Blac Chyna Wants Rob to Pay 7-Figures for Leaking Photos


    blac chyna restraining order rob

    Blac Chyna and Rob’s custody war is over, but she’s still on a mission to get his coins!

    Since Rob posted Chyna’s nude pictures all over social media, she has legal grounds to sue him, and she’s asking for 7-figures.

    Chyna says because of all the social media drama, she lost a few weight loss endorsements. Rob spilled the tea that Chy was able to snap back after baby Dream because he paid for $100K worth of surgery and the weight loss companies only wanted endorsements from people with natural bodies (lmao).

    Chy and Rob’s teams will be meeting, and she’s hoping he cuts her a check.

    As for now, Rob has been ordered to pay $20K a month in child support.


    1. Rob and the Kardashian’s need to find a way to off this bitch. Her shit is getting out of hand.

      • Okay so what’s your point…either your fat ass or Blac got the last wing…
        Go sit yo tired ain’t got shit to say ass down…& close the front window in your trailer!

    2. What he did is a crime in California and he should be in prison, so if he gets off by having to pay only he should be happy.

      Fuck all you traitors who would side with a koven, who is trying to steal our very essence over one of the very few who is willing to stand up to these thieving, whoring, fake soul-sucking MFs.


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