Chris Brown Disses Broke Fans Who Can’t Afford His Overpriced Clothing

chris brown broke fans black pyramid

Chris Brown’s fans felt his wrath over the weekend after they started complaining about the new overpriced  pieces in his clothing line.

Just days after telling fans the new clothing would be made “for the people,” and promising not to “rape” fans with high prices, the singer posted a Black Pyramid windbreaker priced at $98 on his Instagram feed…and his fans weren’t having it!

Breezy clearly has a different view on what an affordable price is, and instead of taking his fans’ complaints into consideration, he decided to clap back!

chris brown broke fans black pyramid
But it didn’t end there. He posted a video going in on his broke ass fans, and telling them if they can afford to buy 10-15 of his CDs, they should be able to afford one of his $70 shirts.


“Cry me a f***ing river. You b**** n****s killing over Jordans, waiting outside for Yeezys for days. My prices are H&M and ZARA prices. I’m not running for president nor did I say u had to buy anything. So like I always say, taste this fart I been holding in on this plane ride to Paris. S**theads,” ~ Chris Brown

This ain’t the way to get people to buy your overpriced clothing, dumb ass!



  1. ? WOW….but okay Chris Brown, no problem!!!!
    Now, for ALL the Chris Brown fans who felt they wanted to sport his clothing line goods or those who simply like his offerings & can afford it…. make all the purchases you want. The rest of the world should boycott his ass until the end of time. No CDs, no downloads, no concert tickets, no merch, no clothing purchases, no movie tickets, no meet & greet events….NOTHING!!! I can't believe he'd act so horrible at this stage of his life & career.

  2. His fall from grace will be spectacular because Karma don't play and it loves people like him.

    • LOL…best comment ever! I love it!!! Everybody get your popcorn. 50cent is on the list.

  3. Keep doing what you do Chris, its obvious these are not your fans complaining, these are mfers who want some attention!!!

  4. $70 dollar shirt with $6 of materials mass produced in a factory possibly outside the US by a kid wearing flip flops and a holey Coca Cola shirt. Smh if I had his money I wouldn't do anything extra except buy stocks and do good endorsements.Its greed plain n simple GREED

  5. Buy the black pyramid folks support the black cube from space support the anunaki and the aenead and the Olympians rise Lazarus

    • Thank you Chris but so many people are still asleep. This man wants people to pay him to represent evil and he’s mad because they are complaining about his prices being too high. What about that logo? O_O!!! And like clockwork if anyone questions it, puppets like him say people are just paranoid or nut jobs, there is no hidden agenda. Ooookayyyyy, if you are not a part of the hidden agenda then why use the symbolism?

      What’s sad is that more young people than you think will miss that fact and buy his clothing line anyway just to be able to say they can afford it.

      Kylie Jenner is making a killing doing the same exact thing. She constantly berates her fans for being poor but brags about them using their 1st of the month checks to buy her products to emulate her. Pure madness I tell you. I would not buy any of their products even if they were on clearance for 75% off.

    • You spoke the damne truth crazychris.
      "Black pyramid" sums up who is running the show : kosher owned illuminati demons and their non kosher illuminati slaves such as CB…
      I bet you my lunch money that all the benefits of his clothing line will end up in some bank in Israel and definitely not in CB's pocket and even less in american workers pockets…
      These hollywood sluts are pissing on all mankind…
      We the humans must ab-so-lu-te-ly boycott all of the mainstream culture…

  6. Well good luck to anyone dumb enough to buy his shit, coz there you have it :he's on video showing her he really feels about you

  7. What he said was True black black people go spending all their money on clothes made by prodomitly racist white designers

    • these "white designers" are in fact acting caucasians jhews… not genuine caucasians…

  8. Chris has a legitimate point. People's don't mind paying for over priced plastic fake ass sneakers (Jordans)and designer name clothing. So why complain about his prices. Lol he can't help how he delivers his messages he has the taurus mouth

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