Mel B’s Sister Goes Off On Stephen Belafonte!!

mel b sister stephen belafonte

After getting hounded by the media for a statement, Mel B’s sister Danielle decides to drag Stephen Belafonte in an online letter.

She calls him every name in the book! Peep her rant:


    • I can respect a sister having her sister’s back.. Anyone with eyes could see he’s a no count devil, with beautiful eyes… What’s his occupation??? I don’t care how rich a spouse is, I still want my own and not depend on anyone to take care of me.. Mel B take the gloves off and let him tell all your secrets.. We are ALL less than perfect, but I wouldn’t give him one penny,uncle the judge says so.. Love don’t have nothing to do with your hard earned money..
      Mental abuse is worse than physical abuse, it leaves onewith no self esteem or self worth…
      Just my two cents.

    • Unfortunately she never filed them. It’s typical of DV cases. The woman gets beat to tatters and she never files. He stands right there next to the ER gurney while wife tells the doctor her fractured face came from a fall or a wall. Doctor calls police, asks husband to leave room, and she will not file in private. Believe me, that’s how that works. Mel is a celebrity and can’t go into hiding shelters like these woman do. These men sill pursue until the wife is dead. It’s not lack of courage but a paralyzing fear especially for the kids with the husband.

      • As a celebrity, she had more options than a non-celebrity.

        She could have stayed with her celebrity Sharon Osbourne & others. Additionally, she’s the bread winner. Surely she could have used that money to find a place for her & the children.

        Makes one wonder about what really happened to make her finally leave.

        • Celebrities get killed too. Stephen is a loose cannon and she knows it. God knows what he told that woman. You never know. The fact that she amended the divorce tells me she is finally getting smart legal advise which she should have done 10 years ago before she married him.

  1. Mel and her family are now out of his reach, but not everyone is. If he wins shared custody, his daughter will have to spend time with him. This wife beater will grill the kid about what the mom and aunt say about him. I can’t imagine a good home situation for that child when with him. This man never held a job and is now seeking half of everything including spousal and child support. No prenup. Even if you had $1K in the bank, do a prenup. Mel is freaky, she has to own that. But if he releases the dirty tapes he has on her, he will lose his divorce package in a lawsuit. How’s that working for Gawker and 50. If I were Mel, I would leak one tape and blame him then sue him. No spousal support or much of anything.

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