Check Waka Flocka Pleading with Tammy to Take Him Back in #Unseen LHHATL Clip

    It may have been all peaches and cream by the time Waka Flocka and Tammy hit the screen on Episode 8, but what you didn’t get to see is some of what it took to get them back to their happy space since most of the footage was tossed into the leftovers pile.

    Watch as they square-off over Tammy’s new independent lifestyle and more in these un-aired scenes from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6.

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    1. Reality or not, I’m amazed at the “all men cheat” as an excuse to stay with a cheating man. Why else would a woman take a serial cheater back?

    2. If all men cheat then these women have only one choice, either 87 percent end up being single for life lesbian for life… smh seriously, thats life… people cheat.. we just learn to stop and learn to forgive…

    3. Yes all men cheat, 1 time or another. Black, White doesn’t matter, All Men Cheat

    4. All men do not cheat on their wives, there’s still some men that are not cheaters..
      I was married to one for 32 years and he was a damn good husband, father, lover and friend..
      Everyone don’t cheat and I wouldn’t want his ass back if he ever cheated.. Forgiving him is one thing, but he wouldn’t be in the same house as me and our twins..

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