Kylie Gets Her Own Reality Show Featuring Tyga


    kylie tyga reality show

    Even though they are broken up and Kylie reportedly kicked Tyga out of her home, the couple has signed a deal to film a Kardashian spin-off show.

    According to sources, the show will be called “Life Of Kylie.” Viewers will get to see Kylie expand her makeup business and they’ll get a closer look into her private life with the rapper.

    With KUWTK’s ratings in the toilet, it looks like Kris Jenner is putting the fate of the family’s reality TV coins in Kylie’s hands.

    Will you be watching?


    1. Khloes revenge she punches Kris for calling her a fat whore all those years

      Scott bust kourtney in the head with a bottle cause he’s tired of her crap


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