Amber Rose Exposes Kanye West Ghostwriter

Amber Rose was recently hosting a party at the Supperclub in Hollywood, when she told the crowd that Travi$ Scott is Kanye West’s ghostwriter.

Here’s what Amber Rose said:

“Stop playing n*ggas I used to f*ck, stop.

Why don’t we play the n*gga who writes the songs for the other n*gga, Travi$ Scott.”


  1. One question its 10pm do you know where your children are ?
    Nope coz your too busy selling puss n boots !
    Calling out kangay for not writing his on CRAP WHO CAREs ITS CRAP,
    At least he takes pics and spends some time with his compass I meant NW !! When’s the last time you seen her and her child …….. Women she isn’t a role model don’t follow a hoes path !

  2. Amber Rose probably has so much dirty on Kanye!! but She can’t talk about it
    that’s why She hints a lot about Kanye!

    many celebs can’t read or write because They left school at an early age, so They depend on ghost writers to help them!! sadly these ghosts writer’s don’t get no credit and they won’t get paid much as celebs

    Hollywood is very cut throat people will steal ideas and take credit, it’s really demonic!!

  3. You sound like a fool to think rappers cant read or write. Dont you know the top rappers are hand picked by the elite. They’re not choosing dummies. Kanye told you he was a college drop out, but guess what? He’s not.

    • yeah but that don’t mean everybody writes their own songs.

      lots of artists don’t write their songs Diana ross barely wrote any of her songs with or without the supremes.

      dr. dre never wrote a lyric In his life ask cube, ren, doc, snoop, rbx, and plenty others like knocturnal who should have gotten more spotlifht just for writing for dre.

      timbaland never wrote a damn lyric, we know eazy couldn’t write a song to save his life, birdman cant rap really.

      all these female rapperrs who got praise never wrote their lyrics.

      some artists cannot even write their lyrics until they gwet to a certain level in the music industry then they are allowed to write and produce their own material ask smokey, stevie wonder and liuonel Richie.

  4. this is what you get for f*cking ignorant ass hoes that have no visible means of support . If there is one truth in this universe its that black folks love to diss other black folks no proof needed anything will do . the more you have the more niggas hate you

      • her mom is her dads white.

        but if you don’t consider her black its your opinion.

      • obviously the poster i talking about these self hating negro bed wenches and coon ass n*ggas that are happy to believe in anything negative that is presented

  5. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Amber is aging at an accelerated rate (must be all that non black blood in her) and she is getting desperate…time ain’t on her side…what’s a working girl to do other than pull stunts like these?…………..

  6. Somebody shoulda beat that bitch ass for using the n word. Where the real Ns at?

  7. thought she was son in love with wiz then you see her with machine gun Kelly then she still dissing kanye then she wants to promotre prostitution she don’t know what she wants.

    confused bipolar ass dyke.

    don’t care what she knows about kanye seems like she miss him and wiz we’;ll let mgk eat her ass out like white boys do anyway.


    and whats up with scott phukking kendall.

  9. Garbage. Pure garbage. Kanye West should have left her in the dumpster from which he retrieved her worthless ass.

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