Kevin Hart’s Extortionist: ‘I’m a Victim Too!’


    montia sabbag kevin hart exrotion

    The woman at the center of Kevin Hart’s extortion claims she’s a victim in this mess too!

    Montia Sabbag appeared with her limelight loving attorney, Lisa Bloom, and said multiple felonies were committed against her. She was filmed without her consent, and distributing the images against her was a crime as well.

    With the blog Fameolous getting shut down on Instagram for distributing the video, Montia might be on to something.

    She also said she’s willing to help Kevin nab the suspects behind this entire ordeal.

    “We invite Mr. Hart to join us in bringing the perpetrator to justice. To the criminal who did this, I say you belong in prison and we are going to find you.” – Lisa Bloom

    Peep the live stream of the press conference here.


    1. Whos room where they in? Is it all one video from club to room or chopped up video. Are u saying someone from hotel snuck in camera or someone from one of their camps set it up from the get. Either way one of u was in on it or u got bad people in your camp. Man kevin, u just made that pokerstars money and already giving it away. No good

    2. Kevin Hart will be just fine. Why? Because the bitch who is trying to extort him is not white. She has the nazi feminist Lisa Bloom, but she doesn’t have enough power to over ride the gatekeepers who pay Kevin Hart. This will blow over soon. Kevin hart will be ok.

    3. Two attention whores; one is a old whore, the other is a young, dumb, full of cum whore; nothing to see people!


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