LeToya Luckett Gets Married Again

letoya luckett married

Just last August, LeToya Luckett divorced Rob Hill Sr. after just six months of marriage.

She’s now married again. This time, it’s to entrepreneur Tommicus Walker, who lives in Dallas and is a father of a young daughter.



  1. I thought this was the first for her. Married within one year of divorce and previous marriage only lasting 6 months raises some red flags. But good luck to them.

  2. All this display of wedding bliss is suspect to me. Do people still elope and then reveal it like Keenya tried to do?

  3. I’m sure this time around she knows what she wants and wants what she knows. I don’t blame her at all for following her heart. You only live once, it’s all good!

  4. Always thought Letoya Luckett was the most beautiful one in Destiny’s Child. Congratulations to the beautiful couple. I’m in love with black on black love!

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