Simone Biles Claps Back After Black Twitter Clowns Her Hair

Olympic gymnast Simone Biles shared a picture of herself practicing as an honorary cheerleader for the Houston Texans. Black Twitter immediately noticed the condition of her hair and proceeded to drag her.

That’s when Simone clapped back!

Did they go too far


  1. I dont see a clap back. Leave the girl aone it aint that serious. People are just bullies and jealous. Go ahead little girl you doing more than most of your fellow black sisters and your beautiful.

    • No one is denying her talent. I am not jealous of her either jeeze! I want her to be great. Is that a crime?

      • Her hair dont make her great. Her Spirit, mind and physical abilities do. Plus she got more hair than the average black female.So she is Great all around! She represensenting positivity and Im proud of her.

        Trying to tear the child down over one image you dont like is disgusting. You are pathetic. And people like you are the embarrassment to black people

        • I am not trying to tear her down. I am not one of those types of people. We were asked for our thoughts and I gave mine.

  2. Black women’s hair is an issue. It is an issue for us but it is even more of issue for white women casting directors (maybe some white male casting agents too). Black women in the media either seem to have a teaspoon of hair i.e., a TWA or they have to have ‘obvious / aggressive weave’. I have seen about seven black women on the TV over the last few days and every single one of them had a short neat tiny afro. It is a problem.

    We should look well put together. Whites use our nappy unkempt looking hair as a visual aid against us. They love the look that Simone had. Her hair was not looking great. White women love to see us looking just like this.

    The natural hair movement has been acknowledged by whites and their response is to ignore it or only use black women who have no hair. They will never show you the yt gurus with tailbone hair, they only recognise the TWA. Long straight hair is for them only; ‘their’ crowning glory, not ours. According to them we can’t grow long hair and that is what makes them superior. They will never show long natural hair in the media.

    So when we have the spotlight to ourselves, we should exploit it.

    • WTF are YOU talking about?

      “Our nappy unkempt looking hair???” Speak for yourself…

      At the end of the day if she is going to wear a weave she needs to keep it maintained. Or learn how to keep it up when she sweats her hair out.

      Every woman’s hair is different, she just needs to learn what works best for her.

      • When you actually really play a sport, which obviously none of yall ever have, your hair aint on your mind at no practice. Now I know for sure yall Fat, cause yall ain’t never had a real work out, because if you did, you would understand why her hair look like that.

        And it really aint that serious. Its really not. She still gone be rich tommorrow.

          • Post your pic Scorpiess, I can guarantee that fault will be found, because everyone is a critic. Get off your ass backward logic and be happy with that girls accomplishments.

            • ? Lol she won’t even name the sport she supposedly played. That’s how you know she full of it.

              • The ‘sport’? Hun I played field hockey back when I was at school in the 80’s. I played for my school but was good enough to play for my town too. I had trials for my county but I was not good enough. I also played netball, swam, and was an athlete. I regularly work out and have great muscle tone. So unlike most obese Americans, you’d easily be able to tell that I am Brit.

            • I am happy with her achievements but I will not post a pic. On here. There is no need –

        • STFU Bitch…you don’t know what the fuck I have done in my life.

          I have never worn a fucking weave and have played sports and know how to keep my hair from looking a mess, so eat a dick.

          You Mentally Challenged Rat.

          • But it’s not a weave! That’s the part you missing. Go look at her instagram.

            • I don’t care what the fuck it is.

              If you could read I said she needs to learn how to take care of her hair, you fucking twit.

        • lovelylady, please ignore the two bitter old B… one is anonymous the other one has time on her hand to be judging someone else hair. Then they want people to respect us. Look how we treat each other. Who cares what her hair looks like, who cares if she doesn’t know how to maintain her weave, who cares. Obviously all the bitter people care instead of worrying about there own issues. I swear most of the negative people are broke and miserable, there’s no way you are employed and happy and you have time to be so negative to a black women that is flourishing in life. Worry about your daughters going down the pole…#BlackPeoplesBiggestEnemyIsBlackPeople who cares about black twitter, they haven’t changed any laws or made any changes for black people instead they are illiterate social media bullies.

