Cardi B Calls for Armed Security After Gang Threats

cardi b gang security

After dissing the crips, Cardi B is backing down and will be “rolling deep” with armed security when she travels to Los Angeles.

Sources say the rapper will be performing during NBA All-Star weekend at three clubs that are under the same ownership. In case gang violence breaks out due to Cardi talking reckless, Murano, Penthouse, and Ace of Diamonds will triple the number of armed security guards, and they’ll have some off-duty cops up in the mix, too.

She’s expecting to bank $250K for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday night gigs.


  1. Mmm…lil cardi…what did you do

    And those dudes are deep out there.

    She needs to switch cars on her way to and from. She needs to fly out right after the last show.

  2. I knew that dumb bitch was going to have a security squad.

    I would cancel all that shit…and let them keep the $ not even worth it.

    And I get she has contracts, but I would let my legal team handle it.

  3. maaan please, stupid people are the once checking for this bitch, like anyone dumb enough to pay that much for her nursery rhymes needs an asss woopen when there are real talent out there that dont get recognized smh

  4. I doubt this shit is real… she probably making this shit up for ratings n shit. Shit rappers and people in the entertainment industry do to stay relevant…

      • TRUE and she’s going to the heart of it. Home of the Crips & Bloods, can’t make this shit up.

  5. Many people from the east coast don’t understand the gang culture out here
    they watch”hollywood” movies& videos,this ish is real and not to be played with

    • I know I’m scared for her. I don’t know what she was thinking. Even the bloods and crips don’t diss each other out here like that. For the most part they get along. So she kind of messed up cause the bloods out here ain’t gone back her up and it ain’t even enough of them to do so. Not in comparison to the crips.

      I guess Chris Brown the only outsider that came to Cali and earned respect with the gangs.

      • Chris B earned that “respect” through paying “taxes”; otherwise known as buying his loyalty. As long as the money’s coming in, they’ll be loyal to him. Gangs ain’t what they used to be, and thank god. As for Cardi, she doesn’t have to worry about getting her cap flagged, but if this is real, it should serve as a good lesson for her to keep her fucking trap shut. Don’t let your mouth write checks your ass can’t cash.

        • I just looked at the comments and at the different gangs who warning her. The shyt is the real deal, it’s not internet thuggin like she think it is. I feel bad for her because she think it is a joke.

          They reputation is on the line if she walks out of LA untouched. They can’t let it slide.

          The bloods in LA already said publicly they not fuccin with it, they don’t fucc with her and that she on her own.

          The reason it bothers me is because all the gangs in LA been about they money lately because they have so many members in the NFL, NBA and rapping, that have been pushing money back into the LA so the other members can start businesses and rebuilding it and now she sending these niggaz backwards because they reputation is on the line if they did let it slide.

          But some of the gangs that are warning her also have enough power to shut her club appearances down and I’m sure that’s what they gone do. I don’t think she’s coming next week.

    • Please… That whole gang shit ain’t really poppin like that out here anymore. A lot of the shit is overblown. Gang members especially ain’t coming into those nice neighborhoods to start no shit either.

      • That’s a lie. The police is putting up yellow tape daily, they just not reporting it on the news anymore because they want to to keep selling them homes to them investors who trying to profit off that new stadium.

        Don’t lie to that girl, unless you intentionally trying to mislead her.

      • What nice neighborhoods? none of those clubs are in nice neighborhoods, they in Hollywood with all the drug dealers.

        They are not even any clubs in the nice neighborhoods, so I’m not sure what you talking about.

        The all star out here in the early 2000’s they killed a dude from New York on sunset, so that’s definitely not true.

        Oh and I guess you forgot Biggie was killed in the nice area.

        And I guess you forgot the rapper that was killed in broad daylight at the Beverly Hills mall on a weekday.

        What part of Cali you from to where you think this shyt is a joke?

        Why you think everyone trying to warn her, nobody wants to see the girl get hurt, they don’t even want to hurt her, but they reputation is on the line if they let it slide.

