Kevin Hart Extortionist Caught Lying About Details Surrounding Allegations Against Comedian

‘Someone apparently snuck cameras into Kevin Hart’s private hotel suite in Las Vegas and recorded bedroom images of the two of them,’ Bloom said.

Unfortunately, this does not stand up to the evidence coming out, as Montia, can clearly be seen in the photo above with a phone/camera in hand. We are working on the story, but regardless of how you feel about Kevin… this is all just a cash grab by some hungry hoez!


  1. So Gloria Allred and her daughter Lisa Bloom are the only ones who can extort people?

  2. If Montia Sabbag was white, Kevin Hart would have been arrested and charged with several felony crimes.

  3. Hungry hoe’s? Nah, they didn’t make a vow before God, Kevin did when he got married and this is solely his fought! A married man is home with his wife and children not in Vegas getting drunk and high with women he’s not married too.

    • Thank YOU!

      All you people need to stop calling women that shit, when it is these garbage dudes out here doing the DIRT!

      No one tells them to be out in the streets, after they take VOWS!!!

      If you can’t keep your ass at home don’t create one!

    • Truth! Looks to me there were (2) two Women in the room with him. One with the camera (dark) hair the other (blonde) hair. Let the Hoez get paid he knew what he was doing and didn’t care. ~

  4. Hart brought this on himself. When you put yourself in stupid situations, dumb shit happens.

  5. That hoe ass Kevin, has a track record for fucking around with randoms. He’s lucky Extortion was the only thing he caught That’s what his ass gets.

  6. No one snuck cameras in. Those rooms have minature cameras in mirrors, furniture, electrical sockets, and other places. Remember: “What happens in Vegas MAY BE FILMED!” Can you say celebrity blackmail?

  7. Maaan fuck this Cheating assss fuck and this Greedy Gold Digger, his wife is stupid for sticking around then I guess all that money $$$ she’s not leaving his assss.. She’s after all his side Bitch that he left his first wife for !!!!

  8. Eniko not gonna leave him yet she still pregnant just like Nicole wasnt gonna leave Eddie Murphy until she got enough kids to live off him when she did decide to leave

  9. When extortion goes wrong.

    He’s from philly..I’m sure he told the bitch go on and put the video out you not getting no paper. She got greedy Kevin’s paper is long she could have got gifts cause it’s nothing to him but she wanted millions.

    Kevin gotta realize these hoes don’t love him he’s a lick

  10. This ugly broad wants to be a reality star hahaha why else do this bullshit shame on u kevin for fuckin this ugly broad

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