Tisha Campbell & Duane Martin in More Financial Trouble

tisha campbell duane martin hiding money

Estranged couple Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin have been accused of attempting to hide $50,000 from their Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee.

Tisha was ordered to hand over residual payments from her acting career, totaling $50K, with the option to buy back the residuals with a $125,000 payment. But the trustee says “he was going over the books this month, because the bankruptcy remained active, and claims the Martin’s improperly diverted all Tisha’s residuals from after the bankruptcy filing, totaling $50,000.”

“He accuses the couple of trying to do a “bait-and-switch” and says it was in bad faith. Now he wants both Duane and Tisha sanctioned and is requesting that the judge order that all the residual income is paid to the estate.”


  1. Maybe Oprah will buy their vote with a loan.That’s the only way any one will vote for her heehee

  2. Hopefully they’ll work it out and part ways amicably. They do have children together so co parenting is a must.

  3. Tisha Campbell is one of several light skinned black actresses who has not aged well. There is something about the light skin black women that causes them to age terrible after age 40.

  4. Don’t ever try to hide assets from a bankruptcy trustee. They will hunt your azz down and send you to the pokie.

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