Katt Williams Caught On Video Getting His Azz Beat in Philly!


    katt williams beatdown philly

    Katt Williams has been having one hell of a March. After calling Kevin Hart a puppet who takes it up the azz, robbing 5 women in Atlanta, and getting arrested for hitting a store clerk, the comedian has now been caught on video getting his ass beat!

    It all went down in Philly where Katt put on a strange performance that included a weak freestyle, and some pushups on stage.

    Then, during a Beanie Sigel performance, Katt sucka punched a man on stage!

    That’s when the rapper was taken down to the ground and given a beatdown by some Philly goons!

    #kattwilliams in Philly with a foot up his ass ?

    A video posted by C.Bass (@5ea_ba55) on

    Lay off the drugs, Katt!


    1. Katt came to Detroit and got beat down time out for that kinda stuff Katt you to old for that shit


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