Celina Powell Admits Offset Isn’t Her Baby Daddy, She Was Never Pregnant!

celina powell offset dna

Insta-thot Celina Powell is finally coming clean about her pregnancy scandal. The hip-hop groupie claimed Offset of Migos had gotten her pregnant, and she even posted a video with her paternity test results that showed he was the father of her baby.

Well, she’s now admitting she lied about everything, including her pregnancy. She even apologizes to Cardi B for all the drama.




  1. What if they bought her off and this is her way of agreeing to the settlement? Wouldn’t be the first time in the industry. Why don’t we hear about Drage’s fatherhood status anymore? Isn’t it true Robyn K was a daddy 7 years ago?

  2. #Wrong Migos Member

    Why is Quavo’s Picture Up Top…….Instead Of Offset’s Picture?

    That Is All.

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  5. Arranged relationship with cardi b. Now cardi is paying off Celina. Cardi cut your losses.

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