          • Bitch you are anon too..and no one asked either of you twats for your no cents…so keep a Fat One in your mouth too.

          • Lol!!!???@ “care about your daughters going down the pole”

            I know I need to ignore them, I just really can’t stand bullies. The little girl is so beautiful, talented and like you said flourishing, it’s so upsetting to see such stupidity against her over nothing.

            • STFU Bitch.

              You are a Bully and were only lucky to not be on a pole….as stupid as you are you are lucky God had mercy on your dumbass.

      • Exactly! She needs to learn how to do it. When you have two visible textures at the same time that is not a good look –

        • what did you play Shot Put or discus? ???

          Black people like you are the embarrassment not her. That is all of her hair in that photo, its not teo different textures, part of it is sweated out.

          Go to her instagram and you will see the girl got crop and she knoe how to keep it up. She sinply just ce from practice abd eveb if she did not, she still aint bothering nobody and you dont matter, who are you to her that she would need to flatter?

      • she doesn’t need to learn shit. as far as i can see, she is doing way better than anyone in this rag post,and the haters on twatter.

    • The fact that you think black people need to change anything about ourselves to appease white people is sad. We wear our hair how we want to no matter what anyone thinks about it. It’s so sad and unfortunate that this is your thought process. Please learn to love yourself and live for yourself despite what someone else might think about you.

      • You keep saying all this race nonsense and appeasing white people, did you not see “who” was attacking her hair on twitter? Same thing with Gabby a few years back.
        So stop with the race crap

        • It is not race crap when many people only have the media to guide them. Whites own the media, whites love to show us looking our absolute worst so that they can use unflattering images of us to further uplift white supremacy. Good day to you.

      • Um, … I do love my unique self –
        We don’t need to change ourselves to appease whites, but to compete with them. Know / learn the difference –

    • Did you not read that the little girl said she was at practice? Have you not ever played a sport? A true athlete is not going to give a hot dog about they hair at practice. Yall sound dumb and must be very insecure if a bad hair day is going to ruin your whole life, stop your hustle or make you unattractive.

    • You sound like a fat miserable bitch. Fat women are so angry and nit pick at the dumbest shit like hair. Your a miserable welfare ho. Get off your ass and get a job bitch. I detest women like you who are shallow and superficial.

      • Exactly! They really do and they need to nit pick at they weight. I was once 35 pounds over weight 170. And that was so uncomfortable!!! I dont know how they be getting to 200 pounds and even more. And then get on here trying to bring other people down over some hair. Dont eveb need to see a fat person to know when you talking to one online?

  3. going natural just means when it gets wet or sweats the hair is gonna react the same way it did when it was ‘done’. All this worry and drama leaves and women can concentrate on life and living. Some women spend more time on the piece of bought hair than they do on their own head!

  4. She feels happy the way she is,we should let her be
    ohbytheway i absolutely love smart,natural black women…respect

  5. One of my favortite things to do is to run my fingers through black women’s hair.

  6. Yall must be like those Fat or ghetto girls that go to the hair and nail shop faithfully every 2 weeks??? waste of money when you Fat. what you need your hair or nails done for? Aint nobody checking for you! But when you cute and skinny, you can be raggedy and it wont stop your shine at all!

    • I’m not going to laugh at this, but… 😐

      Seriously though. The main ones talking about her hair love some cheap yaky from Mr. Chin or Mr. Soo on women. They’re making the racist Chin/Soo family millionaires and walking around with animal fur glued to their scalp.

  7. There aint shit wrong with her hair at least shes not on camera lookin real fucked up like most black actresses getting weaves from white hair stylists. Hollywood degrades black women by fuckin up there hair and putting them on camera black women stylists need to be in hollywood hood hair stylists fuck what hollywood says

    • This. They ridicule us and promote unflattering images of us – normally the only time I see natural black hair on TV is when it is in a distressed state (bald patches showing through is a godsend to them) so yes, when we have the opportunity to deflect these negative images then we really should. It is not hard to get a cheap pot of superhold gel lol.

