Khloe Shows Off Her Cakes and Post-Baby Body

khloe post baby body 1

Khloe Kardashian is finally emerging her from her cave since the cheating scandal and after giving birth to her daughter, True. The reality star was snapped at the Cleveland Cavaliers’ game over the weekend, and she was also photographed showing off her post-baby body as she and a nanny took True for a walk.

khloe body



  1. Eww her porportions are weird… its like all these women getting butt implants forget how ridiculous they look with soggy, buldging backside smdh. But I got to applaud her for the weight loss

  2. It’s really hard to lose that baby weight so I’m not going to knock another woman period. Good for her and god speed.

    • It’s not hard when you never were pregnant. True is a contract baby for the show.

      Tristan never impregnated that Sasquatch but they DID use a surrogate.

  3. This butt is fake she jus had a baby why is her stomach so flat ? She have implants in her ass …….she look nasty .I rather my ass be flat ass a pancake before I do this shit she looks disgusting ….I not even sure she had a baby…. this family is full of so many smoke and mirrors ,all this shit with Triston was a distraction from what really happen, this family is in the occult big-time ,they do anything to be revenant Love and Light

    • That stomach ain’t flat. She got a waste trainer and a regular girddle on sucking that stomach in, bet.

  4. That cement ass looks like its about to swallow that mexican nanny whole!! Its called lipo & fat transfer. They all do it when they still in the hospital from the baby. But big fake cement asses seem 2 be what her man likes sooo..

  5. That azz does not match her dimensions. See, when these women get these fake implants and then get pregnant, the natural weight that you gain from pregnancy (around the hips area) looks weird around the fake butt implants. The weight doesn’t get distributed correctly. It looks obviously unnatural.

  6. Look at her size alone. She’s about 5’9 and not slim. She should have been slightly bigger with pregnancy. Kim is about 5.0 tall and she was huge during her two pregnancies. Only Khloe’s butt and belly expanded. The rest of her remained as it is now. I think she used a surrogate and lived a little eating forbidden foods to gain a few pounds. A woman like her who is one month post birth shows it. Look at Kate Middleton. Kate is about the same height as Khloe at 5’8. She’s very skinny, legs and arms skinny, but she looks full in the face and one month after the baby, she still looks pregnant. Tristan is fickle. No way in hell is he attracted to this figure, even if she loses weight.

      • Nawww…she is about 5’7 or 8.

        Serena is about 5’10 and is taller than her in most of their pictures…some where chewy is taller is prob where she is wearing higher heels.

        She looks like a monster compared to the rest of the klan, because they are all barely 5′ and because her father the hairdresser looks like a beast.

    • @Crazychris, I’ve said it b4 & I’ll say it again….u need to stop drinking ur momma’s breast milk. U 2 old for that s***.

  7. Chewbacca looks like a dumpster truck that smells like hot garbage & cabbage juice.

  8. Who was the surrogate! So now she doesn’t care if the paps close up on her enormous rear end. smh

    • ikr? The soundtrack to that one is ? Self Destruction by Boogie Down Productions ?

  9. Others mentioned on previous posts”wdf is wrong with these ppl!!?? seriously its like this
    generation/society has just given up doing the right thing,its more sad then pathetic mho

  10. So are they reproducing to create the KUWTK 3rd generation? If I may ask, who will be the pimpmomma at that point? The current one is headed for retirement so who gets the job then?

  11. Smh…how can they even think that their bodies look attractive? What kind of mirrors are they looking in, reverse clown ones???

    She looks awful with those misshapened fat transfers. Its like that movie The Thing, the transfered arm and belly fat is trying to mimic booty fat but cant get it right…they are all becoming a monsterous freak show.


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