DJ Khaled On Giving Oral Sex to a Woman: It’s Not OK!

dj khaled nicole tuck oral sex

DJ Khaled hit up The Breakfast Club and explained the relationship rules any woman, including his baby mama Nicole Tuck, must abide by.

“If you holding it down for your woman I feel like the woman should praise. And a man should praise the queen. But you know, my way of praising is called, ha-ha, ‘How was dinner?’, ‘You like the house you living in? You like all them clothes you getting?” – DJ Khaled

After Angela Yee asked if he refuses to perform oral sex, he responded:

“NO, no I don’t do that…No that’s not okay, because you have to understand I am the don, I am the king. I am the king of the house. It’s different rules for men. We the king. There’s some things that y’all don’t want to do but got to get done. I just can’t do what you want me to do. I just can’t.” – DJ Khaled

You can watch the video here.

Ladies, what do you think? Does Nicole need to #GetOut and leave Khaled’s selfish a*s alone?


  1. King > husband, pimp, boyfriend ect. !!!! 100% Fact !!!! ~ P.s. Sarah Called Abraham “Lord” !!!! (Dirty Hoodrats will not understand this.)

  2. Hmmmm.

    But it’s okay to give oral sex to a hot or corn dog.

    Fat ass’ll get on ya knees then.

  3. the human mouth was not made for oral sex for a man or woman. your juices in his mouth and then he kisses you…filthy and unclean act. PASS!

    • Absolutely right. Neanderthal sex. Everything perverse came from them. Nothing is sacred with them. Right after having the Original man and Original woman following them up the “hershey highway” with gaydom and eating groceries, they be fucking dogs and horses next!

  4. If the act is going to be done I think it should be mutual. I agree that oral sex is somewhat perverse and was not meant to be performed. Nor was was any type of anal activity. These were meant to allow waste to pass through and this is what people want to put their mouth on or tongue in. I’m just saying, before you disputed me think about what I’m saying.

    • Drinking your own urine in the desert is safe but eating your bacteria filled shot will kill you.
      Oral sex in a loving monogamous relationship when both parties are thoroughly clean will keep you together. No woman is going to stay long term when she is unsatisfied. The visitors is the main sex organ on a woman. Not her VJJ. Smart black men and most white men know this.

  5. Ummm… is that his mother sitting next to him?

    I bet his Fat Ass sucks a mean one, tho!

    • He can suck a mean one.
      He sucked my pale pickle twice.
      He love to be gagged and swallow.

    • She won’t respect u as much as a man if you “love” to do it to her.

      You have to make women feel like the useless cumbuckets that they are lol.

      No offense ladies heh heh heh.

      • LMAO, this is why your Bitch Ass has NO Woman…LOL!!!!

        You know all about being used like a useless cumdumpster, you Worthless Sperm Depository!..LOL!!!!

    • You’re not supposed to “love” eating pussy. You’re supposed to treat it like a chore..

      I don’t mind doing it but i won’t be howling with delight trying to do it. Cause womern talk about every interaction in their shoddy lives and i don’t want my business out there.

      Jay u gay.

  6. Why is this a story? When did people’s sex lives, habits, fetishes, etc. become public fodder! My Lort, who really gives a damn! The world is falling apart and they are reporting oral sex practices!

  7. If he doesn’t want to do oral that’s his choice and it’s not wrong to not do it but I don’t like the way he makes himself sound. He thinks he’s a king and women should basically do whatever he says because he has money. Tbh he sounds a lot Like a creep. “You like this house, you want some
    Money ? Then do whatever I say” Harvey Weinstein type shit ain’t no tellin what all his wife does

  8. He’s disgusting. Those people are filthy.

    Don’t share the details of the personal lives of those demonic people.

  9. I don’t believe it’s something we’re supposed to be doing at all. So as long as she not doing it to him. Then he makes sense, if not she needs to divorce him and take him for what she can. He’s a jerk.

      • I’ve never done it and he said he doesn’t like it and he has never asked me to do it.

      • And no he not gay and he don’t cheat. He’s also not the first guy I’ve heard say he doesn’t like it. And I’ve also heard a panel of men on BET say they will let they side chicks do it but not they wife’s because she has to kiss they kids. I’m not attracted to grimy niggax despite what you believe on here. I’m attracted to squares with confidence and power. Something like Steph Curry but obviously my husband ain’t Steph Curry. But he has a personality like him, if that’s truley who Steph Curry is, which I don’t know cause I don’t know him. But who he appears to be reminds me of mine. My Pastor also says his wife has never done it either. And he’s in 80’s and never been accused of cheating and he’s famous and been accused of everything else but that.

