Tokyo Toni Teams Up With Kris Jenner for a H*e Walk?

tokyo toni kris jenner hoe walk

Just the other day, Tokyo Toni was shading the Kardashians and Jenners, but today, she’s trying to join forces with Kris Jenner.

Blac Chyna’s mama recorded herself leaving Kris a voicemail, suggesting they throw a “H*e Walk.”

Do you think Kris called her back or…?


  1. IDGAF Chyna and Tokyo look like mushrooms, ugly ass magic mushrooms. All three of those heifers are poor examples of mothers.

  2. Well if you guys are going to have a hoe walk make sure all of you kids are included and include you self’s. This world is so stupid and sick i hate the times we live in.

  3. She’s on the Kardashian payroll that’s all. She’s playing her position.

  4. Isn’t Chyna and amber gonna do a hoe walk this year

    Last year 21 savgahe look like a cuck walking round with a captain save a ho sign

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