Kevin Hart Survives Private Plane Scare

kevin hart private jet

Kevin Hart and his crew narrowly escaped doom after his private jet was involved in a scary incident.

He talked about the incident on his Instagram in a caption, which read:

“God is Good with a capital G…Had our first serious Airplane scare today. Our planes tire busted on one side as we were landing and s**t got real for a second. Nobody was harmed…Our pilot handled the situation perfectly. Once again God is GOOD!!!! #Blessed ….P.S you Can tell that spank is still shaken up by the way he is posing,” – Kevin Hart


  1. What god are yall talking about? Squatting doing a prayer gesture dont mean shit, heavenly father looking at these fools like ” i should just send the flood now.”

  2. When the sh!t hits the fan, I wonder which god they really pray to. I see the guy in the red sneakers making the ‘as above …’ sign so I guess we have the answer.

    • sting them, finish it!! we all know that is BS…turbulent/mech probs give you bubble guts, the sweats and projective vomiting/mud butt all at once…

  3. Might be a warning to him
    Fred Wesley wrote that after James Brown pulled a gun and threatened to shoot the pilot he quit soon as they landed

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