Braxton Family Values Season 5 Ep19: ‘Bird on the Brain’

On episode 19 Birdman stops by to have dinner with the family, and Tamar grills Toni about their relationship. Meanwhile, Tamar breaks some bad news to her parents and proposes an invitation to her sisters.

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  1. For all the tea in China, I couldn’t kiss or even touch him.. I would stay middle class and walk right over him.. He looks dirty and nasty Ugh

    • Yes!!! It’s like you can see all the men’s but holes he’s been in all over his face.

      • LMBO he’s just nasty and dirty looking to me.. I just can’t do it with him, I wouldn’t want to be seen with his sick ass.. Who know why they are hooking up?? All I can say is Toni is really really desperate and that’s not a good look for her at all.. Bird dodo is the scum under my shoes, I will stay middle class with my dignity and self respect. She had dug from the ground for this shitty ass man.. No amount of money is worth my self worth..

  2. How could Toni, knowing Birdy’s rep for cheating his artists and messing with the bois be with this fella? Besides, his (anybody with) face tatts and gashed eyebrows is NOT attractive. On the other hand, I see a Whitney and Bobby 2.0 on the horizon. jmo

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