        • You don’t have a husband…according to you he is just your baby daddy since he divorced you twice.

            • @LyinLady

              Ohhhhhhh so you’re into nerdy square guys all of a fuckin sudden. You are so full of shit it’s pathetic! On previous threads you’re always downing the nice guys running your dicksuckers sayin they don’t have many options. Talking about “the trick is to get a real nigga to wife you.” WTF do u want? Always screamin that u know this rapper and that rapper; always describing gang life like u in their inner circle; always talking about how u would take advantage of a simp. STFU. You were gone for a while but now the pamphlets are back from this dizzy bitch. Fake ass b*tch git a answer to everything. Let her tell it; her grandmomma used to date tookie williams and she was a baby when he was puttin the crips together ?. Like i said u are a reformed hoe who is now holier than thou. Your husband doesn’t ask u for head because you suck at it. Or he thinks that you’re a lil delicate princess so he won’t come at u like that. Or he just a chump who’s scared to ask for it. But whatever the reason you r one of the fakest bitches on here. Just like ice cube u make up gangsta stories from a college dorm lol.

              • He said exactly what you said in so many words as to why he never asked. But he used the word spoiled instead of delicate princess. And he said that he already knows I’m not going to do it and he don’t care because he don’t like it anyway.

                I’ve also been with 2 other guys and neither of them have ever asked me to do that.

                Just my experience….

              • Look I don’t know what to tell you about the gangs. It’s a LA thing. If you lived here you would understand…. I have family from them and even dudes I grew up with. Most functions Daz and Ray J are at and not at all hard to interact with. And yes Ray J is from a gang, he is a blood. He just don’t put it out there like that. Snoop is always out there as well, my little brothers played on his team for years, so yes I know him and have had many interactions with him, even been to his house. He cool, he just not about that life he is more of a family man and has always been, he just know the real OG’s who love him, so they let him do what he want, cause at the end of the day they will ride for him.

                I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings about knowing gang members. Everybody I know In Cali know gang members. It’s not anything unsual.

              • He is a square but he is not nice. He’s actually an a— hole. He is just nice to me and that’s what I like about him the most. He’s lame with me but with everyone else he is a grade A, a$$ hole. He not in a gang, although his dad and uncles are. He not a rapper, and he not a drug dealer. He went to SC, played for the colts for a min and now he chilling working a regular job. It’s just that simple. Y’all have too much anger in your hearts. I don’t understand why everything make y’all so mad. Lol… wtf

              • The day my husband cheats on me will be the day he die. I hope that answers your question. The first time I divorced him was over liking a picture on MySpace. Ever since then he ain’t had no social media.

                So no, no other girl can give him head. He goes without it and he will continue to do so. He don’t need it and he said he don’t even like it. He said it was more about control.

          • nope… wrong we had our daughter after we got married. So that disqualifies me as a babymama. We been divorced twice but we been married twice and still are. So I don’t understand your point.

            • You ARE NOT MARRIED…You Lying ASS Bitch…read what you wrote under the B. chyna thread…this is exactly why I never believe Your Ratchet Ass.

              Living in mr. roger’s land of make believe and shit.

              • I’m sorry I gave up on that thread. I did not see what you wrote, I don’t even know who you are. I really don’t care that much…. I know you do but.. I just do this for fun sweets before I got to sleep. It’s like watching the news…

            • It is not about what I wrote, but what your lying ass did.

              If the shit on here news to you, I weep for your so-called children.

              I weep for the future.

          • Well I guess you would be right. Because I had an abortion at 19 and we weren’t married yet. So technically if I would’ve kept it, I wouldve been a babymama. So I guess that’s the same thing. Who cares, why is that so important? Have y’all never been married or something because y’all act like getting married is the prize of your life. Because I’m not understanding your fascination with having a husband. Like wtf….. these niggaz ain’t God, they just niggaz.. y’all need to stop acting like they God or something. You act like finding a husband is impossible, lol wtf do you look like?

            • Better than You who tries to make friends with some clown who dogs you like the trash you are….Dumb Ratchet Ass ChickenHead.

