Terrence Howard Reps Funky: No Fresh, No Clean!

Terrence Howard Dirty

Terrence Howard may lead a successful Empire on TV, but that doesn’t mean he keeps it ‘fresh n’ clean.’ Our source spills a dirt trail that reveals Howard’s bad hygiene! EWWWW

“Terrence has a bad body odor because he often doesn’t shower for five days or more.”

Now let’s Roll out the red carpet for King Grit! Word has it that He [Terrence] does nothing more than wipe with baby wipes. “He doesn’t shower on the reg,” our source explains. “May Seng Yang was grossed out when she saw his dirty drawers!”

The Dirt:

“He walks around in sh*tty underwear and he acts like he’s scared of water. He doesn’t wash up after sex, he just puts his clothes back on.”


  1. Um, what is this? Get at Howard week? His wife is bitter, she knew what the deal was with him. Does she honestly think that we will give a shit about her financial problems? Go tell it on the mountain Hun, you might get more sympathy.

    • LOL thank you for speaking the truth, she knew about him before she married him..
      She got what she wanted and she best to STFU, or something terrible might happen to her nasty ass. She is a disgusting scorn woman, I’m a woman too, but women or whores like her makes me SICK.. Ummmm she just don’t know, most don’t care what they, I only like his acting.. His personal life is not my business.. She needs to go back, where ever the hell she came from.. I don’t care what she says.. She married him in spite of his shitty under wears.. It’s

      • Yeah she is probably the type of Asian woman that looks down her nose at black women and calls all black people, ‘black devils’ – or is that just the Koreans? Anyway, give it up Kym Suck Dong (or whatever her name is) you lost –

  2. I don’t care for him but I really do not believe this story. A guy who is so particular about dating women with the right personal hygiene and bathroom routines (for instance, whether they use wipes or just tissue), must be pretty particular about his.

  3. Whether or not this is true, women are still in line for this funky, sadist, woman beater. If his wife is putting this out here, then she is definitely showing the world that she is a Golddigger by putting up with this shit. No sympathy for any woman who dates men whose business is out there for the world to read about.

    • Isi agree with you 100%. She lived his shitty ass, so she can just fade back to where she came from..

  4. that is what happens when You sellout coon’s marry non Black Women!!

    name Me 1 Black Women who publicity bashed Her Black Husband??

    the difference between Black Women and Non Black Women is, Black Women have been taught how to respect and love Their spouse
    Black Women have more sense because Black Women are mentally stronger than Non Black Women

    White,Asian,Latino’s are weak as oatmeal, They haven’t got no b(l)ack bone unlike Black Women

    but still You uncle tom’s Re-place Black Women with White Women, then White Women will buy stupid items (that She doesn’t need)

    all and all White, Asian, Latino Women are gold diggers

    • This is a generalized statement. IMO. I’ve met some ride or die white and latina, and black chicks. Also, there are white, latina, and black chicks that will sell their man out in a heartbeat. It just depends on the person, A WOMAN can only take but so much.

      • what You said is somewhat true but, White Women aren’t there for the long haul!
        Their only there for one thing only the Dick!! and the Money, once all the Dick and Money dries out it’s “See You Later Sucker”

        White Women aren’t programmed to be “Ride or Die Chicks” more like “Ride The Dick Chicks”

        once They got caught They will sing like a canary and get Their Black Boyfriend’s arrested!!!

        there are some weak Black Women but They haven’t be taught probably

  5. What is this Smear Terrance Howard week? This is starting to look suspect. I can’t stand a witch hunt. This story is flat out mean and trifling. I realize I are on a gossip site, but considering last week’s news and pictures, it’s a bit harsh. Somebody wanting to take his shine from his success. I

    • Yes…a smer campaign in deed.
      I don’t even carw for Terrence Howard as an actor or a man but when he’s acting he’s usually on point & nothing can be taken away from him there but THIS latest nonsense seems to be no more than a pathetic low budget ineffective smear campaign. Somebody needs to get somewhere, sit down & sthu!

  6. *sigh* It must be a dry ass week for HSK. Between Him and Chris Brown is getting boring. In other news, let me go to You Tube and watch Tré Melvin videos. That bi-sexual dude will have U rolling! Waternelondrea Angelique TomatoTomatoe Fruitopia Jones! Lmao!

  7. I’m with DaRadiant. I’m just not that interested in Terrence Howard’s angry ex and her campaign to embarrass him. He’s on a certified #1 hit show, and she is peeing her pants with envy, so she’s firing back with some weak shit.
    Honey, it’s backfiring. I don’t ch care for “Terry”, but your adolescent mean girl ploy is making me feel for him and hate you.

  8. Dude really? A kartrasian app? On this site? Who’s reading now? Twelve year old girls? Wtf?

    • you know these ads are personalized to each user based on there search snd consumption patters, right? Those ads are served by 3rd parties.. Not HSK my friend!

      • Oh okay. I’m l’m glad you clarified that. I was very impressed that Four Seasons and Mandarin Oriental hotels were buying ad space on HSK. Now I know it’s just directed at me!

        I sure as hell am not getting any KKKartrashian shit. Mayve the person who is has some ‘splaining to do lol.

    • Now why would a mover and shaker like Ms Reg be on a underdeveloped site looking for tea or break a story ? … you fraud !

      • Now why would an Anonymous hater like you care why a mover and shaker like Ms Reg be on a underdeveloped site looking for tea or break a story ? … You jealous hater!!!

  9. terrance don’t take baths his business but his ex wives and sex partners tolerate it for cash.

    boy fame gets you p*ssy unheard of.




  10. Questions – Is this story and the other one (sex tape) for publicity? And if so, WHO does it benefit? The tv show Empire? The people who want Empire off the air? Are we supposed to look at Terrance (aka Lucious) differently now? The PTB have given us the audio and a visual of how they want us to view this man. I wish stars’ personal lives were never revealed. Their lives have become more the entertainment factor than their actual artistic skills. Damn!

    • I hear you, I think they are smearing him to make him agree to accept the contract. I could be wrong but wasn’t he asking for ore money or he would quit the show?

  11. whats next terrance sucks dildos the untold story.

    terrance liks to masturbate in women’s panties next week in hip hop weekly.

    terrance needs to go on jerry springer and tell the world what kind of freak he really is.

    jerry’s openminded he likesa when fags come out an crossdress on his show we know jerry and his entire bisexual freaky staff is sexing those fags, trannies, and prostitutes on there.

    maury povichs gay ass loved those drag shows oh baby you look good its what inside that counts right.

  12. Ok, how long were they married? I fhe was so nasty…then that makes YOU just as nasty for laying down with him, going out in public with him IF he had a foul odor about him….So check YOURSELF before you try slandering someone else. WHile you are trying to trash him it only makes you look like the SKUNK that you are. Why are you the FIRST to call this to anyones attention if it were true?
    Then too…WHY are you bringing this to anyones attention. If he wants to be nasty that would be his business nad no ones elses as NO ONE HAS TO PUT UP WITH IT…OH OH I forgot he has money!!!!
    Think about it for a minute…..

  13. Why would an Anonymous sicko like you give a shit what a mover and shaker like Ms Reg be doing on a underdeveloped site looking for tea or break a story ? … you jealous fool!

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