Feds Investigating Chris Brown & Lil Wayne’s Ties to Miami Drug Lord

lil wayne chris brown drug ties

Miami producer Harrison Garcia is on trial for federal drug charges. Authorities revealed they are investigating a $15,000 wire transfer last year from Chris Brown to Harrison’s bank account for drugs and cough syrup used to make “lean.”

According to sources, Harrison confessed during his arrests that he had sold Lil Wayne “a lot of narcotics.”

Harrison reportedly used the money to buy flashy cars, guns, sneakers, bags and hats.

Who’s really surprised?


  1. Not surprising. As things in the world and abroad begin to fall apart, a lot of the dirt that’s been hidden will come to the surface. The entertainment industry-namely these record labels are just fronts for drug trafficking and prostitution, and these celebrities are nothing more than escorts and pushers masquerading as entertainers. Why do you think all of these “rappers”, and even R&B stars are so tightly aligned with these label heads, or certain power players? Why do you seriously think that Drake is aligned with J Prince, and future is aligned with J Prince son; up in songs talking about how he’s “untouchable?” Or Chris Browns degenerate ass claiming “piru?” Their being used, extorted, and fulfilling their end of the bargain!

  2. Agreed Chris and Wayne love going back to jail like many others surprised j prince even fucked with drake I mean rap a lot was a hardcore label drake didn’t fit in plus rap a lit was all about drugs, sex, murder, rape, necro anything else IG you know their roster

  3. All these record labels serve the head whites in charge of them they dont need suge no more dash is a joke who needs Irv gotti, they have jay, puffy, dre, snoop, cube, and they getting sick of birdman and master p and rick Ross and tip half these folks can’t stay out if trouble dmx is bout dead. Scarface is broke he wrote a book about how j prince fucked all his money with and without geto boys

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