              Marrying & divorcing the same dude like that is some feat?

              Worry about what your Old Fat Ass looks like and GROW A BRAIN, then maybe you will be able to find a man who does not treat you like dirt by calling you spoiled.

            • Of course your Stupid Ass is…trying to talk sense to Stupid is like throwing good money after bad…Fucking Moron.

        • STFU BITCH, YOU ARE NOT MARRIED…if you were your lonely ass would not be on here talking to some Bitch Nig who keeps clowning you.

          • Fuck Off FAG.

            Speak when spoken to, otherwise keep your boy’s Shit Stain’s Dick in Your Mouth.

          • Well I am. Why is being married so impossible for you to believe. Lol wtf… have you never been married before? were on the internet, he can’t clown me because he don’t know me. Why do you take this stuff so personal is a concern you need to ask yourself. But more importantly why do you think people can’t be married and on the internet? What do you think a husband is, that is So impossible to have? Lol do you not have choices????

            • Because according to your OWN WORDS YOU AREN’T…you Fucking DUMB Ass BITCH…

              You tell Your WHOLE Fake Ass Life story and what I do know if nothing else is You are DUMB AS FUCK…which makes you worthless and Full of Shit regardless of anything else.

            • No you won’t…you can talk to these clowns whose dick you suck on here, while they berate your Stupid Ass.

          • I think she had a hard life. She’s always angry, i don’t even know how it’s possoble to get this mad on a gossip site. Maybe she works for the site and post this stuff to keep it going. Idk….

            • You have a Hard Face and soft brain, Idiot.

              Hating a Dumb Bitch like you is easy…you are the reason these clowns talk shit.

  10. Anon@22:46……..they already are having sex with dogs and horses. Where do you think syphilis comes from?

  11. Niggas and that MORALISM bullshit… I tell you what…. If you don’t give your woman head tell her to meet me for lunch for this new job opportunity… She’ll choose her new found career over her old boring relationship with you. #facts

  12. …What Khaled is ‘saying’ is simply this… ‘I do it behind closed doors, I got a small dick… big ego , big money… This is a concubine/ polygamy announcement…DM , contact me ‘……..any entertainer ‘broadcasting/posting sex’ like this is a ‘subliminal cry’ to an open private option with a signed contractual agreement-nondisclosure

  13. If Khaled don’t do oral.its on him

    However I trust no dude who hangs around birdman and his gay ass crew

  14. So khaked just proved how much he don’t love his wife. The fact that he will make her do something he don’t even like doing. What kind of husband is that?

  15. Good for him….typical women b..s. wanting something for nothing….she ain’t going anywhere $$…women think guys are supposed to come in the door offering top services, with nothing to offer…just a big a@@ or good stuff…NOT…those who are worth it will get it most won’t….after ray ray, june bug, college playboys (if y’all went you know) etc…

      • You just mad u devoid of ass n titties.

        But replenished with a repulsive face.

        Ha ha ha.

          • She may be old but at least she got a better shape than you.

            She actually jogs everyday with her friends unlike most young blk women.

            The only time u exercise is on tuesdays when u jump outta yo seat at the speed of light to catch that church’s chicken special. Piggy lol!

            • Stop talking about your mother’s workouts…

              And your grandma is shaped like an elephant…that is where you got that ass men love so much…LOL!

              • I doubt you even know who your parents are rhino butt. Fat bitch always gotta go below the belt. Talk shit to me cunt.

                Go eat some pussy homo. That’s what all you blk women are doin nowadays.

            • Again I say stop looking at your mom & grandma…we all know you fell out of the same ugly tree as them…LOL!!!

              • Correction FAT & UGLY TREE…LOL!!!

                Thank God they don’t make them as grotesque as your lineage anymore…LOL!!!!

  16. first of all he’s a fat and out of shape. so what if he beleived he was the best and put it out to the universe and got some papers for it. he aint the best cant eat puzzy….he’s sounding like a fag right about now. turn me the fuck off….too fat and untalented to be saying shit like that…shoulda kept that shit to himself

  17. might have well just say i aint fucking with no no fish,,,gay under tone im getting

  18. arabs dont like women…..he’s a arab thats why his bitch ass feels superior to women. they have women in his country

  19. Arabs dont like women…..he’s a arab thats why his bitch ass feels superior to women. they hate women in his country

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