  6. See some of these stupid people will put things out to get other people to talk about them and what ever up coming event they have but on this one it was a very stupid move and bad on her team to let her say the things she says and now she really messed up big time because no matter how many police and security you got if they want her bad enough trust me they will get to her she better watch it.

    • She doubled down by saying how much she loves her colors and then admitting she belonged to the other gang. Stupid women. All these rappers may have some affiliation to some gang in some way but they never put it out there. It’s dangerous, it’s a bad move. Worse yet, this woman is not that good. She is just a hold over until they find Nicki’s replacement.

  7. Guess she don’t know LAPD gang affiliated too. Lol guess she never heard of Biggie. I don’t even feel sorry for her, she’s dumb, just like Biggie was. How you gone offend the whole crips, who dominate Southern California and then come here and try to make a quarter of a million in they hood. She’s dumb!

    The morning the radios announced biggie was here, everyone in California knew he was not leaving alive. And if she do make it back, All Cardi did was gave her Illuminati record label a reason to take her out if she ever step out of line and they can just say the gangs did it. Lol dumb azz

      • I know. Sad, and I know she really don’t understand what her actions could cost her or anyone else. She don’t understand how much pressure she putting on ther rappers who are from LA.

        That girl in that video basically calling out the LA gangster rappers and saying if they don’t provide the gateway to her, they gone have to worry about them selves when they running around LA.

        Cardi Thats not good, when she put her location as Watts, that was a threat. Trust Me!

    • You’re a dumbass if you think Biggie was killed in some gang bullshit. That shit was a hoax, and no bloods killed him either. I swear, you out of towners who claim to know so much shit about the west coast need to go have a couple of seats. Shit is not even that serious.

      • You are clearly the real out of towner if you think this shyt ain’t that serious, you know nothing about the west if you think they will let this shyt slide.

        Biggie was killed by a cop that was a blood. Tupac was killed by crips that were originally hired to just kill Suge.

        Thoss niggaz really have death certificates, what was a hoax?

        What you think the Illuminati set them up, prob did but they did not do the shooting, the gangs did.

  8. On another website, I read that she thinks the people threatening her are just running they mouth and bloods and crips In NY use disrespectful words all the time aaaaannnndddd here’s the drum roll, they only making a big deal because it’s her. ????. DO SHE KNOW HOWMANY BROKE AND BASIC PEOPLE HAVE LOST THERE LIFE IN CALI OVER JUST WEARING THE WRONG COLOR!!!!

    CARDI, this ain’t about your fame these gangs in LA do not play that shyt with nobody! Broke or Rich, they live to die for the cause and jail time is like getting a Grammy to them.

  9. I bet Penthouse and the other clubs pulls out, unless they were hired to set her up.

    I’m sure they not willing to loose they club over her, and those clubs will be full with or without her.

  10. Stupid lil girl.. I knew her ignorant ass wouldnt last long.. Wonder if offset going to protect her..NOTTTT.. Cardi remember biggie Dummie.. Your being stupid. And trust if they want ur Ass they gonna get you..AND START SHUTTING THEM BIG ASS DUCK LIPS UP!! Dumb Ass.. You Stupid 4 this one.And yall see Nobody’s defending her Stupidity because they know.. Die 4 your colors lmaooo stupid girl u are… RIP…

  11. Where’s all the los Angeles crips on this Snoop, Nispey, Kurupt, put this chick in her place. She claims to be a New York blood from the Bronx but in los Angeles is where the real gangs pop off. All that New York copy cat stuff don’t fly here in los Angeles.

    • Same thing I was thinking. If you notice they all quiet. And that’s exactly why she should be worried, they know the seriousness of what she doing and don’t want no salt on they names if something goes down. That’s why they ain’t said nothing and that’s why she should be concerned. If she ain’t at least got the green light from one of them, she might want to sit back and be bool. Lol ? ??. If y’all did not get it, it means sit back and be cool, you know cause in blood language they can’t use C’s… ?. I know I’m so Corny.

