Omarosa Fired and Escorted Out of the White House?

omarosa fired white house

Sources reported that Omarosa handed in her resignation and would quit her job at the White House as of Jan. 20, 2017, but other sources are now saying she was fired!

omarosa fired

Omarosa and journalist April D. Ryan have butted heads in the past. Do you think she’s being salty by spreading a rumor or was Omarosa really escorted out of the WH?


  1. welp, they through out the house nikka. put her in charge of nikka issues, then when the devil (tptb) didn’t need her anymore…kick rocks! that’s what she gets for sleeping with the enemy.

    • ^^ The preceding excerpt was torn straight from the pages of “The Black Man’s Guide to Throwing His community Under the Bus While Sleeping With Beckies”

      • And this has been a PSA for the Black Man and Woman. It’s called “How not to be a house nikka for tptb”

  2. They fired her because they felt she had too much access to Trump and bumped heads with him on some issues. She also did not support Moore. At least give her some credit for not being a doormat.

    • She was suppose to be a liaison between the administration, black organizations and the black community, but she obviously failed. The Black Caucus didn’t even want to entertain Omarosa’s BS.

  3. Blk ppl want to call omarosa a coon and house nikka but she was telling trump (whether he listens) about what he needed to do 4 blacks, including yall damn hbcu $$$, which also april was bitchin about earlier this year.
    John kelly isolates trump from everybody including ivanka and jared, kellyanne, all they asses he really want to control trump 4 the lluminati. He doing a good job of it, u kno white men find it very difficult to deal with black women. he didnt like she was the highest paid wh employee, he didnt like this black woman could override him and talk to trump direct and he (might?) listen.

    They saying once kelly told her she was fired, she tried to run up to trump private residence @WH upper floors to talk to trump, and since kelly removed her clearences earlier in the year, the security called kelly and he had ss come take her ass out.

    Dissapointed to say the least, cuz i kno even tho yall call her a coon, she really was there to support and give voice to our ppl in the admin. If trump have black ppl in the admin they coons, if he have no blacks, he racist..ok.

    • Exactly. She was telling him supporting Moore was a bad idea and she was right. But now we got Jones and he’ll forget about black folks after yesterday. He’ll now do his party’s bidding and advocate for more hispanic and muslims immigrants to Alabama, blacks have to go lower now. It’s how it works.

        • That does not mean this Bitch didn’t.

          At the very least she got on her knees and swallowed.

          He did not have her around just because, DON”T get it twisted!

            • LMAO, how is telling the truth having low expectations!

              This Bitch has done nothing but kiss his ass, because he has been her meal ticket…NO ONE would even know who the Fuck she is if it were not for him, dummy.

        • Let’s be clear she is a nobody and would still be one if she had not been riding stump’s nutsack.

  4. look how trump is looking at her in that picture. “ooh chocolate!” in a homer simpson voice lol…she snapped at the wrong general and got a dishonorable discharge! kelly said bye boo!

    • That s a look of envy and lust. She is truly a strong woman. Men always want what they can’t have even more.

  5. Black ppl have been the political chess pieces of white liberals for decades. Nowadays yea they only care about mexicans and how it should be legal 4 them to carry their ass over here 6 months pregannt from mexico and guatemala illegally, have the baby and get every single social benefit possible and even send the kid to college wit taxpayer$$$.lmao black ppl just love being apart of some shit…its kinda what i love about us, but its what makes us so damn gullable tho.

    Roy moore loosing was the right thing to happen, but we need to learn to stop being pawns of white liberals and let them be our pawns and puppets.

  6. Interesting points Bill,I’m leaning that way myself,them old crackers did not like OM having
    any kind of say so,which is kina typical in this country be it a black man or woman mho

  7. Vulgarities and curse words. I want to see some examples! I am sure some MFs were flying. What else???!!!

  8. Omarosa is a FRAUD. Point blank and period. I wish she would have a stadium full of seats because before she was stumping for Trump she was most def preaching at some bootleg church in LA and trying to party with fraudster Mayor CB of Hawthorne.

    • Whoa! I used to live in Hawthorne…you mean former Mayor Chris Brown? I got out (serious illness) right before the elections and I could tell, even in a medically-induced haze , that the election was gonna be a trip. Then I started reading bits and pieces of his dismissal after my recovery.
      Back to the topic, I stopped hearing about her church a while ago and wondered if she even had members. I guess if Pebbles has a congregation, so can Omarosa.

  9. She’s a mercenary. She did it for the check.

    She’s not pressed. She’ll use her connections and stay caked up.

  10. The funny part is some of you think she is somebody.

    None of you would know her and she would NOT have SHIT if it weren’t for stump.

    • She worked in the White House *before* the Apprentice. People would definitely know her without the exposure from that show, and she would definitely have something.

      Don’t be mad, sweetie.

      • I know that twit and I have seen that Bitch around LA so there is nothing to be mad at.

        She is NOT shit and never will be.

        • 1. You don’t know that chick, CAC.
          2. You certainly don’t know me or anything about me, you hoodrat.
          3. LA is like 97% ghetto. I wouldn’t brag about living next door to a bunch of Mexicans collecting welfare and standing in Home Depot parking lots waiting for $5 jobs.
          4. She worked in the White House (*before* the Apprentice and after), have you? LOL
          5. Don’t be mad that she’s accomplished and looks good. Study how she did it. lol
          6. Ur mad. lol

          • LMAO…NO YOU ARE MAD…

            I am not even reading that shit, you fucking ass backward hood booger, go get your food stamps to feed your 20 kids, you lame ass MF.

  11. Don’t be surprised if Condoleeza Rice begins to work for Trump’s administration.

  12. When cooning goes wrong. That heifer was warned, she refused to take heed. Don’t cry for her Argentina!!!!

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