Celebs Want Nothing to Do With Steve Harvey?

steve harvey snubbed celebs

The people behind Steve Harvey’s show thought the move from Chicago to L.A. meant more A-List celebrities would appear on his show. But it looks like most real celebs want NOTHING to do with him.

“It’s a disaster! Steve has zero relationships with Hollywood, and he’s hired people who tell him ‘yes’ instead of producers connected to A-list managers and publicists. If he’s lucky he’ll be able to book a few Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and some celebrity chefs. But that’s about the extent of the talent to expect on his show!”

Steve’s shady past, including the treatment of his employees and the way he did his ex-wife Marcia and their twin daughters has allegedly made other stars leery of him.

Can you blame them?


  1. It’s about time he gets his payback for all the people he stepped on getting to the top..

  2. Well, the one of MANY other people in HW who did and do the same thing, so what’s the difference here? Oh, I know………. and no, not cause he’s black. Try again.

  3. I think the bad decision to be used by the most hated President in history didn’t help. Standing up there nect to him looling like a happy negro nect to his MASSA.

  4. Celebs won’t deal with Steve Harvery, but most of the black community adores him. His radio show still broadcasts on KJLH 102.3 in Los Angeles. Many black people, especially old black women watch his tv shows and listen to his radio show. I don’t understand why so many people continue to love Steve Harvey. That man hates black people!

    • Old mofos not educated on the Coonatry of this House Negroe… this mofo has Dog the Black Community so many times.. Not sure why Any Black person would listen to this COON!!!

  5. Don’t forget Steve Harvey tried to sabbotage Bernie Mac’s career. Steve knew Bernie was the funniest of the original Kings Of Comedy.

  6. The quality of his show is beyond garbage now.

    It at least had an oprah-‘esque’ feel when in chicago, because he used her former crew there.

    I have a feeling he is trying to set himself up for late-night on abc when jimmy kimmel leaves, because his daytime career is OVER!

    • Exactly. I couldn’t believe how many people were swooning over his relationship books and movies. He promotes green dot cash cards which are a scam. His so called teen male empowerment workshops were a ploy for money. He does nothing for the community and they love him. I was going thru radio channels one morning and I heard talking how he was going to mayweather fight and he spent so much $ I couldn’t believe he was bragging on the radio to his poor listeners. Fuck this ninja

  7. What about what he did to the last wife, Mary the mom of his youngest son? I heard Marjorie was just another Eniko- side ho he had been seeing for years and when he hit big she jumped in his arms like popcorn.

  8. Oh no steve harvey please he don’t give a dam bout no slavery or anything else a human with morals cares for

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