Wendy Williams Cries Over R. Kelly

r kelly wendy williams crying

Wendy Williams defended her good friend R. Kelly against all of the sex cult allegations. The talk show host broke down in tears as she felt sympathy for the singer who can’t “read, write, or add” and blamed parents for “unleashing” their kids and allowing them to run off with the singer.



    • She looks so bad lately. Like a camel and a giraffe at the same time. Her sympathy is more deadly than her out right meanness. She loves to attack the truly talented. Chris Brown R Kelly Clara Beyonce Jealousy

  1. An investigation needs to be conducted on these allegations.

  2. Odd long time ago she blasted Kelly

    Sorry Wendy you’re just too old for kelly

    • All she was doing was correcting herself for saying she liked him after interviewing him, about a week ago.

  3. I will never defend that Pedo/Child Molester.

    Wendy haven’t been right since she JUST
    Got off the floor a few months ago.

    • She uses the Q-tips instead of a Kleenex, so she does not ruin her makeup. Her words.

      • That Bitch is disgusting & cheap so I am sure she has multiple uses for those things other places after she uses them…I will never take her word for anything.

      • But my my. Qtips leave lil hairlike particles..
        Id be more irritated in the eyes..
        I was cringing watching her dig..
        I know why i just dont see how.ewww?

  4. If you use trickery,fuckery,shenanigans to get women you need to get lock away I have a daughter and if I ever find some man slip a curve ball or bamboozolled my child nothing in this world ? would stop me.

  5. She must be so desperate for ratings! And he must be desperate for sympathetic publicity. This is strictly YT orchestrated! Somebody’s bank account is dwindling.

  6. She still being nasty even through her “tears.”

    I’m sure r kelly’s slow ass has got his g.e.d by now. Or maybe he thinks “i’m richer than the average person who can read so fuck em all!”

    I wish some woman would just slap the botox grease from wendy williams’s face one good time.

    Not taking up for this illiterate pedophile though.

  7. Weird how r kelly is consider a molester…a bad person who is mentally ill…but a woman who brings in a thug/criminal boyfriend into the house who ends up molesting her kids is considered a strong queen smdh…

      • Why are deflecting… you damn know these single mothers be supporting molestation..

        Daughter= Mama yall boyfriend touched me
        Mother= Zip it and keep yall fast ass to yourself

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      • American consent laws are really weird..in one state your child molester if you sleep with a 17yr minor. In another state, its perfectly legal to sleep with a 14 yr old minor smdh.


  8. So then who the fuck is controlling his social media accounts and are they telling him exactly what’s being said in every single comment????? SMFH

    • What difference does it make?

      He is an illiterate predator, who sadly can buy pretty much whatever he wants.

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