      Now I know Snoop is not with the business at all, buttttttt I know the ppl he represent is but he Christian now so he probably gone Just sit home and pray for her, as he should…

      Now the other one………??‍♀️ I can look at his Instagram and I think I can put 2 and 2 together. Album released the week she here, and look who behind it, same person that was behind another album release at the perfect timing. Look like another set up to me, but hey who am I.

      Cardi stay home! Don’t do it!

    • LOL simple- Because they aren’t REAL crips. ALL of these rappers on both the crip and blood side are frauds, who paid for their loyalty and affiliation. Crips don’t really ride for Snoop like that, and the LBC (long beach crips) even came out, and aired Snoop out for being a fraud.

      • FALSE! Snoop is definitely from 20’s, he is really a gang member. He “had” a few haters, but he got more riders. Snoop ain’t gone do nothing but the niggaz in his crew will definitely smack the shyt out of Cardi. They are not to be tampered with and will not take her disrespect lightly.

        As for Nipsey ???? He is definitely from 60’s and more importantly he got a rep to uphold in LA. So she maybe forcing his hand even if he not tripping off her.

        But more importantly she got 1000’s of other real true crips that ain’t got shyt to loose who may take what she said way more serious than she think.

        I can bet money she gone pull out or them clubs will cancel her. It’s too risky unless they do her like Biggie and wait until she get off the premises.

        I hope they just ask her to apologize and move on. Because I really don’t think she understand the fire she just lit.

  12. Every one is missing the big picture… Yea she dumb and ratchet.. But guess what.. The masses listen to her.. And whats worse.. She stiring up gang wars.. She can easily beef up sercurity… What about us.. The ones who REAlly live amongst the blood and the crips.. What about our young sons and daughters.. This chick is stupid but not dumb.. She s Letting the elite use her for their agenda.. While fatting her pocket at our expends.she dosnt bring people together (that not whats she here for) She was put here to divide just like Tump…!!???

    • I agree but I can assure you the Bloods and Crips in LA are not going to go to war against each other over a hood rat from New York. The bloods and crips out here get along for the most part as long as they respect each other.

      Cardi may have to deal with both. The crips for disrespect and the bloods for claiming to be one of them.

  13. She was video sayin she would give her cousins up as blood sacrifice for the elite…for a million dollar contracted Research it.. The truth is out there

    • Well she keep playing with gang bangers she may give up her own instead. A lot of ppl in LA are already saying RIP to her.

      Yeah she’s trash. I just hope she stop and think about what she getting herself into and apologize.

  14. Everybody need to watch snoop talk about this type of behavior. I also seem another video of a top blood in LA that say Cardi has f—ked up and she own her own. They not looking out for her because She gave them a valid reason to come after her.

  15. Yeah, this isn’t funny, so stop laughing.

    Gangs are a bit different in NY. It’s more about money than stripes and banging.

    Out west and in the midwest…it’s different

    She should consider canceling those shows.

    • I know this irritates me because it seems the gangs were all going down a positive road and now she just made them take 100 steps back. I really don’t like her to this.

  16. Have not been on this site in a couple of years. Thanks lovely lady for your comments and lettin’ us know the real deal. Truman Show is a troll to keep us from the free exchange of ideas and information. Ignore Truman Show; bitch throws out shit for argument sake, tryin’ to just get info to later use to stop the free flow of info.

  17. We all know that Cardi B don’t know when to shut the fuck up, but she young and she’s definitely not a threat. I don’t see not one blood or crip talking about taking out Donald Trump, who by they way is a racist piece of shit, and trying to start a race war……but here we are talking about Cardi B? Black people, we really need to get our priorities together…..smh

  18. I am not too familiar with Cardi B’s music…….all I know is that she is a cute lil’ thang……..

  19. Why is she even famous. She’s a piece of shit gang member who has no talent and no class. Just some thot that became famous for no good reason.

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