Is MoMo Gonzales the Woman Trying to Extort Kevin Hart ?

momo gonzales extort kevin hart

MoMo Gonzales is the woman who was pictured in a car getting cozy with Kevin Hart outside his Miami hotel. Now that Kevin is getting extorted in relation to a scandalous video of him cheating on his pregnant wife, Eniko, many believe MoMo may be involved.

The aspiring singer posted this image on her Instagram with the caption, “The truth always comes to light.”

Before the scandal leaked, Kevin jumped ahead of the news and issued a public apology to his wife and kid.


  1. Good that’s what his dumb ass gets damn dog. I would feel sorry for his wife but didn’t he cheat on his ex with this one??? Oh well karma

  2. Video already came out. Her and her skank friends are TRASH. Kevin def lowered himself with his one and made a fool out of Eniko. There used to be a time that if a wife signed up for an ‘open relationship’ and/or tolerated a philandering man she insisted her husband never got sloppy and exposed his behavior. Kevin’s behavior just opened the door for every thot in America to openly approach him without respect for Eniko. Karma is a snitch with a long memory. You reap what you sow.

  3. She may be one of many, but she def is not the “only” one.

    And whoever the extortionist is better watch out, the FBI is looking into that claim.

    Threatening someone for $$$ is nothing to play with.

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