Eniko Parrish Has No Plans to Divorce Kevin Hart

kevin hard eniko divorce

Despite the extortion plot against him, Eniko Parrish is standing by her man.

Eniko and Kevin Hart have been spotted out to lunch in L.A. since the scandal hit, and sources tell People magazine there’s no talk of divorce between the couple.

“There is absolutely no divorce talk. She obviously knows about the cheating allegations. To her, Kevin is a great husband. Eniko is aware that Kevin has been accused of being a ladies’ man. She doesn’t care. He is her husband and he always comes home to her. Despite Kevin’s well-known affection for the ladies, he loves his family, and his wife is behind him with the extortion case. That kind of thing comes with the territory, and he will do everything to beat it.”


  1. now that would be hypocritical! what do you expect that’s how she got him and she knows he will continue to cheat and when he gets tired of you he will move on. rolling my eyes!!!

  2. Money is the root of all evil…only reason why she with him…and the only reason why she’s staying..I’d take his ugly blk ass to the cleaners

    • no, the bible says it’s the LOVE of money that is the root of all injurious things…not the money is the root. Money is an inanimate object and can do nothing it’s you/your emotions of greed that causes the problems.

      • Yup, you got it! The greek word for “Love” in that scripture translates to OBSESSION of money. Just like a Gun, knife, car or any other object, money can be used for either good or bad. It’s the heart/intent that is the issue.

  3. Why do men with money even get married…I would just get a harem of beautiful hoes put all of them on birth control and nut in them everyday.

    • Bitch this is why you have no woman nor will ever.

      No one wants to be with you and $$ would only bring those who are on your level, which is bottom feeder.

    • Chronicles of Judah 144 has a youtube show on why black men should never fall in love.

      • LMAO, trust and believe NO ONE wants YOU either.

        No woman wants a Bitch ass nig…who lives on gossip sites, LOL!

        And don’t even try to use scripture to justify your lack of desirability.

        • Oh wait that is some other loser you feed into trying to use something righteous, to sucker in brain dead scabs like you.

    • @9:31 – Spoken like a person who knows NOTHING about True Love. I’m talking Soul level isht. No wonder most people with money only attract economic parasites! Many of you are morally and spiritually bankrupt.

      • I agree. Kevin will eventually end up poor and alone. Eventually he will be taken to the cleaners by multiple people and he doesn’t even know it.

      • “I would just get a harem of beautiful hoes put all of them on birth control and nut in them everyday.”

        The saddest thing about this statement is that so many men feel the same way, I give you props for being honest tho….

        Ladies take notes, keep your heart in you chest, your money, (house, car, and gun lock) keys in your purse and your cooch in your panties cuz 90% of the time they really don’t give a damn about anything but a nut…. REAL TALK, forget what they look you dead in the eyes and tell you. Don’t believe me? Ask Torrei Hart.

        • Case and point:

          “Helm claims that she and Usher were friends for years and that their relationship only became sexual in April 2017 after the defendant spent a night with her discussing his ‘humanitarian efforts in Africa, [his] concern about the general contamination and impurity of water supply sources, [his] installation of a complete water filtration system in his home to filter contaminants from his drinking and shower/toilet water, [his] lack of nervousness prior to performances, the state of American politics and current events.’
          It was after a few hours of conversing on these subject matters that the two ‘began engaging in intimate and sexual relations in [Helm’s] bedroom.’
          This included ‘skin-to-skin contact’ and then ‘vaginal-penile intercourse’ with a condom that Usher had brought with him according to the complaint.
          Helm alleges that she performed oral sex on Usher for a while as well without a condom and that ‘afterwards, [Usher] immediately grabbed his penis and went into the the bathroom.”

          See, even after years of friendship the sick excuse of a human being only cared about a nut. SMH

          #Stay Armored #Stay Celibate #Stay True To Your Temple #Monogamy #Marriage #Black Love #Life #Unity

          If you don’t, I can guarantee that they wont….. So stop casting your pearls!

          (steps off soap box, puts hands in pockets and slowly walks away shaking head)

        • That is some real talk right there. It’s time for people to put their spiritual house in order.

          • LMAO, you know you sound like a fucking fool right?

            Anything to shift responsibility and blame for the dumb shit you say on here…smfh.

            • On an added note, please seek psychiatric assistance redumbshit…your issues have your brain fucked up beyond repair.

  4. Kevin better be careful she doesn’t like him & is probably happy when she doesn’t have to sleep with him… I bet she has life insurance on that nigga

  5. Of course Eniko won’t divorce Kevin Hart. Pauletta won’t divorce Denzel Washington. Camille won’t divorce boule Bill. Women who are married to powerful men don’t divorce, no matter what. Why? Because there is more money and power to being Mrs. Denzel Washington than former Mrs. Denzel Washington. Black men you already know this, women don’t care about love, women care about money and power!

    • If you don’t care enough about your own Soul to cultivate and evolve it, you can’t expect to ATTRACT a True Love = Soul Mate. These are the connections that are not based on money. Instead too many black men pride themselves on what their dicks can do for them and not enough Soul & Character evolution/growth.

    • Exactly, hence why Mrs. Hillary Clinton never divorced Mr. William Jefferson Clinton. He humiliated her on a national scene several times w/adultery and she stayed! Remember, it’s not love because the bible says, love doesn’t look for it’s own interest and does not behave indecently.

  6. They always talking about How karma came back on Eniko, but it hit Kevin even harder. He left his family for a woman that could careless about being cheated on. ????you dont have to be a rocket scientist to conclude he just left his first family for a woman that dont even want him????Smart move Kevin.

    • I like the way you put that. He’s no invaluable to her on a spiritual level just monetary. Dam man

  7. I’m sure that she is so affected by these comments from people who kept dating their ratchet assed boyfriend/girlfriend after catching them cheating.

    I respect the fact the she listened to Don Corleone “Never tell anyone outside the family what you are thinking”.

  8. I guess I wouldn’t care if my employer cheated on me either. Being married to Kevin is just a job for Eniko. She doesn’t love him. An emotional pregnant woman that loves her husband, would not be sitting next to him smiling while he humiliated her but an employee that needs her job and money to survive, learns to just rolls with it…Smh that’s really pathetic.

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