Alabama Better Be on that ‘Woke Vote’ Today!

Alabama needs a turn out of Obama level proportions TODAY in order to upset GOP candidate Roy Moore, who has been accused by by 9 women of molesting them at ages 14 through 17. Now is not the time to rest on our laurels!

We found this organization today, and man… in all of Alabama’s history never has a moment presented itself for our 50% share of US Senate representation! The balance of power is at stake and Alabama sits at the center of it all.

To find your polling place or check your registration click here:


  1. All our voting over the years aint changed a damn thing! This whole political arena now is the Superbowl of Supremacy! Let them all fight it out in the new Trumpp Thunderdome.

  2. To add to this, all black football players need to stop playing for the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Auburn Tigers. It was only fifty years ago that both of those schools wouldn’t let black people attend their racist universities. Without black football players, the entire state of Alabama would lose hunbdreds of millions of dollars.

    • why should they stop playing for alabama? Why haven’t you ask people to quit Walmart, Target, IBM, Apple, etc. for what they do to our people. Will you financially support them? This is the problem with bp, they would not make a stand or changes at their own jobs but they want others to risk millions for them.

  3. Will we be going back to the days of obey or die? Play or die? If not, stop getting concussions for money!

  4. Black voters can’t fix Alabama either way! Don’t bring us into it! This the white man’s movie right now!

    • Cosign, all these white women bringing down these men and they are considered nicer and less drama filled! Ha! I got my popcorn for this shit show.

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