  8. Yet blacks will donate $$$ to white supremacist aryan inbred forest gimp ass kkk keaton, yall saw 2day they got his white power dingy ass daddy exposed. So these same ppl wanna come for simone?
    She look happy and cute as always, these bishes hating as usual.

  9. Who the f**K do you guys want the girl to look like; Vivica Fox or Lil Kim after their surgeries. This young lady is a well educated, Olympian athlete who will more than likely become very successful based off talent and brains. They used to say similar sh*t about the Williams sisters and look at them now. Everyone’s mad that Serena married a white guy. This is one of the reasons why so many black women/men are dating outside the race; we’re beaten up by our people (men and women). Black folks are never satisfied, we have to be the most envious, jealous, self-hated, and uncultured group of people on this earth. We’re too busy worried about a damn silk press, instead of current affairs. Crap like this is how unqualified political officials slip into office, other races feed off our culture, and we continue to live pay check to pay check in socio-economic challenged communities. Black folks we’re worried about the wrong things.

    • Yep. Ignorant ass Toms/Tomasinas talking nonsense like this is how gorgeous, brilliant black women end up wenching with some 1 inch **** neanderthal. Then black men want to talk stuff about her. You weren’t shooting with her in the gym.

      People need to start smacking Toms/Tomasinas.

  10. What in the hell kind of comments is going on up in here? Are we really berating this olympic athlete because of her hair? We black people are so fucked up. Instead of lauding her for her achievements, all we can do is nitpick about her hair. Sick of the debate about hair and skin color! Lets debate about our low graduation rates, the fact that we have more white prosecutors and more minorities who are convicted by them. Lets talk about getting STEM degrees and doing better. Hello, marriage in the black community is important too. Healthcare, taxes, Slavery in Libya. Gotdamn, ya’ll motherfukers in here need to get a clue and stop being distracted by dumb shit like HAIR and SKIN COLOR!!!!!

      • Oh look, here comes another boot-licking, shoe-shining Tom/Tomasina right now.

        How long have you been wenching/bucking? You like that 1 inch neanderthal stuff or nah? You like that Spongebob p**** or nah? You like holding that baby that looks nothing like you? What about when people are like, “They’re so cute, who’s baby is that?”

    • “Itdontmatter” ? lol Thank Ya! Sorry I got you put on the short bus with me?

      • The only people on the short bus are these lost ass Toms/Tomasinas propping up neanderthals.

        Also, don’t forget that everyone posting on here isn’t black. Don’t be fooled.

  11. Question? Has anybody taken the time to click on either of the twitters of those girls who attacked Simone about her hair. Both of them have wigs that are super weak. Im so confused ? .

    • But you know they think they look goodT, and they’ll be back next week to give Mr. Soo their money and buy his kids vacation homes.

  12. To Simone, wipe your ass with these Toms/Tomasinas.

    Go to Nigeria and get a oil billionaire’s son to treat you like the queen you are.

  13. Just to clarify, we were asked to give our opinion on her hair as it appeared in the photo. I said what I thought. If we had been asked to state how we feel about her achievements I would have said: She’s a great athlete who I admire greatly.

    When we black women are in the public eye we should always try to make the most of it. We are at war here. We are at war with the rest of the world and we can’t be giving them free ammunition. The white owned and funded media has enough negative images of us already. Why don’t we try to counteract them? Maybe. Perhaps?

    Simone is great and I admire her. I watched her a lot during the last games.

    End of.

    • The point is your statement was off and wrong, no matter how you slice it.

      It exposed some self-hate you are not even aware of.

  14. @Lovelylady lolool its ok ive got’n over it like yesterday,i didn’t even kno they were talking about me, whatevas clevea,i also think you touched a nerve
    with the shot put/discuss dig(still funny) stay well

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