo chit on his walls very abnormal.

    somebody’s hexing cb.

    makes you wonder what type of chit is he involved in he loves wearing rainbow hair, got tats think hes a gangbanger and thug when we know hes really not.

    • I think that what folks were saying was that he would’ve have been AS upset if she had been a different color. Just going by stupid shit he’s said in the past. Either way, whatever he’s involved in, probably too late to get out now. Personally I call bullshit on the whole story. Taken close up pics of the “nutty voodoo chick” who broke into your house. GTFOHWTBS

  10. cb never dissed her complexion but yes she was crazy for breaking in his house and writing stuff on the wall.

    • Chris,

      Can we say “IF she broke into his home” because I swear I don’t believe the situation went down the way we’re being told it did. I may be right. I may be wrong but there is somethingseriously amist in the details.

  11. This is a shame for all dark women. Chris Brown wouldn’t piss on a dark skinned woman if she was on fire. Now regardless of why he has this “light is right” mentality, one has to question why a person who isn’t would want him. Self esteem is at an all time low and dark skin women took a loss after this incident.

    • One cracked-out woman beater does not have an affect on all dark-skinned women. He just needs rehab and a better PR team.

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