Bow Wow Gets Punched in the Face for Dissing Future

bow wow punched future

Bow Wow ran his mouth one too many times, and now, he’s paying for it!

Video has leaked of the rapper getting punched by another rapper named Cheeks Bossman who’s affiliated with Future. We’re not sure what Bow said about the “Mask Off” rapper, but it must’ve been something real shady.

Bow Wow’s ex, Ciara, once dated Future and rumor has it that Future is currently smashing Bow’s baby mama, Joie Chavis.


  1. I don’t think I would Brag about hitting bow wow to be fair that’s like you just Sucker Punch a 5 ‘2 female

    • He should have called bushbuck bill he need the money now that he’s doing the oldies circuit with spice 1 and naughty by nature

  2. It’s just really petty and I would have him arrested.. Future is just a dumb man and women are crazy to date him with so many baby mommas.. Too darn many to count and he’s probably has some type of sexual disease..

    • Are you jealous lol

      Sounds like you want future to put that Tony Montana up in you

      • Jealous of what? I’ve never been a jealous person.. U sound like that’s your dream….
        My body is a temple and I treat it as a temple..

  3. Man black men are really disturbing. Niggas out hear fightining like girls over what?…no sense of diplomacy or brotherhood…just arrogance and ignorance…and we wonder why it was so easily to enslave us for 300 years and why the prison system refers to us as “their bitch”

    • You made some good points but fucked up when you made reference to slavery. That was disrespectful and tacky. Don’t judge a struggle that you never gas to experience. Our ancestors did what they had to.. in order to survive. This petty be going on with Bow Wow..Future and any other petty dude has nothing to do with slavery.

  4. Senseless hip-hop beefs fighting for decades

    Like the Autobots and deceptions fighting for millennia and nobody winning

  5. Uncivilized Haitians need to go back to the jungle. Haitian woman hate american women and stupid Oprah thinks they are her friends. I bet they spread voodoo all over her House. She’s an idiotic

  6. Pay attention its sacrifice season these dudes need that money on there card watch how the camera go down like he knew something was gonna happen they all in this anit no beef you all go to the same meeting we know whats going on.

  7. According to a blind item from Crazy nights, Bow Wow was coming on to the rapper, he wasn’t having it. Hence Bow Wow got punched in the face.

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