Steve Edwards Fired from ‘Good Day LA’ After Sexual Harassment Allegation

steve edwards good day la fired

Veteran news anchor Steve Edwards of FOX 11’s Good Day L.A. was fired on Monday after sexual harassment allegations were made against him.

He has been a co-anchor of the morning show since 1995 and was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame back in 2010.

A rep for FOX didn’t elaborate on his firing, but simply said he’s “no longer employed” at the station.


  1. Games, just games. There are more powerful ppl involved with this. Where r their names?

  2. Word on the street is… all these firings are for show… TPTB are using these sexual harassment scandals as a way of bringing in fresh BLOOD… in this case, he will simply be replaced with another younger PUPPET… the other “fired” anchors (who still happen to be multi-millionaire blood drinking occult members) will be replaced by other younger industry puppets… everyone knows by now that “news anchors” are forbidden to go off “SCRIPT”. they MUST READ what they are told to read or lose their career… point is, will the SYSTEM change??? if not, and if the anchors continue to READ from teleprompters, as i suspect they will, then that is proof enough for me that this is all BULL CHIT AS USUAL….

    • BTW… without insulting anyone’s intelligence, for those who don’t know yet… FOX = 666… F is the 6th letter of the alphabet. O is the 15th, X is 24th… 6+(1+5)+(2+4)=666

  3. I don’t care why they are doing it…KEEP CLEANING HOUSE!!!!

    I never liked this dude anyway, or any of the anchors on LA’s fox news.

  4. So after YT women expose all their ‘men’ then what? They aren’t in that much control so who will they be deferring to next?

    • WTF are YOU talking about?

      The point is just because you are in a position of power does NOT mean you have the right to ABUSE IT!

      I don’t care who they go after or how many get dragged black, white, gray…take ém ALL OUT!

      The only sad part is the men in the HIGHEST positions will never be touched.

      Keep Speaking UP WOMEN and don’t let ANYONE silence you again!

  5. Why does anyone care about these white women screaming harassment when they benefit from white privilege and feminism? When they can think about other women besides themselves, then maybe I’ll give a fuck!

    • And you are a part of the problem…fuck the race shit, this happens to ALL women.

      Fear of losing a job is what keeps most other women silent, all this shit needs to change.

      • fear of losing a job (Money)? So, based on your logic, the fear of losing one’s soul and the fear of enduring years of harassment outweighs the fear of losing a job so a woman does not speak up???

  6. Found out earlier today this guy is a chooch; his real name is Steven Edward Schwartz

  7. Steve Edwards has been sexually harassing women for a long time. If you don’t believe me, ask Jillian Barberie. Why did Fox decide to fire Steve Edwards now?

  8. Steve Edwards always acted like a pedophile on camera thats why real men dont work with women on the job your setting yourself up for this bullshit real men do hard labor

    • Please STFU, if you assholes can’t handle working around women…you should not BE WORKING period!

      Women have always worked hard labor jobs including construction, so WTF you gonna do?

      • why do women always resort to using the excuse that a man can’t control himself around women? WHAT EXCUSE would you use for all those WOMEN teachers molesting young underage boys?? Women can’t handle themselves around underage boys???

        • Who are the ones doing the greater majority of the harassing, Assclown?

          When you can come up with an example where women are constantly coming after men, your warped logic might make sense…until then…miss me with the BS.

  9. Everyone is very passionate about this subject, and rightly so. We come from all walks of life…economic backgrounds, deferent belief systems and different levels of education. I’m not claiming that what I’m about to say is the answer but, it’s my turn to express my opinion. Everyone ,of age, has a choice unless somebody robs you of it. Most countries have laws to punish the guilty. History tells us this behavior is nothing new. Just think about it. One of you had a good point. “Let this happen”. Watch in real time nothing happen in the long run. I’m sorry that the sinners are running point, but they are. I’m not a saint!! See, hollywood is the real shithole that infects the masses….even me. The wickedness and the hipocricy is embedded in us, out loud or laying dormant. “Oh no, I said too much”……….”I havnt said enough”.
    Going to sleep now…bye!…

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