Omarosa Was Haunted by Trump’s Tweets & Says We Should All Be Worried!

omarosa trump tweets big brother

After quitting (or getting fired, depending on who you ask) from the White House, Omarosa is now in the Big Brother house and spilling the tea about her time working for the President.

In a candid conversation with housemate Ross Mathews, Omarosa said she was “haunted” by Trump’s tweets. And When Ross asked her if “we” – the people – should be worried, Omarosa said YES.


  1. Anyway… The lady who cried wolf! She’s the one who voted for him, so deal with it!


  3. It’s chilling at the end where she says “it’s not going to be ok”. She is saying enough to let us know we aren’t wrong about the current administration but also providing enough mystery for the ‘game’ show she is being paid to perform on.

  4. This “EVANGELIST” deserves a Razzy for this BULLSHIT! Omarosa knew she was partaking of the devil’s nectar when she said “all of his detractors would have to bow down.” Now she wants sympathy and the con is that she was doing the job for the betterment of “her” people. BACK TO THE FIELD N*GGA!

  5. When she was COONING for him on the trail and continued to COON up until she was FIRED!!! it was all good, but as soon as Kelly fired that ass, she wanna talk about ‘my people’, YO PEOPLE???? She’s not gonna come out and say anything too shocking or earth shattering about Dump, but will allude, purposely come off like she wants to say, but can’t say, so people will come to their own conclusion. Even when she writes her book, it may have a something shocking because publishers want that, BUT it won’t have anything to do with Dump, it will be others (Bannon, Kelly, Spicer, Conway) in the administration.

  6. Playing yall asses like a damn fiddle. Baby getting over a mili to do this show you know they want her to say some mess about Trump. Lol “its not okay” she had that sissy shook. Omarosa aint turning on trump she just gonna keep teasing the liberals with the bullshit so they keep giving her more stuff. Lol shes an OG

    • Exactly they create your hero’s and bad guys Its in fashion to hate trump and they will provide the answer or solution after they remove trump.

  7. Masta don used this dumb house Negroe and Kicked her out when he was done with her..

  8. This is the same bitch that said trump was going 2 do great thing’s 4 america & everybody was going 2 bow down 2 him yea right u dumb bitch

  9. Bitch….speak for yourself. I grew up poor, so whatever Mr Dump got going on does not effect me. Why? *smirk* Cause my father is the Most High…. I can’t this sellout.

  10. With any luck the president Will deport all of these foreign blacks who stole American blacks jibs and wealth

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