Bobbi Kristina Close To Death, Security Will Guard Her Body

bobbi kristina brown dying

The sad case of Bobbi Kristina Brown will be coming to an end soon.  Friends and family have confirmed there is little sign of life, and people close to her are preparing for the end.

Bobbi’s family has security on hand for when she passes, as they do not want paparazzi photographing her deceased body.

“She barely has any signs of life, hardly any vitals,” the insider said. “Security has been beefed up and even local law enforcement have been called because the families have been told that death is now imminent and they want to make sure that photographers don’t get pictures of her body being removed.”

Prior to being taken home to pass in peace, Bobbi Kristina was taken to Chicago where she saw a specialist recommended by Tyler Perry and Oprah, but unfortunately the specialist only confirmed what other doctors had said.

“They too confirmed what Atlanta doctors had been saying that there was no hope.”

Bobby Brown has been inconsolable, and the trip to see the specialist was so he could come to peace with doing everything he could do to save his daughter’s life.  “It seems that he had to get a certain amount of confirmation before really letting go,” the source added. “That trip is what convinced him to allow them to take her off her meds and to ‘go naturally’.”

[Via Page Six]


  1. But couldn’t find security when she was alive and well huh..?
    Or making sure know one sees her lifeless body until they want them too ?

    • Actually I think that Bobby tried to help his daughter. But Nick had her so controlled that she wouldn’t speak to her father. Also awhile back I read that Bobby wanted Nick away from bk because Bobby felt he was a bad influence. But Whitney wouldn’t have none of that. And allowed Nick to live with her.

  2. If anyone is going to try and photograph her dead body it would be one of those money grubbing Browns who sold pics of Whitney’s drugged out bathroom to the tabloids. I hope the guards keep them out.

    • The HOUSTON’S did a reality show after WH died. The HOUSTON’S convinced BK to do the interview with Oprah Winfrey when clearly BK was not ready. The only ppl who are money grubbers are the HOUSTON’S.

  3. Pat Houston is probably talking to producers about a realty show, like they did to Whitney. Bobby will get blamed and shamed Hollywood hates straight strong black men who are not down with swirl, they only like sellout and gay black men who are weak.

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